I’m perplexed, we’re going Wine tasting. Why? Veronica is NOT interested at all. Dennis is the Wine geek, he has a blog, he travels all over the country interviewing small producers.

Veronica never accompanies him. Honestly I think even if he payed her, she wouldn’t come.

So WHY are we here today? What’s happened?  He must have  bribed her big time?


As we headed downstairs we’re in for an unpleasant surprise: no dogs allowed in the restaurant!! What?? What kind of hotel is this? Here I am, an adorable, well behaved Boxer girl and I AM NOT ALLOWED IN??

Veronica somehow negotiated breakfast in the hallway. (I’ve already told you, Veronica doesn’t take no for an answer!)


As I was lying there, vaguely listening to their conversation, I got the answer to our mystery; They had struck a deal!

A day immersed in Swiss German Boxer world vs, a day with passionate Wine guy! (Dennis speaks no German and needed an interpreter.)  Tit for Tat!

Don’t feel sorry for him, he loves Boxers, feel sorry for Veronica, a day of Wine talk.


This is Markus, the Wine guy, he made us tour the domain, showing his small Biodynamic Wine world.

Veronica went on dutifully translating, even asking questions. And something fascinating happened: She looked very happy? What’s going on? Is she crazy? Has she caught the “Wine passion bug”?


Oh…on second thought there is a very simple explanation: Veronica is a Schmoozer, she can talk to anyone about anything. Sales Assistant, Taxi drive…etc..and she ends up knowing their life story.

And Markus is a very interesting man, so it seems.


We stepped inside his Winery. Now this is a weird place, a huge room with high ceilings where he makes the Wine. And several gigantic Barrels.

It’s a little chilly, Veronica always remembers my blanket. She understands a Boxer girls  delicate skin and needs for comfort. Well yes!! Would you lie down on the stone floor?


I got the feeling this could last for a while so I relaxed.I think this is the equivalent of Veronica’s shopping episodes, and I know how long those can be!!


The actual Wine tasting started, (well not Veronica, she’s not that devoted to her “job”).

I got a shock!! Nobody actually drinks the wine!! NO, they take a sip into their mouths, make very weird noises, and listen to this:  spit it out in a bucket!!!!

Quite disgusting I’d say. Have they no manners? Is this how it’s actually done? (I can now see why Veronica doesn’t do that!!)


After the first “tasting session” they disappear down a very, very steep staircase. Are we supposed to follow? I guess, “The interpreter” has to continue her work.

Down we go, I admit I was concerned but managed very well, remember I’m an agility pro!


Wow, this is a beautiful room. Look at these crates and the stones on the floor. Veronica neglected me and forgot the blanket. (She needs to learn to focus!)

I had to stand and wait, and wait while the Gentlemen were slurping, spitting and talking.


This Markus’s loft, it’s seriously cool!!

Markus tells Veronica and Dennis what a well behaved Boxer girl I am.

What can I say, I’m quite the role model! Just look at me yesterday, with Flay and the Puppies. The perfect Boxergirl! Even Jacky said so.

(Wish Eva and SPS and Corinne had seen me though, Veronica needs to tell them, all these dog experts!)


Markus serves amazing bread, cheese and dried meat. Frankly it smells very good.

There is more tasting repertoire … Veronica still not participating. She tells Markus she’ll try the wines at home. (In a more civilised manner I take it)

Markus used to work in a Bank, can you imagine? Veronica talks and talks and Markus talks and talks, Dennis writes and writes… ok this is getting VERY boring!

Can we go home soon?


Finally Veronica gets my persistent boring look and deep sighs. Time to say farewell.

As I was happily settling in the car, prepared for the long drive. Dennis suddenly exclaims “Lets go and see the Rhine falls”

The what now falls?  No No No NOO!!! This was NOT in the deal!! What a silly idea, whatever these Falls are they’re probably BORING!!

I want to GO HOME!


As always nobody pays attention to me and I get dragged to the said Falls. I was very grumpy but couldn’t help admitting it was beautiful.

That water makes so much noise. I sat for a long time, fascinated until Veronica called; “C’mon Felicia, are you sleeping”… Ok so NOW we have to rush!! Now that I’m enjoying the view I have to hurry!!


IMG_4612 2.JPG

Veronica told Dennis all about her friend, YH who owns three Boxers. Mojo, Havannah and Lux. She’s actually had eleven Boxers in her life! YES eleven!! That’s a bunch, she must be a Boxer expert!

Look at those guys sitting calmly in the snow!! I’m sure it’s because they’re like Viking dogs, used to the rude climate! Me I’m different, remember, I have an Italian father. Due to my Italien DNA I need warmer weather.

Veronica goes on and on about YH and her dogs “They’re all really cute, you know, and well behaved”.

“If she has three Boxers perhaps we could have two?”


What?? What’s that now??

I thought it had been decided a new Puppy might, (or might not), be adopted much later. I knew this Puppy visit was a bad idea!! See what happens, she gets Puppy fever!

Dennis was on my side and firmly stated;  “A Puppy? With little F? No way!!”


Finally MY BED! Travelling can be fun, yes, and it was great to see Andy and Jacky and the Puppies…and perhaps a tiny bit fun to see Flay. The Wine guy was nice, Rhine falls beautiful but….

Home sweet home.


Markus Ruch

Dennis Wine Blog



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