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I am very happy and very upset. We’re having a summer guest but I’m NOT allowed to come to the airport!

Supposedly they’re too many dogs during summer time, and I won’t be able to “handle myself” the way a well behaved Boxer girl should.

That’s very unfair! I know perfectly well how to behave! Not my fault if bad mannered dogs provoke me? Now I should pay the price?


This is Ann, she’s Veronica’s childhood friend. She’s an “Agent” whatever that is. I only know it involves Opera and Opera singers.

You know what an Opera lover Veronica is. She has travelled with Ann to many Opera houses to listen to her singers, London, New York… Me?


She even drags Dennis along. I say drag because I think she tricks him into going, poor Dennis. He’s more of a “Rock and Roll, Jazz” kind of guy.


I don’t really get this whole Opera thing? Unfortunately, I’m constantly submitted to the sound of it. What’s so great? It’s just a bunch of guys singing.

Apparently some Operas last for hours, like five hours!!! Can you believe that??? Who in their right mind can sit for that amount of time and just LISTEN??

They’re not even fun! It’s mostly dramas with unhappy love, jealousy, betrayal, and deaths of all sorts!

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The virus has even spread to Veronica’s children, mostly ZC and NC. Together they sit there and cry, yes you heard me: CRY!! P L E A S E! Can they get more pathetic?!


Enough with the Opera nonsense, let’s talk about what’s really important: ANN LOVES DOGS! Yes! She has a huge Poodle called Felix.

Veronica finds him gorgeous.


I most reluctantly have to agree, he’s kind of handsome. Apparently that’s not all, he’s obedient, friendly with other dogs, fun… in other words, perfect.


That’s what Veronica thinks, she likes him a lot. We haven’t been introduced since he lives in Sweden.

Come to think of it, I keep hearing about these Swedish “fun loving” dogs. Perhaps I need to travel there, and check it out for myself…

…or not…do I really want to meet all these goodie goodie dogs?


Ann has been a very sad lately, because of Rolex.

This is him, so cute. He lived with Ann for too short a time. A wonderful adorable pup, and Felix’s best friend. At only five months old he had to leave for Fairyland.


Not sure I understood why, only that there was a problem.

Ann was devastated and Felix very sad, he’d lost his best friend. Rolex is with Lego now, I know she’ll take good care of him, she’s the best surrogate Mom ever!

Although, they really need to reconsider this whole “no visit” policy. I miss my Lego.


Ann arrives from the airport and we start our greeting ceremony. I’ve known Ann since I was a tiny pup. She likes me very much. Well, what’s not to like?


I’m beside myself with joy. I haven’t seen her in a while and I simply adore her.


Ann and Veronica chill in the garden all afternoon. Boy can these two talk…pffff. It’s a non stop babble: Opera, dogs, family and so on…


All this bla bla gets a little boring and I decide to go for a diversion, that is I sigh, several times, loudly!


Ann, who’s a dog’s true friend, gets the hint. Yes that’s right, enough talking!


We play “Chase me around the garden you’ll never catch me or take my toy”! We had a ball!


She’s the best and doesn’t mind me hanging out around the table. (Unlike somebody else I will, out of courtesy, not name…)


She even shares her food. Absolutely right, I deserve a little treat. I’m such an amazing perfect Boxer girl! Just like her Felix. Yes It’s worth mentioning!


Ann’s an early bird and goes swimming first thing in the morning. Like most people here she tries to lure me in.

It’s amazing how each family member or guest feels the urge to trick me into the pool.

Everybody listen. Loud and clear: FELICIA DOES NOT SWIM!


Most unfortunately, I was in for a big shock: Ann’s leaving, already. She’s going with Veronica to the mountains for some stupid Music festival to listen to a Soprano.

An Opera, Electra, written by some guy called Strauss. Who does he think he is, this Richard Strauss character? It’s all his fault they’re abandoning me!

What’s wrong with them? Electra can surely not be as cool as playing with a Boxer! And not any Boxer: ME!


They might have abandoned.. but at the end of the day…

…I don’t care about stupid Opera, Electra or any Soprano, I’m on the Bed watching movies with Dennis!


Thank you Ann for sharing your wonderful Opera world with me.

Want to know more about Ann and her singers? Trust me, they’re great:

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