I’m no big fan of “Thursday big dog class”… you see there’re just too many dogs. Some are frankly very annoying. Kind of bossy.

Veronica takes me here so I “learn to behave”. I don’t need to learn anything! I’m nearly perfect… ok, ok so I do have one… or two, very small, but very small flaws. Not even worth mentioning…

“Felicia play nice, all these dogs are fun and cute”…Says she!!!


I do my best … sometimes, well sometimes IT’S VERY HARD! Some of these guys are just so provocative!!! They bark at me!!! I HAVE to give them a piece of my mind!

This is not proper “Corinne etiquette”…I know… but honestly someone please see my point of view here!!


I spend quite a lot of time behind Veronca’s back calming down on those occasions.


First the “Concentrate and attention exercise”.  I can of course do that, yes I can, easy. But right know… I don’t feel like it.  I have to check out who’s here today!!

That’s surely more important, I can look at Veronica any other old time!!!


Then comes the “Run and play” session. I’m torn between playing and maintaining order among all these dogs.

Well yes, I feel a calling! It’s mayhem…dogs everywhere, someone has to act!


Corinne does not think my “intervention” is needed “Mais Felicia, arrête de jouer au gendarme”…(stop playing a policeman)

It makes me feel a little embarrassed, I mean she’s the supreme leader here. We all know that!! I love her


I get some extra cuddling and I usually go on minding my own buisiness, or at least trying to.


I play with Inook! We take huge runs around the field. He’s MUCH faster then me.

Most everyone here seems to be!  Honestly I really don’t understand why??? It’s quite vexing.

I might have mentioned Dr L, once or twice… he says: “Felcia has great muscles”. So; how come I can’t run fast???


I love my friend Mylo, he’s the best! We hit it off from the very start.

We play like crazy. He’s not into “running around the field”. We do more subtle games. He’s very bright, an intellectual Aussie.

Only hiccup is that he sometimes prefers other dogs!! Now who’s cuter then me here??? And more fun??


Some think I am too brutal. That’s so not true. I can play gently!! Just ask Inook!


After the “Run and play” session, time for “Lying still”. We have to lie still for an eternity. Now what’s that good for?? I don’t see the point.

It’s boring…


…very boring…


…really boring…


….extremely boring!

And who set the “sphinx” position rule?? They should try it! Really uncomfortable. I prefer the more “relaxed” position!

Veronica does not see my point…at all!!!


Sometimes we have the “Sit still” exercise. I prefer that, you see I get to observe everyone from a higher point of view. Makes much more sense!


I know perfectly  well how to lie still, I really do.

I just don’t always feel like it! Dogs should be able to take a few personal initiatives. Like innovative positions during “lying still” for one.


We train difficult recalls, crossing with other dogs. A little heel work.

I’ve made some progress! Well, Boxer progress (let’s not get carried away, I’m no German Shepard)


This is the best part of the day, Agility!! I love it!! I’m actually quite good.

Apart from when I get distracted… I kind of forget what I’m doing. It’s hard to keep focused all the time! Especially when there’s so much going on everywhere!


I’m very fast, well, Boxer fast! Yeah, like I would try to do the June fast. (Corinne’s super fast Border Collie)

IMG_1592 2.JPG

At the end I get to play tug of war, and go crazy. So much fun!

IMG_1594 2.JPG

Time to go home! I’m quite torn. Do I like “Thursday big dog class” or not??

Kind of. The Agility is fun, and I get to play, and I get candy…if only there were no other dogs, or only a few…say Inook and Mylo.

A Boxer girl can have secret dreams!






5 thoughts on “Thursday Big Dog Class

  1. I hear you Sister, tell Veronica you’re a Boxer, that’s how we are, we play hard, we don’t like all dogs (seriously do humans like all humans?), and yes we have a mind of our own…


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