This is Dr L, have I mentioned him? I might have, once…or twice. He’s our Vet and we love him, Indya and I. He thinks I have big muscles. Yes, that’s the him; Dr L.

Veronica is especially thankful. He was the one that discovered my Lego had a problem. Something about a tumar or trumor, or perhaps tumor.

Anyway, he must have done some wonderful magic, and abracadabra, she was much better.


Today, as I was resting after our long walk Veronica called me: “Felicia we’re going to see Dr L”.

Yippie, Dr L!! Yes! How cool is that. I love going there, I’m the star and I get candy!


We arrive a little in advance.  Veronica’s never late. As a matter of fact, in her book, being on time is arriving at least ten minutes early!

Don’t get me started on her neurotic travel schedule. Let’s just say it involves a lot of waiting at airports. As a matter a fact it’s a family thing. In my opinion they’re all a bit crazy.

Not the outsiders, they’re cool and laid back. Perhaps they should form a club “The hip cool outsider gang”.


That said, we have plenty of time in the waiting room! Now why is Dennis here? He usually never feels his presence is required! Strange, I wonder…

Am I very sick? Oh but of course: Dr L has spent a year in Berkeley and Dennis wants to talk to him about California!

Yes, that’s it, nothing to do with me.


I can relax and chill until it’s our time.


Wait a minute, is that Dr L’s voice? There’s a dog there. Hey, I’m here! It’s my turn! Can’t believe he’s taking such a long time with that other guy.

Perhaps he hasn’t been informed I have arrived. I might growl a bit, just to make my presence noticed. Nothing to do with the dog, oh no, I’d never do that! I’m easy going!


Finally the nice assistant fetches us and it’s time for “The weighing of the dog”. I weigh 29.6 Kg, that’s nearly one kilo more then last time.

I give Veronica a quick glance, and surely enough she looks worried and gives Dennis the look. The “Is this ok” look.

C’mon guys, I’m perfect and NOT CHUBBY! And where’s my treat? I should get a treat for being such a good Boxer.


I’ll just sit here and wait. Surely they’ll give me something. I sit perfectly still for a long time but nothing. Instead we’re shown into the consultation room.


There he is: THE Dr L. He immediately rewards me with a goodie as soon as I jump on the table. Ha!


and another one…


…and another one. Voilà, there’s someone who truly understands a cute Boxer girl’s needs!


Time for the examination. Dr L has to listen to my heart, my lungs, and feel my stomach etc

Veronica starts fussing about my weight. Dr L reassures everyone “She’s perfect, she’s all muscles”. HA, hear that guys: Perfect!! “ALL MUSCLES”!!

Who cares if India is faster. I’m strong, like a body builder, and I run faster then Yoda and Rose!


Dr L is very thorough, he want’s to make sure I’m  fine and healthy. See how perfect I stand? Just like like a statue.

I’m the dream patient! They should have special rewards or perhaps even medals for the exceptional clients like me.

Actually I love this examination bit. I’m the centre of attention, the star!


Once that’s done Dr L goes through my passport to see what shots I should get.


Dr L put a delicious treat on the table. I get kind of absorbed in munching when I hear “Bravo Felicia, it’s done”

What?? How??? When?? I don’t understand how this could happen. I was supposed to know when the shot was given, so I could brag in front of Indya!


Hmmm… come think of it she isn’t here. This is how I will relate the vaccine episode :

“Felicia looks at Dr L with courageous eyes, ‘I’m ready Dr’. And without a sound, stoically she receives her shot”

Yeah, that’s it, sounds perfect, and Indya will be so impressed!


Dr L sits down and tells me I’m in great shape.

Veronica asks a few questions, Lime disease, claws, travelling with dogs etc… Real boring stuff, I’ve said this before, she worries too much. Chill! I’m fine!

(She needs to go “California style”!)

IMG_1619 2.jpeg

Berkeley is mentioned (told you), and Dennis happily chats along. I just sit still minding my own business, hoping for more treats. Alas even Dr L thinks I had enough.

Sadly the visit is over and we have to leave.


I get some vitamin pills for my muscles. There is even a dog cookie jar.

Veronica tries to give me one…Cookie…what…? oh is that a dog in the waiting room? Who’s that guy? I can perhaps just take a quick peak..


Veronica is such a spoilsport, she sends me off with Dennis to the car. I promise, just a small peak! Doesn’t she trust me at all??

Bet you Dr L would understand. Ha, AND he thinks I’ve got big muscles!

My gratitude goes to Dr Gabor Luka for rescuing my old Lego and giving her a second chance and for taking such good care of our Boxers. My thanks to the wonderful staff.

Dr Gabor Luka


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