Puppy Time: Part Three


I’m a little older now, still as cute though! Just look at that adorable little me, sneaking into the car, making sure Veronica wouldn’t leave without me.

Less cute were my taped ears. For “my own good” so she said… nevertheless making me look really silly!


I loved and respected Lego, keeping the boundaries. She needed peace and quiet during her meals.

She was my everything, my surrogate Mom, my security blanket, my friend, my mentor and I miss her so much.


I graduated to “Big Puppy school”, so cool (Apart from my ear style). No more Kindergarten baby games.

This was only for the Big guys! I made new friends and we did loads of very difficult stuff.


Like heel work. Very hard! Especially since neither Veronica nor I really like it…though Eva  showed us how to make it fun, or less boring! We did our very best.


At the end of each lesson there was a little Agility. I love Agility!


Jumping, playing, running and plenty of treats, what’s not to like? Don’t I look cute there  (apart from the ears)?

Now, of course, I’m nearly an Agility pro!


I grew taller, which gave me a few new options, like checking out the irritating, barking  neighbour dog.

That black Lab is so full of herself, Veronica thinks she’s sweet. Sweet??? NO she’s  provoking me…all the time!!


I could taste Veronica’s lunch. Easy!!

It’s common knowledge that puppies have ideas and explore the world. Veronica should know this considering I’m her fourth Boxer!


And frankly nobody just leaves the Vegetables on the front porch.


Yeah, that’s very silly.


Sometimes things just happen. How was I to know the Mug would explode? I wanted to see what it contained.


And if some doors are left open when I’m alone and bored… I keep myself busy.  I had no idea my toy would rip that easily. Ok, it wasn’t “technically” mine, I took it from EC’s room. It felt like mine.

Lego was very upset. Veronica too (seems it was kind of difficult to clean)

Then there was the Book incident…quite embarrassing as a matter of fact.


Apparently Veronica had forgotten all about Dog education and Puppies. She needed to be guided by books! ( Pathetic)

Joël Dehasse, is a Veterinarian animal behaviourist, just like SPS (Veronica’s sister). Veronica bought nearly all his books.

I got tired of all the reading and the theories. So I…


… took matters into my own hands or rather teeth! Lego was outraged! (She refused to help me.)

What I didn’t know was that Veronica had an an appointment with Joël to help her deal with certain aspects of my personality.

OMG!!! The Book… HIS BOOK!!! Was she going to rat me out??? He might be super strict!! I mean he’s famous and all! I didn’t even know the guy and the plan was NEVER to meet him!!

Turned out Joël is super nice and very cool. He gave Veronica great advice. Told her not to worry. She always exaggerates; she needs to CHILL

(No mention of the book, Phew)


I loved the sofas and sneaked up as often as I could,  I especially loved jumping  around  all the cushions! Boy, did Veronica lecture me.

“Felicia these are very nice “Svenskt Tenn” sofas, and that material is fragile, NOT for dogs” (She’s such a spoilsport).

There were a few more, very small, “incidents”, really not important,  I won’t bore you; so let’s move on!


Corinne held her annual Agility completion. Supposedly I was “too wild” to compete and had to be held on a leash…ridiculous!


I was NOT too wild. Just expressing my inner happiness and joy to be able to compete next to Lego.


Lego won of course, she always did. She was such a “I want to please Mommy” kind of  Boxer girl, always perfect!

Not sure I’ll ever be perfect… I just hope to stay as fit, she’s twelve here.


I played a lot down by the lake, trying to catch the waves-


Indya came over all the time. Even then she made a big fuss over her being a little older. Just look at that,  chewing that stick right infront of me?  Provoking me.

She always does that!!


But I do love her. We’re BFF’s and we have loads of fun. (Even though she runs faster AND is older AND always ends up with the good toy)


Look at that; three Boxers! Just like Veronica’s friend YH, she has three…all the time!!

In Veronica’s home with three Boxers order rules, nearly military order I’d say: Lego eats first, Indya second and me (of course!) last… very frustrating.

Lego was entitled to privileges, but Indya?? I don’t think that six months qualify as “Older”.


That’s when MC gave me  my very embarrassing  winter coat! Remember THE coat? Veronica was thrilled ” Wow! Look at you Felicia, you look very fancy, this is a Barbour coat”

I was mortified!!

(Don’t EVER make me wear that at Corinne’s!!!)


I still felt very much like a little Puppy at times, wanting to cuddle. As a matter of fact I still do, and often climb up on everybody’s knee.

Not always appreciated, and frankly I don’t understand why? Who wouldn’t want to have a cute Boxer girl on their lap?

Rumor has it I’m too big and I slobber… that’s SO not true! And 29 kg is NOT too big! Great Danes are much heavier.

NC and EC NEVER push me away! Yeah! They adore me!


GM didn’t mind! See: ON HER LAP! (Ok I’m a puppy here, but still)


With Veronica we cuddle all the time!! Well yes! We love each other.


My first Birthday came. And my first big  “Birthday Talk”;

“Felicia you’re one year old, it’s time to behave, like a big Boxer girl!”

I didn’t feel like a “big Boxer girl”, still don’t. And you know what, I have NO intention of growing into one…



Intersting reading:

Joël Dehasse




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