If you get the impression Veronica loves Halloween…it’s NOTHING compared to the Christmas crazy!!

With Halloween we have the decorations, the outfits and the candy. With Christmas we have the decorations, the tree, the gifts and OMG: THE MUSIC!! And when I say music, I mean ALL the time: mornings, afternoons…well basically every minute of the day!


When Veronica got back from Stockholm, I was of course very happy to see her. Due to excessive luggage I had to sit upfront! Very uncomfortable!!

I was NOT happy! I tried to communicate my total disagreement with this arrangement, without any success. She just laughed “C’mon Felicia, it’s not that bad, look you can sit with me”. Big deal!


Back home Veronica went into a frenzy, and started telling Dennis “I have to decorate.” What?? Decorate for what? I had sort of, “forgotten” about the whole “Christmas extravaganza” and it was not even December yet!!

Then it all came back to me, the whole lot of it, music included!!  Apparently Stockholm had holiday spirit going strong. Christmas atmosphere everywhere, and she had already decorated the apartment there! Honestly, isn’t the house enough??


The garlands came out. These have always intrigued me, how does it feel to chew them? Could I discretely steal one? For investigation purposes only, of course, as a project. Not for fun!

I made a quick move and stole a holly garland, only to get caught as always. Can’t an innocent Boxer girl do a little research properly without being interrupted?


The tree arrived, and the lights brought up.

Every year she gets a ridiculously huge tree!! The top has to be cut off… I don’t understand the logic here? Doesn’t she measure them? How can Dennis let this happen?? The tree takes up half the living room!

They buy it at this local tree plantation, they surely have smaller specimens. Poor Dennis, I feel for him, sometimes winning an argument with Veronica just takes too much energy, better to go with the flow and agree…

I might have mentioned it before; this is one stubborn family!! Perhaps the”outsiders” should form a league…?


I, of course, have my Christmas outfits: “It would not be a real party, Felicia, without you looking festive”..yeah yeah, I know the routine! There is one for me and one for Indya.

I get the one with the bells.


It is a gift from Veronica’s friend VT. She’s given me a lot of great stuff. This collar might perhaps be my least favourite gift, Veronica adores it: “Oh it’s so cute, with the bells and all”.

VT’s Boxer Gilda, has one too, so that’s kind of cool. Gilda is older then me and an Agility champion so if a champion wears it guess I can too.


Then we have the tree ornaments. Veronica goes “traditional Swedish.” I suddenly feel this urge to help her with the preparations!!

I can be the “Ornament delivery Boxer girl,” carry them over to the tree. (With perhaps a small detour under the table.)

IMG_1379 2.jpg

She wasn’t thrilled at all, “Felicia it’s not a toy”. I know that, what does she think? That I’m stupid?  And can’t a Boxer girl help out?


Are these Tennis balls? Special christmas ones? Veronica snaps them up, real fast, before I even get a chance to find out!


I make a new attempt. Wonder what these are made of? I might be able to quietly discover…

She must have eyes in the back of her head. She took them and gave me a very angry look. I would have dropped them in front of the tree…later, I promise!! She really doesn’t trust me!!


Apparently my help is not needed in the tree decorating department. What about the gift wrapping? I am sure she needs me now. Off the top of my head…I could inspect the paper, check the solidity.

Well as it  turned out, my help is not appreciated…at all!


The wrapping took forever, I made one last silent approach. Sneaking up from behind.

I have to say, I was very discreet. “Felicia, are you bored? We did go on a long walk, and play, and have fun. Now it’s time for you to chill”…pffff I get it…


She just doesn’t want me around at the moment! I went to sulk by the tree. I thought she might take pity. Give me some candy perhaps, to cheer me up.

Nope, she just kept on wrapping and wrapping!

Ok this is how you want to play it? Just you wait…


…for my action plan! I “found” a red candle, and a paper decoration and a fire stick. I played and had fun for a while.

I was very quiet under the table…


…sadly the plan did not go well…she was NOT happy! (I just don’t understand how come she ALWAYS sees me under the table??)

I felt misunderstood and angry!!

Can’t a little Boxer girl be of any help here or have a bit of fun these days?


After what seemed like hours and hours the tree was decorated, gifts wrapped and while the music was playing Veronica called me and Dennis.

“Come here and look at our beautiful tree, isn’t it just gorgeous?”

Dennis came down. He had the perfect husband reaction, making all the apropriate remarks “Wonderful”…”Great job”…etc… pffff ridiculous!

Reluctantly I joined them.

Did Santa remember me?












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