The Birthday Girl


Today is my Birthday! Yes I’m the Birthday girl! Today everything is about ME, I’ll be the star all day long. I actually think the rule should be: “Felicia get’s to decide everything.” Unfortunately not in Veronica’s house!

The day starts off really well. Apart from that ridiculous red ribbon. (you know Veronica’s sense of inappropriate festive gear for me! Thank god no Indya or Inook or Yoda or Rose to see me).

There is cute gift bag, and a very yummy cake with four candles, yes I’m four years old.


Indya is invited for a Birthday Party later. Veronica tells me I should share the cake with her.

What?? Hell no! I gulp it down real fast, no way I share any cake with anyone, let alone Indya!!


If you think Birthdays are all about the fun, you’re wrong! Not in Veronica’s world! Birthday’s come with the “Now you’re a big girl” talk.

On she goes: “Now that you’re four you need to behave accordingly. No chewing on books, newspapers, opera programs or glasses. No excessive digging during the walks”… bla bla bla…

Who does she think she is? A boxer expert? And what does Eva and SPS think? Has she even asked them? And Corinne? I can’t even look at her right now!


I’m supposed to get my gift and party, not have to listen to long, moralising, boring speeches!! Anyhow I’ve gone momentarily deaf.

I sulk on the carpet in Dennis’s office and why doesn’t he tell her to stop? Does he agree? Surely not, he’s the cool one, remember, from California!!


FINALLY she gives me the green light “varsågod” (Ok, go) and I can dive into the gift bag!


Now what’s this? Hmmm… and it’s wrapped in more paper, cool! I love ripping paper!


For more privacy I run off with it to my bed…stupid move; Veronica comes after, snatching it up. “Felicia, be careful, don’t rip your gift” Pffff… such a spoilsport!


It’s a new collar. Look at this one, isn’t it gorgeous with my complexion?  It’s decorated with dogs, poodles, performing all sorts of tricks. Cool!

Come think of it, is that a hint? Does Veronica expect me to do the same, like standing on a ball?


(Good news: I don’t have to wear that embarrassing ribbon any more!)


Ok, so that’s done! Now let’s find out what else’s in there. A bit more ripping… This time, I play it safe, and run to my hide out spot under the dining room table.


I got this huge colourful bird, love it.

I still don’t understand how come she always finds me here…??? Sure enough there she is, what does she want? Can’t a Birthday  girl discover her gift in peace?

“Felicia, now that you have this beautiful bird, no need to chase the live ones in the fields”

Yeah, sure! In her dreams!!!


After the gifts its party time!! Indya comes over and we go wild! Well yes, it’s MY birthday and we have to party party party!!


No fun birthday without balloons, I love to chase them, and then finally hear the pop.


Indya is less thrilled by this game, she abstains from the actual chasing, and prudently  just pushes it.


After the balloons we race! I’m SO fast…not fast enough though…damn Indya!! She wins AGAIN!!!

(VH, a word; can you stop running with Indya for just a bit?)


A tug of war competition is arranged. Sadly no winner. We’re equally strong. This I find vexing: How come I don’t win with my big muscles?? (You heard Dr L!) I should win!! It’s pure logic!

Perhaps it’s my technique, yeah that’s it. MC has trained Indya to use secret moves, tricks…Nothing to do with muscles!

I thought Birthday girls were supposed to win all the games, well that’s what I heard.


After hours of playing we’re wiped out. There was no cake. No, I feel cakes on Birthdays are overrated! Only the Birthday girl should have one…before the guests arrive.

Veronica felt sorry for Indya (she’s such a softie) and gave her lots of candy all the time until she went home.


The fun wasn’t over. In the evening we went out to a restaurant with EC! “The Hamburger Foundation”. I love that place, it smells great and the owners love dogs!

So ok I can’t actually have a Burger. I think they should have a “Dog Burger” just for us dogs. Yeah that’s a thought. Makes total sense!


Veronica kept the biggest surprise until the end of the day: “Felicia, next week we are going to visit Andy and Jacky”.

What??? Yippie!!! I am going to see Andy and Jacky!! Flay my sister, I’love (that’s her name) my niece,(above) Gamine and Pretty. We are going to “The Andreashöhe” kennel, where Lego and I were born!!!


I love Birthdays! Do you have a gift for me?


Best Burgers in Town:

2 thoughts on “The Birthday Girl

  1. Happy Birthday Felicia 🐶🎊🎁🎀🎈 It looks like you had a pooch fun-filled day! I wish I could visit and play with that big blue bird with you! And you look beautiful in your new collar – lucky girl! Have a great time with Flay 🐶 Love from Lily-Mai x


    • Thank you Lily-Mai! Had lots of fun, even if I think there should have been more gifts and Indya should respect the “Birthday girl’s rights”…. Apart from that all was cool! I will tell you all about my trip next week xxxx Felicia


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