Holiday Frenzy


It’s that time of the year. We all know by now that our house is a “Xmas crazy zone.” We should even have a sign “Beware of excessive decoration.”

There is only one person responsible: Veronica (aka Crazy Christmas Lady, CCL in short).

She not only decorates, but spends hours indulging in the Christmas atmosphere,  which consists of watching cheesy romantic Holiday movies with tearful eyes.

What’s with the crying? All the time, even with Disney movies! ZC is just the same, must be a family gene or something.


You take one look at the tree and you get the whole picture: C’mon, nobody in their right mind buys such a huge tree!!!

They even had to cut off a large chunk (incidentally making ZC happy, a tree for free).

Now listen to this most astonishing fact: Dennis chose this tree!! Poor guy, did Veronica (aka CCL) put a special Holiday spell on him?


December started with a wonderful surprise: I got my own personal Christmas calendar. It’s a gift from VT, Gilda and Klooney. My very first Calendar!


Every day I open a door containing a cookie. You’d think I got to eat it straight away…

No, no, no… Veronica told me I should “deserve” them. Only completing a chore allows me to eat MY cookie. Twirl, crawl, jump… etc.


I’m a little worried about Santa, will he remember me? I’ve been a very good girl. Much better then last year… well ok, good enough.

There were a few embarrassing incidents. You already know about the Simba affair“. As a matter of fact anything questionable happening at Corinne’s shouldn’t count.

Does Santa even know about those? Bet you he can’t even spot the “Culprit” among all the dogs, not that I have anything to hide…or not much.


I did empty the paper waistbasket once or twice or perhaps a little more


Recently there was Baby L’s new harness matter (I had NO idea it was hers). It was just lying around on the table begging: “Play with me”. Anyway, it’s only partially damaged.

Why on earth does she need a harness in the first place? Can’t she sit still like any other sensible person??


The D day’s finally here. Christmas! They take me for an early walk, so I can “run off all excessive energy”.


I decide to guard the gifts. One never knows if a rogue Elf comes along to steal a present or two.


Yeah, this is “Santa’s special Boxer Unit”, SSBU. (Sounds so cool). Hear that Guys, anybody in need of a holiday guard? Felicia, Special Agent of “SSBU” at your service.

I can totally be a Special Badass Agent!


The family finally arrives and here’s a surprise, ZC puts on the Santa hat. The one that authorises the person wearing it to distribute the gifts. Does she have a contract with Santa?

It’s usually NC’s job, has he resigned? What’s his problem? Thank god we’re a large family, imagine this, nobody to wear the hat!! What a catastrophe!


On second thought, this is not a bad idea, NC’s free to cuddle with me. Both Indya and I are in a happy festive mood.

We vividly express our joy.


Said joy is clearly not appreciated by some annoying family members (The CCL for one) and we’re sent out in the hall to get our act together.

(Mojo, Havannah and Lux, see what I have to indure)


I can still see and hear what’s going on and guess who get’s all the gifts?? Baby L!! Can you believe that! She’s the tiniest and gets SO many gifts.

Why does everything have to be so special about her? Special harness, special gifts, special stroller…I know she’s cute and all but enough already. (FYI Indya is with me on this one)


Gifts are unwrapped, everyone’s happy and smiling, it’s time to go home. Baby L needs to sleep. (Yes, her again)


Veronica decided it’s better for me to open my gifts the next day. “Then you can enjoy them calmly”. Yeah, yeah, let the Boxer girl wait another day!


I got four gifts! Special delicious treats and a mysterious parcel


that I attack without further ado.


Ha, a squeaky toy! Can’t believe Santa took such a risky initiative, Veronica hates those squeaks. Oh I can’t wait to squeak my way through the house.

IMG_0106 2.jpg

We have a small New Years Eve, just the three of us. But rest assured, we party! Trust the CCL not to let any holiday event go by quietly.

Magic sparklers (I love those), special treats, music and fun. Until wee hours.


Partying comes with a price, a rather annoying hang over. Oh not for Veronica, (what’s wrong with her). She’s up at cockcrow, by the tree, candles lit, watching those ridiculous  holiday movies.

The normal part of the family, that is Dennis and I, enjoy a well deserved rest sleeping late, very late.

Happy New Year to all of you!


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