Stockholm Stories


Every year, just before Christmas, Veronica travels to Stockholm. To enjoy “the Swedish Christmas spirit” so she says…as if the one we have here is not enough.

The whole house is a frigging Christmas zoo. Huge tree, decorations, candles and the endless music!


I usually don’t mind, as I’m at Uncle Bradley’s having fun.

This year, however I did mind. You see it was a Christmas/Dog week in Stockholm. Emphasis on DOG. Veronica visited her friend Yvonne (owner of three Boxers), a huge dog show, and met Eva! MY Eva. The unfairness of it!

Once back home she was full of Stockholm stories, and couldn’t stop talking.

“Yvonne’s amazing Boxers”, “Best dog show ever”,  “Eva this, Eva that.:” etc etc To anyone interested…or not!


Yvonne and her husband live in a house outside the city, just by a forest. (Lucky dogs) They have owned 11 Boxers! (Yes 11!!)

She was greeted by the 12 year old, the very happy Mojo.


Engelaiz Testarossa or “Havannah”, Introduce De Luxe or “Lux” (their daughter) and Engelaiz Mastercard or “Mojo”. Veronica was in awe, “They’re beautiful”, “So well behaved”, “I Can’t believe Mojo is 12”.

I’m NOT jealous, I just don’t see what the fuss is all about, they’re just Boxers…Well..hmm… perhaps just a little jealous, like 10% jealous or maybe 30%…or…ok, ok, I’m very jealous! There you go!


Veronica even took a video of their “quick down”. (Pfff show off. Easy, I can do that too!)

Folks, I need to stop putting my head in the sand and face the truth: these Boxers are beautiful. Reminding me of my Lego. (It’s still ok to be a little, little jealous)


Havannah had to wear a special collar since her eye was a little sick. She’s very brave.

Yvonne has rules too, no dogs in the kitchen when there’s a visitor. Supposedly Boxers can get somewhat wild. Always the same story. Guys, I feel for you.

“Felicia stay on your mat and don’t annoy the guests”

Rules, that’s probably why Veronica and Yvonne get along so well.


Havannah loves to cuddle on the chair. Interesting, a new perspective, I need to try that.

They’re friendly with all dogs.Well Havannah can be a little opinionated at times, she’s got Spanish blood.

I get that. I have Italian blood, and sometimes it’s VERY hard to stay zen. Especially with all those provoking rascals out there. BTW Havannah, that trick with the chair, cool!


The huge dog show, took place over two days. Loads of dogs, all sorts of breeds. And many activities. Like “Weight Pulling”.


Heelwork with music


Rally Obedience


Agility and many more.

See, that could be me running through the slalom. I could so be part of that dog show!


Eva had her own corner where she was signing her new Book, about Will-Ja. (She must be a super interesting dog having her own book and all)

I do hope Veronica bragged about what a good girl I’ve been. Yes Eva, I’m pretty laid back now during dog encounters (well most of the time).

All thanks to your wise words and showing Veronica how it’s done!!


Will-Ja surveyed the situation from higher grounds, making sure all visitors bought her book.

She’s a very sweet, energetic and fun Labrador. “They’re a perfect match” says Veronica.

Eva, please come back here. Veronica is in need of some serious guidance, and don’t get me started on little Leon.


The next day was the Boxer day. Veronica spent it with Yvonne by the Boxer ring, getting all the inside stories. Here were all the beautiful Nordic Boxers.


Nothing escaped the vigilant eyes of the Judge.


Look at her, that could be me, yeah!


Best of Breed. The winner is: Engelaiz Xpectation or “Sally”. She’s Havannah’s sister.


Exhibitions are overrated and no fun. I know all about them. Andy showed me: “Felicia von der Andreashöhe, Zwischenklasse, Vorzüglich 1”

And what’s with the whole “run around the ring for no reason” part? Stupid! I refused, (Seriously, what’s the point?) so the Judge didn’t award me with a CAC…silly!

Tell you, no fun!

IMG_4873 2.jpg

Now this surprise made up for all my gloom: I got a gift! Yes, Yvonne, Mojo, Havannah and Lux gave me a gift!


Let’s open this bad boy




a Swedish kong, and treats!! These guys sure know how to cheer up a troubled Boxer girl.


Perfect for our Tug of war games with Dennis. I always win!


So what do I care about, exhibitions and famous Boxers, I have a Swedish toy.

YH, just to be clear, you’re welcome here any time! With your three Boxers, yes I promise to make a huge effort so they feel welcome. (Or welcome enough, it’s my home after all)


Thank you Yvonne for many useful Boxer tips, for being my guide in the Swedish Boxer world and spoiling my Felicia 



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