We have a Baby in the family!!! Yes!! Can you believe that??? And I’m not kidding here!! A REAL LIVE BABY!

MC and VH had a little Baby L

I’m in quite a shock to tell you the truth! A Baby??!! Was that really necessary?? I mean I’m the family Baby…and then Indya of course!! We are the cute ones! No need for supplementary Babies!

And if that’s not enough we have Little E from time to time!


Come think of it, I’m not sure Little E will be thrilled by the arrival of this new family member. She loves dolls, sure, but a live Baby?

She’s used to being the center of attention and the star here, not to mention her very slight “Drama Queen” personality.

Well, well…interesting, very interesting…can’t wait to see how that works out…


These past months Indya and I had been quite worried about MC, she was getting a little chubby and then there was that weird bump up front.

She stopped running and slept all the time, there were sudden mood swings. Yes, we were seriously worried about her.

We had no idea Baby L was hidden in that bump.


There were many changes at MC and VH’s house: New strange furniture, and new wall paper.


Plenty of new toys Indya wasn’t allowed to play with.

Apparently Babies need special Baby furniture, special Baby toys and a whole range of special Baby stuff!

Totally exaggerated.


Let’s not forget the party!! Baby L got a party before she was even born! YES! I might understand the furniture and the toys, but a pre birth party??? Now that’s ridiculous!!

It’s called a Baby shower… pffff…. and look at all these balloons, and there were plenty of gifts and many, many, many of MC’s girlfriends, half of them with Baby bumps. Is pregnancy contagious?


Worst of all; We were NOT invited!! But conveyed upstairs, away from the fun and the balloons! The injustice of it!!

Veronica told us we would get “too agitated”…PLEASE..

BTW talking about agitated; those girls down there were loud and giggly! A bunch of Boxers would have acted more dignified!

The Pot calling the Kettle black!! That’s what I say!

FullSizeRender 2

The only REAL fun during that party, from our perspective, was that NC came up to cuddle with us, AND give us treats.

I kind of had the feeling he felt a little out of place…with all those girls around. He was the ONLY guy after all.


Something super cool did come out of that whole crazy Baby shower business; I got to play with the balloons and make them pop. ALL of them.. best game ever!!

FYI: Planning a Baby Shower? I’ll handle the balloons!


Then one day Baby L was born. A tiny Baby Girl. The family was overjoyed and with the joy came the unavoidable crying session…of course. EVERYONE was crying!!

It reminded me of The Wedding! I just don’t get it; the whole “Very happy/crying” nonsense??!!

Pathetic! C’mon guys, get a grip! You’re embarrassing yourselves!


We were introduced to Baby L. “Now girls you have to be calm, no licking, she’s very small and delicate, admire her from a distance”

We were allowed to smell her.

A question;  she’s super tiny and looks more like a doll to me,  does she really need all these accessories?  And is she here to stay?

IMG_7081 3

Indya had mixed feelings. Was her life going to change with a Baby in the house?


She had to keep close watch, just in case…


Baby L came along in the stroller on all the walks.


Even in the fields. It was a special Swedish stroller. “The Volvo of strollers” so Dennis said.


Amazingly enough, Indya got quite attached to Baby L. She felt a certain responsibility towards the family.

It was now her role to protect and keep Baby L safe, away from all dangers.


When Baby L came over to our house, everything was about her.

Veronica became really silly, she could do nothing else other than to stare at her, or carry her, and go on and on about her; “Isn’t she adorable? Just look at her. She’s so cute” on and on I tell you!

Enough already with the dotting! It’s just a baby!


Babies have to eat a lot!! I mean A LOT! And they make small weird noises.


I had no idea a Baby could be this time consuming! And aren’t Babies suppose to cry all the time? Well, that’s what I’ve heard.

Baby L never cries, never! She sleeps, or smiles or eats. Astonishing. Is this a special Baby?

I think it’s because VH is the father, yes that’s it. It’s the only explanation, obviously it couldn’t come from the family genes, oh no, way too much drama here!!


Reluctantly I have to admit she’s a tiny bit cute…well quite cute….ok ok I’m totally taken in by her charms, she’s ADORABLE!! (Can’t believe I just said that!!)


IMG_7101 2.jpg

Baby L is here to stay, I’ll just have to deal with it.

On the plus side, Baby L will grow into Little L and small people come with a whole range of advantages;

They like to share their food…they give goodies… they blow fun soap bubbles…. and she’ll be just as cute as Little E.

I might… just might… love Baby L.





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