I’m on a diet! Yes, you heard me: ON A DIET!!! Can you believe that? I’m very upset and furious with them all, more precisely, with Veronica. It’s her fault!


It all started the other day. Here I was at my favourite Vet’s, minding my own business. Patiently waiting for him to arrive.


That’s when I hear them, or rather Veronica: “Felicia has gained weight, she’s now at 31 Kg, that’s too much!! She needs to go on a diet”

A what now?? A diet? Nothing good can come out of that!! HELLOOO I have big muscles remember? Everybody knows that!


Dr L took a much more sensible look upon the matter “Don’t worry, what with the heat it’s normal, she runs less”

Ha! Hear that?? It’s normal, listen to him….if only.


Oh no… This is Veronica we’re talking about! She is very stubborn, stupidly stubborn. In her world this is SERIOUS business.

Felicia “We have to make some changes in your daily routine”. Oh, oh, I don’t do well with changes.

Anyway, I don’t feel like listening to you anymore!


First measure: longer walks and more running. Woohoo, here comes Boxer Felicia, the fastest runner ever!

(No need to mention Indya’s running skills right now)

IMG_0872 2

I come home exhausted.


Long walks through the fields,


and much more running…


deep into the beautiful flowers…


…jumping like a kangaroo…look how cool I am, “Felicia the wild jumping Boxer”, oh yeah!


and more exhaustion..


New paths through the woods. We play hide and seek, I’m the best, a real champion.

This part of the diet I can handle, as a matter of fact, I’m all for it. Bring on more! But alas there’s a downside, a dark, difficult and mean downside:


A decrease in my daily food quantity! I know! The unfairness of it!

How can she??!! I’m sure Dennis is NOT with her on this one, I need no proof, I just know it.

And Dr L? Did he even suggest this? I highly doubt it. This is all Veronica’s doing.

IMG_0959 2

How can a big Boxer girl survive on such rations, I ask you? Yes, you agree with me, I can see that!


This madness has to stop!

It’s time for a plan… as of tomorrow I’m switching into revenge mode. I know precisely how that’s going to play out.


Stealing PD’s slipper. Those plastic shoes are great, I have a certain experience in the matter.


Emptying the paper recycle bag.


Playing with Veronica’s special Lululemon bag.

IMG_2180 2

Stealing a bag out of the shopping basket.


Hanging out by Dennis’s seat every single meal staring at him. (I happen to know this makes him uncomfortable)


Lying patiently by the food trunk, when at Indya’s house.

Now it’s time to move on to a whole new level. Yes, I’m going for the kill:


Stealing their dinner!! I have developed a never failing technique. As they rarely eat meat, I have to take up every opportunity.

The chicken breasts.


The fairly large Hanger Steak.

Dennis was so shocked. “Felicia do you realise the amount of money you just gulped down?” Don’t care, it was delicious and totally worth it!

This must surely make them think, at least Dennis is seriously upset.


Veronica had of course blabbed about the “Diet saga” at Corinne’s (really embarrassing, this is a private matter).

Last “Thursday big dog training” Corinne and FE noticed a change, I had slimmed down, so they said.

Wow, really? Does this mean what I hope it means?

(FYI You might be wondering why I’m not playing with the other dogs. I’m NOT scared, just not in a playing mood at the moment.)


That’s exactly what it meant:  you will be happy to know, that my diet is officially OVER! (The long walks continue, of course, summer has ended!)

I have no clue what actually made the whole ordeal stop. Did my tricks do it? Did Dennis intervene in my favour? Did I actually slim down?

Oh well, who cares, I’m busy cuddling with Veronica.

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