Veronica loves Tea, she’s a total Tea freak! Not the simple little Tea bag, oh no. She’s very fussy, it has to be just right.

Right temperature, (with the help of a special thermometer), right infusion time, not a minute longer, and most importantly, the right Tea: preference, green.



When traveling, she even brings along her own tea… I know, ridiculous, supposedly hotel Teas are “undrinkable”.

She drinks Tea all day:


Tea in the morning:

That’s her “alone time” and has its own ritual:

Swimming (summertime), Yoga (this is new), classical music, Green Tea, breakfast and her book.

This whole “alone time” business works well for us, that is Dennis and I, you see we love to sleep late.


Tea in the afternoon.


Tea with her friends. Tea always Tea…


This is Veronique Gallais, she’s a Tea guru, she knows EVERYTHING there is to know about tea. She has this amazing little tea paradise, a small beautiful store, in a traditional neighbourhood.

Here, and only here, is where Veronica finds her valuable substance:


Was Veronica always a Tea lover? Oh no, she drank coffee. Tea was for when she was sick.

What happened?


A Tea tasting happened. That experience changed her life.

The actual tasting consists of sitting around a table, for four (Yes FOUR) hours. Tasting various Teas accompanied by small bites. She not only loved it but went back dragging along friends and family.

Personally, I find the whole thing weird, I mean c’mon all that time for Tea??!! Even Dennis made a comment. This until Veronica pointed out that he went to Wine tastings lasting much longer.

IMG_2330 2

I have been formally invited by Veronique to visit the store. I’m part of today’s “Tea shopping experience”.


Veronique greets us, warmly. She tells me I’m beautiful. (Always worth mentioning).


It’s a small store, with HUGE amounts of Tea and other delicacies that can be savoured together.


Without warning Veronica sends me to a corner. “Felicia there are too many fragile items here”.

This was NOT part of the plan. And why do Boxers have this absolutely unfounded reputation for being wild?

Us Boxers just know how to express our deepest feelings, and perhaps, sometimes, yes, we do so a tad too energetically. But from there to too wild…that’s quite a stretch.


Marie comes to my rescue, she definitely feels sorry for me, I can see that. She cuddles with me for a long time.

Marie works with Veronique, she often helps Veronica, guiding her through the Tea jungle.


Oh but wait now, is that Veronique calling me? Oh yeah, and she’s the Boss here, after all, not Veronica!


I’m allowed to go and admire the tea containers.

IMG_2333 2.jpg

Getting a little cuddle in passing.

Time to choose the tea, this is not an easy task, they’re so many varieties. Each choice has to be smelled, accompanied by long explanations and discussions.

I’ve got the feeling this will take a very long time… (I’m reminded of someone just as fussy…hmm who can that be…oh yeah Dennis buying wine.)


We move on to the back room, The Tea mug room! Mugs and Teapots all over the place. But surely she doesn’t need a new mug?

IMG_2337.jpgSeriously? She’s got to be kidding!


Does Dennis even know about this?


FYI She DOESN’T need a new mug! We have a rather large collection.

This is a family thing, the crazy mug obsession….


I happen to know (I have a very reliable source) that VH has been trying to eliminate a few at their house…with limited success I might add.

Dennis has given up.

IMG_2320 3

This goes beyond my understanding… She can only drink out of one at the a time, right? She needs variety, so she says.


What? My toys? That’s totally different! Apple and oranges here!


Anyway, it’s time to leave, a bag full of new Tea…and no mug! HA!


Tea? I still don’t really understand the concept.

It was a fun day. I love the store, Veronique and Marie, they’re super cool and sweet.  Best of all, it’s the time spent with Veronica.

Veronique, a word: Dog tea biscuits!


Many thanks goes to Veronique and Marie, for their friendly welcome, their amazing Tea choices, and helpful guidance.

Need some Tea:

I can highly recommend the wonderful Tea tasting evenings (despite what Felicia thinks)




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