We’re going on a road trip. To Andy and Jacky! (Andreashöhe see archive) Can’t wait to see them. I wonder a bit about Flay… will she remember me? Will she be nice to me? She’s not only a Champion but a Mom now. She’s a bit vain.

(FYI; On this big Boxer show the judge awarded me with Excellent 1! So I am beautiful too!!)

We all have our bags packed. I have my special travel blanket, my bowl, food and a toy, just in case I get bored.


This is Pretty von Hofmannstal. Andy and Jacky got her from Rosine Hofmann, she’s the oldest breeder in Europe. Veronica thinks she’s an amazing Boxer Lady.

Pretty just had puppies. She bears her name well. Don’t you think so? She’s very pretty!

See, not jealous! I can admit another Boxer girl is beautiful too! (I feel it’s worth mentioning, Veronica has a tendency to tell people I’m jealous, which I’M NOT)


She had five puppies, very cute!! Here with Mommy.


Four girls and a guy.


Jacky and Andy are thrilled to see me. I was happy, also a little concerned; where are the dogs, and the cats?


Rosine Hofmann was there to inspect the puppies.


They have the coolest house! Dog beds everywhere, and even sofas for the dogs!! Now why don’t we have “Dog sofas”?

Andy should tell Veronica it’s better for me, as a matter of fact let’s make it mandatory! Yeah! All dog homes, should have special “Dog sofas”!!


Oh look at the adorable puppies! They all wanted to say hello to me. Well duh… Of course, Felicia von der Andreashöhe, the special guest is here!

Veronica was oohing and aahing. “Ohhh Dennis look at those cuties, just look, oh they’re sooooo adorable”

Ok, ok, lets not get carried away. They’re cute, but no need to overdo it! It’s just puppies!



Andy lets two of them into the garden, just to see how we got along. No need to worry, I love puppies!


The whole gang arrives and OMG, they’re wild!! Jumping, climbing, biting. Oh la la, the  works!

IMG_4450 2.jpg

They have this fun tunnel, just like in Agility, but smaller. They dive in, out and on top. I don’t know where to look, they’re all over the place.

I’m not going to try to go through it, don’t want to embarrass myself, just in case I get stuck..


Mostly, they wanted to play.


…and play….


…and play some more! Until Andy whistles and they go back inside. Veronica was in love with all of them. “Dennis we should bring one home”

What?? Home? Like with us in the car?? Today?? NO WAY!

I am nowhere ready to be a surrogate Mom!! I feel I haven’t reached my true potential yet. I need to explore my inner self, learn to find peace of mind before even considering taking in a pup.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Puppies, and these guys are adorable…here, not at home!!


Flay comes out and she did not look very friendly, at all!

I adopted my best “I hear you Sis, it’s your turf” attitude. I’m not scared, just felt it would be inappropriate, being the guest, to argue with her.

Andy was not happy  “Anständig Flay, Felicia ist dein Geschwister”. (Be nice, Flay, Felicia is your sibling)


I slipped behind Dennis. Again: NOT SCARED!  I just like it better here. I get a lovely view of the garden from this angle.

Andy called me; Hmm…well on second thought, I don’t really feel like bonding right now.  Flay looked ashamed, and rightfully so. That’s not how you greet your long lost sister!!


We settled on a kind of compromise, I cuddled with Jacky and Flay with Andy. That will do for this time.

Told you, she’s a little of full of herself…and bossy!  Nobody could guess we’re sisters!

I myself, felt very proud of my behaviour; I took the high road with my sister, AND Andy and Jacky told Veronica I’m a great “Auntie” for the pups. Ha, hear that Flay? I’m great!!!


Back in the car, I felt a little tired. Family meetings are exhausting.

I overheard Veronica telling Jacky and Andy that when I’m a bit older we would fetch a little one. Perhaps one of I’Love’s.

Ha, we’ll see about that! I am entitled to an opinion. First I need to see her and agree! No Puppy in our house without my consent !!!


We drive to this really nice hotel. Dennis served my long awaited dinner.


At the restaurant everybody loved me: “What a lovely Boxer”, (Yes I agree, I might add “Friendly, sweet, well behaved  boxer”) I even received a bowl of water.

There’s a lot of talk about “the cute puppies”, “Beautiful Boxers”, Andy, Jacky and Rosine Hofmann. Guys, what about me?

Have you forgotten your little darling, your lovely little darling on the blanket? It wouldn’t hurt to mention her in in that conversation!


Back in our room, I hear them discussing the next day’s program. Words like  “Wine tasting”, “grapes”,  what’s that? Do I have to taste wine? Eat grapes? Is this a dog event? Will Flay be there?

Whatever, I’m just so very tired…

Vielen dank Andy und Jacky für ein sehr gutes Mittagessen und viel Hund spass!

Boxer Von der Andreashöhe:


Rosine Hofmann: Boxer Von Hofmannstal: A Boxer Lady on her 90th birthday, here with her latest International Champion, Pilgrim Von Hofmannstal (Pretty’s Brother)

You like Felicia’s blanket?


3 thoughts on “Boxer Travels Part One: The Puppies

  1. Hi Felicia! What a great time you had with those adorable puppies! And how alike you and Flay are in appearance – but then you would be as you are sisters! I am sure she didn’t mean to be a bit mean with you – but you know what is boxers are like. We all love to be ‘the star’ wherever we go – not room for two! Pretty does live up to her name though – she is beautiful. But not as lovely as us Felicia! Ha ha! Have fun – until your next blog … Lily-Mai 🐶


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