I love November! It’s the best month of the year! What’s not to like? The weather is cold, (no insufferable heat) flying leaves all around (I’m a pro at chasing them), and agility is at its peak season.

The winds and the coolness are amazing energy boosters. I perform like a champion!


We take long fun walks through the woods…


…in open fields, endless walks. Never to worry about the warmth. Yes November is the best.

The fun is not only about flying leaves and great agility, there’s more, much more!


Maddie came to visit us, Dennis’s daughter, she lives in California. We were all so happy to have her here, especially me!

I took up my usual spot at her feet, just to make sure I got enough attention. I need to make the most out of every minute with her.


I hear that in California dogs are very friendly, they all play together. There is this one beach full of happy dogs, one big party, every single day.

Of course, it’s California, easy going is the motto, just like Dennis. Not like the dog population over here, all stiff and angry looking.


Me? Oh no, I’m the sweetest and gentlest Boxer girl ever…what? The incident with Simba? That was a minor little clash not worth mentioning.

Thing is, he’s all smug just because Corinne’s taking care of him (why is that?). He’s huge, and he didn’t even care, (about my tiny teeny outburst), just looked at me with those superior eyes.

Much ado about nothing!

Anyway, a beach in California? I could handle that easy!


Veronica thinks Maddie was especially eager to see Baby L…preposterous! Just because she’s new? She came for me, and probably Dennis…and the others, and well ok Baby L.

(Why does she have to be so damn cute??) I still find she gets way too much attention. I’ll talk about that problem in a later post.


The importance here is how much fun I had with Maddie. we cuddled all the time.


She took me on a fun excursion to a small French town. I met this little fellow ha ha…NO I did not think it was a real dog.

And don’t you guys listen to Veronica, she’s delusional! (I did NOT think it was a live Pug!!)


Sadly one day Maddie had to go home. I was very upset and sulked for a long time. Perhaps I will travel there, run on that beach, yeah, I might just do that!


With November comes fun time at Uncle Bradley’s.

Every year they take a little vacation, this time to a place called “Venice” a city without roads and cars, only canals with boats, can you imagine that? I ask you, crazy!

Whatever, what do I care, I’m busy with my Leonberg friend Azram.


Who says November means Thanksgiving! A great holiday, this year there were just the three of us.

I strategically placed myself close to Dennis, no point trying with Veronica, she’s a lost cause.


Come to think of it, Veronica goes on and on about sharing “In this family we share”. Whenever Indya’s around she has free access to all my toys, well most of them.

Veronica should think this one over: If she talks the talk, she should walk the walk!!


Dennis loves Thanksgiving leftovers. If I handle myself well, and not too pushy, he will share, of course he will.

Even if he tells me, “No Felicia, not for you” he still shares, he’s such a softie when it comes to food.

IMG_4019 2

To end this perfect November Zelda came over to see me. She doesn’t come around  very often since she works a lot.


She’s a TV journalist and talks about stuff like Opera, music, cinema.

IMG_4158 2

I’ve even seen her show. Here’s a suggestion though, just one word: dogs!! Off the top of my head; Boxers, perhaps me and even Indya. Yes people would love it.

She could invite my Eva, she just wrote a book. And don’t worry about more ideas, I have plenty!!


November is the best! Bring on December and Santa and..oh oh…yeah Santa…hmmmm…

Let’s not spoil this beautiful day by the lake. I’ll think about that tomorrow, and I could so be playing with loads of dogs on a beach in California!


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