I can be the perfect Boxer, yes I can. I know what you’re thinking. What about “The Unfortunate Incidents”?

I hear you, but those were minor isolated events. I will show you just what a model of self-restraint and obedience I am.

Veronica doesn’t underline it enough. Would it kill her to brag about my outstanding behaviour once or twice? No, it’s all about a few tiny misunderstandings, such as the cleaning mop. Honestly, very unfair.

I’ll let you judge for yourself.


When Veronica opens the car I NEVER jump out. No, I know I have to wait until she gives me permission.


During our walks I sit at her side, waiting for the signal “spring” (run), to take off and explore.


I don’t chase the swans, Veronica has told me they’re beautiful and need to be respected.

This has nothing to do with the fact that they’re big birds, and they stare at me. I just like to obey, and admire them…at a distance.


I’m the perfect travel companion, quietly lying on my blanket in the train, minding my own business…


…or in the Bus. I’m not stressed by passengers all around, quite the contrary.


Airports are the best, mainly because it means the loved one is coming home, usually Veronica. See how perfectly I’m waiting.

BTW she travels WAY too much!

Mostly to Stockholm, apparently there is always some “Wonderful Opera” she has to see. Do you know that on this last trip she went to the same performance twice!  Can you believe that?

Ridiculous, and Dennis is with me on that one.


Look at that gorgeous Boxer dog in the restaurant, that’s Felicia von der Andreashöhe. Not bothering the waiters. Once Dennis even shared his taco with me.

He’s the best! (This particular taco experience occurred during Veronica’s last trip…I get the feeling she might have objected had she been around.)

We have our own little secrets.


On a related subject, I never beg for food! Oh no, I just lie by Dennis’s side, (nothing to do with the Taco incident). Emphasis: no begging!


I never pull on the leash! FYI, if I sometimes wear a harness it’s only because I have a very sensitive neck and I cough easily, not because I pull!

Veronica tells everyone I wear it “Just in case of an unexpected encounter” (Don’t know what she means by that?)


Out shopping I wait patiently in the store. Even if that bed is very inviting and looks super comfy I stay put. (I should know, it’s SOCIETY bedding.)


When Veronica tries on clothes I wait…and wait. We all know this can take quite some time.


At Dr L’s office I lie on the table calm and zen. I don’t mind at all, I love Dr L, he’s sweet and gentle and gives me wonderful treats.

There are rumours circulating that he’s leaving for a year!! To California. Apparently there is some super Veterinarian Professor there he wants to study with. So suddenly he’s not good enough??

That better not be true. First I DON’T AGREE, secondly what if I get sick?? Has he given that a thought? We’re going there on Tuesday, I’ll give him a piece of my mind!!


Veronica loves to take my picture. Duh, I’m gorgeous! So I sit perfectly still until she gets the ideal shot.


Even in less comfortable situations. To tell the truth, I enjoy these photo sessions very much. I’m a star, also, I’m generously rewarded, needless to say.

It’s actually one of my best attributes, modelling. I’ve said this before people: here you have the perfect dog for any kind of publicity. Bring it on! I’m not picky.


I never jump on house guests. Boxers do that sometimes, so I hear. I gently climb up (very different) to say hello, and only if the guest is a dog lover.

Speaking of which, this is Ann, Veronica’s Opera friend, the one with Felix the gorgeous big poodle.


So, what do you say? Perfect Boxer or what?? And I haven’t even shared all my obedience tricks. What’s that? If there’s another dog around?

Ok, listen guys, apples and oranges here. We are not talking about the eventuality of another dog in the vicinity! Totally out of context!! Focus please!

I’m the perfect Boxer! Basta!



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