Zürich: The Adventure


We are traveling! To Zürich! Veronica and I are going there to visit her friend GM and Erasme. She goes there quite often and this time I’M ALLOWED TO COME WITH HER!! Can’t believe my luck! A whole day of fun!

Dennis takes us to the station. Is he jealous?  Veronica told him “This is a girl’s day”. Husbands not invited!

He didn’t seem to mind. Secretly, I think he’s happy to have a day at home by himself. The house quiet and calm, what with us girls away.


I have my special blanket in the train. Veronica and I kick back and just enjoy the ride. A lot of people come and go. They all look at me with tender eyes.

Well yes! I’m very cute. AND I behave just like the perfect little boxer girl, I am, of course!

Wish the “Dog experts”, Eva, Corinne and SPS  could see me now… Hope Veronica will boast about me to everyone.


Once in Zürich we have to take a much smaller train. I take my “Keep calm and relax” position, “The backpack” as I heard Eva call it.

The train is very crowded, I don’t mind at all. I enjoy being the star.


This is so exciting, will Razzie be at the door?? Will he be happy to see me??

Erasme, or Razzie as he prefers being called, is a gorgeous long haired Weimaraner. He’s a beauty champion, and has won a lot of medals.


Yipppieeee!!! There he is!!! I forgot how very tall and handsome he is, such an elegant dog.

He is so happy to see me, and without further ado we head out for a walk in the forest. This is such a cool place.


Here we can run, smell, play. Razzie is more about exploring, playing not so much.  I really admire him. He’s got this mega self confidence, just run around, king of the forest. And I’m with him!!

He’s a hunting dog, that means he’s amazing at  finding important and interesting smells. He’s super obedient and when GM calls he comes at high speed.

Veronica told me I shold take a leaf out of his book… “Look Felicia, Razzie can smell and keep an eye on GM”.. yeah, yeah I know.


You see, lately we’ve had this major argument, Veronica and I, during our walks.

This one field, well ok three fields are FULL OF HOLES!! And they just NEED exploring, common guys, don’t you agree??

The problem is, I sort of get caught up in the action, and forget about Veronica… Running back to Veronica, or finding an interesting beast?? Anyone would choose second option!!


The forest is so interesting, there are paths, hills and water holes.

We meet a lot of Zürich dogs. Fun fact; Razzie doesn’t even care!! Can you believe that?? He just walks by, minding his own business.


WOW! I…well, let’s just say I have another style.

Here I have no choice but to adopt his Zen attitude. I have to keep up, and I want to impress him with my mellow composure! (Truth is I don’t want to be left behind).

Veronica couldn’t believe her eyes!! She kept on telling GM “Did you see that?” “Felicia not caring!!!” “Is this a new phase”?

Ok, she’d better not get her hopes up, this is a one off, due to special cirumstances!!


Razzie has really long legs, he is so fast! I try and try to keep up.. I’m ALWAYS lagging behind??

I HAVE BIG MUSCLES. (even Dr L says so). But I’m more of a sprinter…a short distance one.


I did a little sprint on my own. I wanted to show off to Razzie. He did not seem impressed at all. He gave me the “What the heck are you up to” kind of look.


Our walk comes to an end and we are both VERY tired! Well mostly me so it seems… I’m EXHAUSTED!

Oh but yes, today I have an excuse. I have travelled!! It’s a known fact that travelling is tiring. I keep on hearing Veronica tell our guests with concerned voice: “you must be exhausted after the trip”.

I need to tell Razzie that, he’ll be so understanding and even perhaps give me the “concerned” look.


Back in the apartment I quickly jump on Razzie’s bed. The first one I see. Very comfy with this beautiful cover on top.

I don’t think Veronica noticed. (I don’t need her opinion on the matter)


Razzie is such a gentleman, he slept on the floor. I can’t do that. I have a short coat, way too hard for me. Now for Razzie it’s different what with his long hair.

I’m sure you understand that.


GM went to fetch his other bed, (I think she felt sorry for him)  the one in the room.

Oh.. there is another bed… hum.. I quickly jump on that one, before he could react. What?? I need to try it, I’m the guest! Everyone knows that guests are allowed privileges!!

This did NOT go well at all! Veronica was furious! Guess “Guest etiquette” doesn’t apply under these circumstances. “Felicia get off that bed immediately”!!

I obeyed…you see, I had just spotted…


… the living room bed!! Now we’re talking!! This is what I call comfy! Big time comfy!!

Why haven’t I got a sheep skin at home?? AND Razzie has three indoor beds!!! I only have two! So unfair.

I slept and slept! Veronica and GM talked, drank tea.


I cuddle with GM: I’ve known her since I was a tiny pup.

I do love her very much, she’s the nicest and she loves me too. I can’t do anything wrong in her eyes! (Now Veronica should take a leaf out of HER book).


The day was nearly over, one last forest run Before the train (Razzie ahead of course!)


I love stations, so much stuff to check out. No dogs anywhere, what a pity, would have been fun, just saying.

Not that I minded being the only dog here… better this way, no need to share the “spotlight”.

But a fellow companion here or there does give me a little distraction, not that I would exaggerate. I can be zen…I’m in Zürich!!


I was so tired! Veronica read her book and we chilled.


I had the best day ever! So much fun I love spending time with my handsome Weimaraner friend, and GM is the best.

“Felicia, you behaved very well, I’m very proud of you”! You hear that?  PROUD OF ME!!!

I miss them already

Can we please go back?





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