The Play Date


I’ve been feeling a little blue lately. Baby L is very cute, it’s a fact, but does she really need all that attention?

Veronica is either on the phone with MC or on Face Time to see Baby L or at MC and VH’s house to help out with one thing or another… I know, I’m being selfishly jealous here, I get my walks, my Agility and my fun.


Still, I think that Baby needs to cut back the attention span she creates! I’m used to better service.

This residence has seen it’s standards seriously decline, it used to be, perhaps not a five star accommodation, but let’s give it a four…now we barely reach a three star!!


As if my life wasn’t disrupted enough, Dennis has left us to travel to be with his family. He was very happy leaving. (Me not so)

I understand, he misses his family and now he gets to spend quality time with them. Go to Baseball games with ML, eat exotic food and take his Mom shopping.


Meanwhile, I’m just a sad lonely Boxer girl, abandoned by all.


When the other day Veronica announced that I was invited for a play date, I could hardly believe my luck!! Finally some true fun just for me.

We’re going off to visit Inook…and FE! Yippie!! They live in this great house with a fun garden where dogs can do WHAT THEY WANT!! (You hear that? What they want!!!)

Unlike ours, we have rules! Well it’s Veronica’s house…this explains that!!


Inook is the best. We play like crazy..


and run…


and play…


and play some more…!

IMG_7291 2.jpg

This whole “Running and wrestling” episode is quite exhausting. We crash in the house.

IMG_7300 2.jpg

It’s a super cool house, there’s so much fun stuff around. Toys, cushions to climb on and the sofa’s are dog friendly! These people really know how to live life at it’s full potential!

Veronica and Dennis have a lesson to learn here!!

IMG_7290 2.jpg

Lunch was served… well not for us. Inook took up a strategic position by the table. Yeah, Yeah, we all know you live here and have privileges! No need to rub it in!


FE who is very fair and super nice to me, always, sent him away. Not sure he appreciated.


I decided it was time to explore the house, there’s bound to be some fun stuff. Sure enough, I found this interesting wooden basket, well it was a wooden bakset before my investigation.


Inook pretended to be shocked, giving me the “What are you doing? Are you crazy?” look. Bet you he was jealous!!


Veronica discovered my new game and sadly put an end to it! I’ve said this before: She’s a total spoilsport!

FE on the other hand just laughed. Ha, see, this is a true dog friendly residence! I give it five stars, easy!

Again: Veronica, look and learn… and stop telling me off!! Here FE’s the Boss!

IMG_7304 2.jpg

Suddenly, out of the blue we were summoned:   “C’mon, guys, time for ‘Thursday Big dog lesson’ ”

Thursday Big Dog what now??? Oh no!!!! I’ve been tricked!! There should be a law forbidding lessons linked to play dates!

If at least it had been Agility, but this whole “Thursday learn to socialise” business is clearly not my cup of tea!!


At Corinne’s, I didn’t feel like joining the group of playing dogs… no I wasn’t in the mood, I’ll observe for a while.


Inook agreed with me. We felt that distance at this point of the lesson would be the wise choice.


Time for serious training:

I have to say, me, Mylo and Inook excel at the “Down stay” exercise. Just look at us, perfect, not moving a muscle, stoic, even when others behave very childishly.

Bonus points would easily be in order, that’s what I feel, and I’m sure the guys agree.


There was this minor only minor incident… well I still think the event was blown out of proportion.

Thing is, we did this exercise, supposedly it helps us to socialise, well I don’t agree…at all!

Yes, I feel uncomfortable, so at one point I snipped at Meika, the Beauceron…


OMG did I underestimate the consequences of expressing my inner feelings! Corinne was not happy, to say the least. Veronica… very upset. (Bonus points would come in handy here)

Honestly, much ado about nothing! Did I bite her? NO! Did I even touch her? NO!

Ok, I might have overdone the actual snipping but hey, I admit it! So let’s focus on what’s important here: MY HONESTY!!

Meika was the only one relaxed, unconcerned and looking smug. (Yeah, like she’s such little Ms Perfect?! P-LEASE!)


The BIG surprise on the way home was a stop at the Airport! Guess what, Dennis’s coming home!!! YES! I’m so happy! I did have a fun day, and I know Corinne always loves me.

The incident? Don’t care!

Dennis is back! He’ll understand! He get’s me!!

Special thanks to FE for all the wonderful lunches and loving my little F however weirdly she behaves

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