Back Home: The Surprises


Back home! Had a great time at Uncle Bradley’s. I’m exhausted, the day was not what I expected. Usually I come home, they unpack and I sleep, fun dog camps are great but tiring.

I thought the “Bamboo shock” was a one off. No, no, no, this time I was in for more than one surprise!


They talked at length about their trip, family, dinners, shopping bla bla, Yeah Yeah I had not been there,  it was not about me…(I might have felt a little left out, they having fun without me). Good news though , ML is coming to visit next year, can’t wait to see her, so cool!

One story I had to focus on, the dog Timber. (I can’t let them hang out with other dogs without checking who they are) Veronica showed me a picture.

She told me Timber lives up in the country with KR, she can run wherever she wants, she’s with him all the time. They go on mountain hikes, AND in the summer, he has a special outdoor bed and they sleep under the stars… wow, that sounds so cool! She’s lucky!!

Apparently she’s very nice, very friendly, very obedient etc etc… ok that part became  annoying, I hate it when they tell me about all these “perfect dogs”.  I admit Timber does look very friendly and nice and alert and concentrated… I know… I’m trying…doing my best.

See how focused and concentrated and interested I look when it comes to…


…the  gifts.

They put on this whole show  “Come here Felicia, we have surprises for you” “You’ve been such a good girl”

What??? I’m ALWAYS a good girl at Uncle Bradley’s, (He even told Veronica) and I NEVER get gifts… what’s going on??

I smell a bad conscience…  do they feel guilty?? Yes, leaving me behind  for two whole weeks, that’s it!  Hmmm… Interesting.

There were the “Dennis gifts” and the “Veronica gifts”, can you guess who gave what?


Let’s start with the “Veronica gifts”:

There were several leashes and collars, I had to try them all on and model. Now I love receiving new outfits, I really do, but model them all at once…  really? pffff

I know, I’m being spoilt and I did get loads of treats while posing.

First this very beautiful collar, with squirrels, Veronica thought the colouring would “look lovely on you Felicia”. Yes, I admit, I look great! And I love squirrels, they’re fun. Can’t wait to show off at Corinne’s.

(Hope this isn’s one of those “Party Collars” only to be worn on special occasions because “You get all messy at Corinne’s”)


A green leash to go with my Birthday collar. Veronica told me I needed the complete outfit! I agree but  in that case: WHERE IS THE SQUIRREL LEASH??? Yeah!!! Ta ta ta…

The star set is beautiful, for sure only to be used on special days, forget the “showing off at Corinne’s”. I only get to wear old stuff there… irritating!

I think I look amazing!


Now what?? She’s got to be kidding?? I’m NOT wearing that on Halloween, no way!! And certainly not out on a walk… what if I meet somebody, how embarrassing…

Thank god no Corinne on Halloween, for sure she would ignore the “Not to be worn at Corinne’s” rule, and MAKE me wear it. I would die if Inook saw me  in that silly “costume”

She’s got this thing with “we all have to be festive”, decorating the house on all occasions and apparently this includes me… I have to wear all sorts of ridiculous collars… (thank god she hasn’t bought any clothes…yet).


This is the BEST GIFT EVER!!! Doughnuts!!!! Yep, special for dogs and they smell yummy. She did this whole exercise making me sit still, I was very very good at first..and then…


…lets just say that a dog can only sit staring at smelly goodies for a certain amount of time. Everyone knows that!!

Now listen to this: She did NOT get angry, NOT AT ALL… boy must she feel guilty leaving me… hmm I need to take advantage  of this momentary weakness.


Dennis’s gifts were of a whole other kind. First of course, this was expected, SF Giants apparel. I am just a little worried this might upset NC. (for whole story read “Am I a Yankees fan?”)

And what am I going to wear if ever we have a base ball evening again? Which one? I’ll just wear both!

I can  love both teams!  I can do that. Like there’s a rule?


I did not understand this one?? What’s Stanford?? And honestly no fun drawing, no little squirrel or fun animal.  Dennis explained that I should be honoured to wear a collar and leash from a very prestigious University close to where he used to live.

Ok, I still don’t get it? Is it because I have a Harvard outfit? Does he feel he needs to show off the West Coast’s top notch  school? I wonder?


Then we have THE TOY, this was Dennis’s special “treat”, he was all happy as he gave it to me. “Have fun now Felicia, go at it”… I don’t understand? Why such an excitement?

Dennis mentioned a name that sounded like “Tr..” something. Who’s he? This must be a very famous person, I mean he has his own dog toy… wonder who he is? A fun guy?    An actor?   A stand up comedian?  Perhaps a rock star?   I kind of got the feeling he’s not one of Dennis’s favourite people .

Anyhow he played a long time with me, encouraging me to run, to play tugger war,  we had so much fun.  This “Tr…” person, whoever he is, makes Dennis play with me, that’s cool!


Now let’s get to the “garden surprise”…the new bushes! (replacing the Bamboo:  “Back home: The bamboo shock”) There were four of them. Did Dennis know? Probably Veronica organised the plantations while they were away, I cannot imagine he agreed… Or did he?

There’s a lot of weird stuff going on, gifts, new bushes…hmmmm Dennis sure made some changes in our lives… for the better I have to say.

These bushes a great for our “chasing all around” game with Indya. Can’t wait to show her!

(Just hope Veronica wont set stupid “no running” rules)


Last surprise of the day, and that was a big one: Veronica is travelling AGAIN!! Very soon she’s leaving us. What’s her problem? Isn’t she happy here? Apparently she’s  got to go to Stockholm, yeah, yeah whatever.

You know what : We don’t care, we’ll be fine without her. Bet you Dennis will give me tons of treats, play with me and we’re going to have so much fun. She can leave, we don’t need her. We’re happy together!

ok….perhaps we’ll miss her a little just a little…or sometimes… once or twice… oh who are we kidding: We’ll miss her big time!!

She might bring us gifts….


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