I am OUTRAGED!!! FURIOUS!!! Veronica is leaving us AGAIN!! Can you believe that!! She comes home from a trip and after about two seconds, boom off she is again. This time with MC! And what’s more back to Stockholm!! Yes!!

This is her ridiculous explanation: Apparently they have to buy an item you can only find in Sweden!!! P L E A S E!! I don’t believe a word of it…

Now why is she leaving??? Because of me???


Is it because I chewed the firewood on the carpet?? My teeth were itching and they’re very tempting for a small boxer, laying there in the basket!!


Or because of the paper ripping incident?? I was bored! There she was on her computer not paying me any attention!

Yes I know we had been on a walk, and at Agility; I’m still allowed to expect more of her!

And who leaves paper carelessly lying around…in the bookshelf?


Or perhaps because I leaped out at that new dog at Corinne’s?? Well, she was new, how was I supposed to know she was very friendly??


Or because I jumped on the bed the other night while she was reading?? It looked so comfortable and cosy, not my fault!!

IMG_0717 2.jpg

Maybe because I feel this urge to dig all the time?? I have to! There is just too much stuff going on down there in the ground!


I did taste the birthday cake last week! Well, don’t leave the cake on the edge of the table! Anyone would be tempted by a cream/strawberry cake! And everyone had already had a piece…

By the way, it was delicious!! Totally worth it!!

IMG_0968 2.jpg

Noooo, she loves me too much!  And I love her.

Actually I think part of her is amused by my few creative activities.

I guess she wants to spend time with MC, she’s her daughter after all. Pehaps they really need to buy something?


I’m just a little upset… at least Dennis is abandoned too, and VH and Indya.

Yeah that’s the solution, I’ll hang out with Indya! Ha!

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