This is Andy und Jacky, they own the “Andreashöhe Kennel” where I was born. These were their boxers, at that time. Ondra von der Hansjakobstad, Xeron von der Andreashöhe, Gamine du Val d’Europe, and Sinca von der Andreashöhe.

IMG_1211 2.jpeg

It’s a very cool place with a huge yard, lots of toys, tunnels and fun stuff to do. Inside they even have SOFAS FOR THE DOGS! (Not like at home where sofas are a no no.)

Veronica loves that breeder and apparently I am her third Andreashöhe boxer and the fourth in the family.


My mother: Ondra von der Hansjakobstadt, she was from Germany. I find her just gorgeous.


She was 18 months old when Veronica first met her, fell in love with her and decided she wanted one of her pups.

She had a wonderful and fun personality, so I’ve been told, full of energy and tenderness.


I think we do look alike in a certain way. She was a beautiful Boxer lady.


My Father: Tiwaz del Colle dell’Infinito, a very handsome fellow in my opinion.

IMG_6945 (1)

I mean look at those muscles! We never met as he lives in Austria, he’s Italian, and very charming, so I heard.


Here you can see my Pedigree, I have a lot of Italian blood.


My mother was the most loving and caring Mom you can imagine.


She always looked out for me, keeping me safe, giving me all the attention I needed.


Uncle Xeron assisted in the puppy duties.


Keeping an eye on the bunch of us, inside


and outside.


Me….and my siblings. Apparently I was a pill, not sharing the toys.


I don’t believe a a word of it!  Just look at that innocent face. Adorable!


A short time after I arrived at Veronica’s house, Andy called.  I did not quite understand. There was much talk about something called cancer.

Ondra had to leave for fairyland, a special  wonderful place for dogs. Unfortunately we cannot visit. Veronica was very sad, Andy and Jacky miss her so much.

Guys, she’s in fairyland and probably has a great time now.

IMG_6962 2

This is the new generation of Andreashöhe boxers. First Xeron, then my sister, Flay, her daughters, my nieces, Hora and little I’love

IMG_0407 2.jpg

I love to go there and see Andy and Jacky. I get candy, lots and lots and lots of hugs and attention and compliments. That’s pretty awesome!!

This was on my fist visit back, I was just a little over a year old.


My sister?  Well she’s become quite full of herself now she had all these medals, and passed all the tests to become a Mom… pfffffff


We were bickering about which one of us could be on Andy’s lap, obviously she felt entitled to that space…a little reminder here; I’m the guest!

Andy just laughed and told us “Anständig ihr zwei, biss nieder da chef hier, gall” (behave you two, nobody’s the boss here)


We thought better of it and went off to play.

I love Andy and Jacky! We’ve been back to visit this spring, you can read all about it in my Blogpost “Boxer Travels Part One: The Puppies”,

Flay was not so keen on my presence on that occasion.


Shortly after our last visit, Andy and Jacky got married!! They look so happy!  Oh, and all the Boxers were among them!! At the actual wedding!

Well, that’s no big deal, I’ve been a flower girl!

Lately Veronica has been going on about another puppy…can’t believe she’s even considering that option, I’m nowhere ready for a puppy in the house!

If it really comes down to that…better be an Andresahöhe


Danke Andy und Jacky für alle meine wunderbare Boxer Mädchen.






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