Veronica loves me. I mean, what’s not to love? I’m gorgeous, funny, inventive and most importantly: I’m a Boxer!

“Boxers are a handful”, so Veronica says. That’s just pure nonsense. If you have read my stories you already know what a delightful dog I am.

Boxers are just…let’s say, Yin and Yang.

Today we’ll focus on the Yin!


Boxers love to play…all the time…and I mean, ALL THE TIME! (BTW: please admire that elegant jump, to catch the bubble?)


Boxers can play with just about anything. No need for special toys. We don’t even require a companion. We can have fun all by ourselves for a long, very long time.


Boxers are playful all their life. My Lego, aged 11, still jumping in the waves.

IMG_0669 2.jpgBoxers stay young at heart. Veronica likes to say: “Having a Boxer is like having a three year old…that’s it”.

In other words; a Boxer will never evolve, reach maturity or grow into “a slightly boring, old and wise dog”.


Boxers are affectionate with family and friends.

IMG_8895 2

Very affectionate


Very, very affectionate…(even when someone is not really in the mood and is trying to nap.)


Overwhelmingly affectionate. Here I am with my sister Flay and Andy. We both felt he absolutely needed a huge hug and a few kisses too.


Boxers sleep a lot. And when I say a lot, it is A LOT!!! Early nights…


…late mornings.


and many, MANY, naps.


Of course we sleep, we live intensely. When active, we’re VERY ACTIVE. Boxers are powerful and muscular dogs, it’s a known fact that all athletes need their rest.

(Side note; I have very large muscles, even Dr L says so.)


Boxers know how to  express their most inner feelings or mood. One simple look and you know exactly what’s going on:

“Where the heck is my food, I want it NOW!”


“I feel a little depressed today, I think I need some treats, or at least a big hug. A nap on the sofa, might highly improve my emotional state.”


“Love me”

Boxers want EVERYBODY to love them, even those who prefer cats or cows. Just the thought of someone not loving us seems preposterous.


“You’ve got to be kidding”. (Sometimes Veronica has the most ridiculous ideas, like a dog swim)


“I’m innocent, I don’t know what you’re talking about” (That look has come in handy more then once).


“Stop calling. I don’t want to go on any frigging walk, can’t you see I’m sleeping!”

In other words, you have a “talking” dog.


Boxers are great working dogs. They’re up for just about any activity. For instance Obedience.


Agility, and many more.

Boxers love to preform as long as we get appropriate rewards, like succulent treats. (And don’t try to give us any of that boring dry stuff!)


Or our favourite Tug of War game.


Boxer’s are loyal dogs. Me, I’m the happiest when Veronica is around. Doesn’t matter what we’re doing as long as I’m with her. True love.

Unconditional love.

Next episode: Boxer Yang.

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