Puppy Time: Part Two


I was THE cutest puppy ever!!  I think anyone would agree with this simple fact! Just look at me: SO CUTE!

This is about my first months with Veronica and Lego, you might have read “Puppy Time: The Beginning,” here comes the follow up.


After a few days I felt at home, and it was time to explore my new environment. The outside bed became my lookout post.

Here I could comfortably and safely observe the street, dogs and people at a risk free distance, while deciding on what action would be appropriate. Very young, I felt the urge to guard the house.

“No one’s going to mess with me! Intruders beware: the badass Boxer’s living here!”

You probably know Veronica and I have an ongoing disagreement on HOW to best protect the house. She does not approve of the”Bad ass” approach. “Two barks is enough, Felicia”.  She’s such a spoilsport!!!


I need to explain the “ear style”. Veronica wanted me to be a “beautiful boxer with perfect ears”. “Felicia this is for your own good, everyone will admire you later”.

(Ok, I admit, I DO have beautiful ears today, and apparently some ears “break” easily)

I looked RIDICULOUS!! AND she made me go out on walks like this, AND to puppy school!

Embarrassing!!! Mind you, it did not hurt, just made me look like a fool!! (Small comfort; Indya had been subject to the same treatment!)


Digging was already my favorite activity, amazingly enough Veronica was very tolerant at the time. “She’s just a sweet puppy, not her fault, she won’t do it for long” Little did she know!

I never hear “She’s just a sweet Boxer girl, not her fault” these days!! Where did all that tolerence go?? I’m still really cute!!

She has no understanding with the whole digging concept! Now it goes: “Felicia you’re a Boxer, not a Fox Terrier”!


I  spent quite some time picking flowers, nearly ALL the flowers as it happens. I kind of got the impression Veronica was a little upset.(She has this thing with the garden flowers)

I had no idea “Camelias” were very special to her…that they were newly planted…that she had been looking forward the whole spring to see them…??

I was just an innocent puppy, remember?!


Apparently I was a little “chubby” with rather short legs…  I don’t understand what she meant…chubby is cute!


I did find it difficult to climb up on furniture… well it is HARD!! I heard Veronica tell everyone how Indya had jumped up on the sofas from day one… yeah yeah, big deal!!

Indya is more the athletic type, we all know that! She ALWAYS had longer legs! I have BIG muscles, even Dr L thinks so (In case you missed that one)!!


Climbing into the car was easy…the doors were open, and to me this meant: Welcome!

My paws might have been a little muddy, but hey, I HAD to see why my mattress was hanging there. She was cleaning the car anyway!


I discovered the dishwasher door was warm and the perfect spot for keeping an eye on kitchen activities.

Back then not much going on mind you…now with Dennis it’s a whole other story. I hang out here all the time while he’s cooking!! He likes to make me taste new stuff!! He totally get’s it!!


As my legs grew a bit, I finally managed to climb (not jump) on to the sofa. I had the best of time playing with the cushions and hide and seek in the sheets.

Veronica did not appreciate my game, usually she loved playing with me. The explanation came soon enough:

I got the “Sofa talk”,  the whole long lecture about how dogs are not allowed up on “Beautiful Svenskt Tenn sofas”! (She probably forgot the “innocent little puppy” bit)

Ok no problem, I now just climb up accidentally…on purpose…when she’s not looking!


The bench was fun and totally allowed, easy from the outside bed. A cool exercise, less interesting then the sofa though. In the basket were my outdoor toys.


One day the yard was full of people, big machines and my access blocked.

They were digging a big hole in the garden. I was intrigued!

I spent hours observing them, there was much talk about a “Pool”. I thought it was a game. Silly little boxer pup…

She let me say hello to everyone, they all thought I was very cute…well, of course they did!!

IMG_1234 2.jpg

I nearly managed to sneak out, to help them dig … sadly enought Veronica stopped me, apparently “Digging was very dangerous”…”Nobody’s allowed outside the barrier, that includes you Felicia”.

I just don’t understand why as soon as there is somthing fun to do, it is  either: “Very dangerous” or “Not for you Felicia”.


We made frequent visits to NC and MBC. I had so much fun playing with NC, he had some special toys for me, and then, when I was exhausted I slept on his lap.


I even did a little climbing of my own invention, perfect for my short legs, under their table. Just like a private hut.


Lego was always by my side. She was my surrogate Mom, my secure blanket and my friend. She always had my back, looking out for me if I felt insecure.


There were rules, (well of course, this is Veronica’s house, remember!) Lego was to eat first being the old Lady.

That was ok, I knew I had to wait patiently. I miss her. Wish I could go to “Fairy land” and visit.


Indya came over pretty often for crazy play dates. She’s six months older as she keeps on reminding me…constantly!

At the time of course she was much bigger, but now? Common six months that’s nothing!   No need rubbing it in, again and again! (She’s still my Bff)


All this exploring, playing and climbing sure makes a small boxer girl very tired. Nothing better then to snuggle up in Veronica’s lap, while she was reading.

Just look at me; such a cute Boxer puppy!

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