I LOVE AGILITY!!!! It’s just the best. I get to climb, jump, run, go through tunnels and at the end I get rewarded with best candy and play tug of war with Veronica!!  What’s not to like???

We all meet up at Corinne’s with the gang. I like everyone…

…nearly…Veronica thinks honesty is very important, so I should probably admit that there are perhaps a few, like little Leon, and the new guy, and one or two others that I like just a bit less…

Anyway, Let’s stick to what’s important here!!

I love agility!


June is of course our number one, she wins the speed competition without any doubt!! Told you, agility rocket! She’s a real agility champion! (I do admire her style and speed, wish I could be that elegant)


My friend Inook can jump super high, he’s so tall. He obeys well, apart from the occasional private initiative. He’s an original Beauceron with imagination.


Gibbs is a Brittany Spaniel, a nice guy. He’s fast and sometimes a little wild, he just feels the urge for a freedom run around the agility field. No harm with that. Mostly he’s real talented.


Little Leon and Nell, a Border Collie. She’s adorable and a little shy. I know I was supposed to make an effort, with little Leon, but listen to this: every now and then he escapes the “Agility route” to say hello to all the dogs. I mean this is no party time!!!

Nell is way more disciplined, she is quite the champion.


There he goes again…I really feel like growling right now… can’t he get back on track!! We’re all waiting for our turn here!!

Unfortunately Veronica spots me and immediately…..


…tells me to go behind her back. It’s ok, I know the rules, at least I get rewarded for keeping my zen attitude!


Mostly we chill until it’s our turn. Veronica likes to keep a bit of a distance, in case I get a little irritated. Well any one would be, seeing these undisciplined dogs run all over the place…

What Veronica doesn’t know is that I secretly want to join them, don’t know if I want to play or give them a piece of my mind….can’t decide!


Time for my turn, first a little stretching, a warming up session.


Then Veronica tells me I need to concentrate, to remember I’m doing agility, not on a simple walk in the forest. Pfff I’m not like some others, I know what I have to do, has she no faith???


Well  there was this incident, some time ago, in the collapsed tunnel…not my fault…in the middle there was this VERY strong smell. I got sort of caught up and didn’t come out.

Veronica had to go and lift the plastic end, finally after a very long negotiation I agreed to come out. She seemed a little upset? Why??  Everyone else was laughing … why not her???

To my absolute defense there had been an empty mouse nest there!! You see.. nobody understands me!!

What I really don’t get is that the others didn’t seem interested, at all!! Just ran through. Not even the Brittany spaniels, or little Leon. What’s the matter with them??


And then of course the dog walk episode…I got a little distracted. Once on top, I have this mega view, and there were some joggers with dogs. I stopped, wondering what they were up to?  I got kind of absorbed…why are they all running?? Are they in a hurry to join us??

Finally I heard Veronica’s voice “Hey Felicia!”,”We’re doing agility now! Focus please”!

Mostly, nearly all the time, I concentrate and run really fast, well not rocket June fast, but Boxer fast!!


Once coming down it’s very important not to jump over the white part. FYI I did NOT jump over, I touched it, just looked like that because of my speed!


The slalom is the most difficult obstacle. Veronica wants to increase my speed, she even bought a salom for our yard, we practice at home, that’s fun.

She has a friend who has a slalom in her living room!! Now that’s cool!!! Her Briards are agility champions, with medals.


The Seesaw is a bit tricky, the thing is you need to find just the right spot to make it tilt. I’m great at that!  Should I perhaps get a medal?


Our jumps are not high, as nobody’s competing at the moment, Corinne keeps them low to manage our hips and backs.


I love the tire, especially today, it’s the last obstacle on this tour and I get to play…


…tug of war with Veronica. Really play and pull and play…


…big time. Then she says finish, and I stop. I have special agility toys, a little selection so I don’t get bored. They’re NOT to be used at home!

I did “find” one the other day, the new one Veronica’s friend VT gave me. I hid under the table, somehow she saw me  (I don’t understand how, I was UNDER the table) and that was the end of it!

Her fault, leaving the toy in the hall… in the cupboard…on a shelf. Anyone can reach the first level…jumping up, she ought to know that.


After several tours, time to go home, I get some more goodies, yes I deserve rewards. These are a gift, from FE they’re the same as Inook!!

Veronica was happy, “You did very well Felicia”, yes I did!  I’m actually quite proud of myself today.


For a whole hour, I can go wild and crazy… in an orderly way.



Special thanks to my son NC for the beautiful pictures on this Agility episode


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