“Boxers are a handful”, remember? That’s Veronica opinion. My deepest sense of honesty forces me to partially agree with her.

After Boxer Yin and Yang: Par One, today I will share a few, let’s say, “different” aspects of a Boxer’s personality: Part Two: Yang

IMG_1448 2.jpg

Boxers are guard dogs. I even have a special sign on our gate. Can you see the attentive Boxer in the corner?

That’s me! Always ready to defend my territory from suspicious looking creatures.


When someone is walking up our street I get ready to leap into action with a dissuasive attitude. It might be that insufferable little “Full of himself Jack Russell”.

Veronica has this STUPID rule, I’m ONLY allowed to bark twice. Can you believe that? (Supposedly it disturbs the neighbourhood, more like disturbs her!!)

I’ve said this before: she has no idea what’s at stake here!! Our security…and my pride.


There’s even an official letter, that Veronica received, attesting to my amazing guard aptitudes, from our Electrical company,

It’s for a new installation. See that Boxer in the pic? Felicia von der Andreashöhe the badass guard dog!

I saw a suspicious looking man taking pictures of OUR house!! The nerve of him!!  (Ok I had no idea he was there for official reasons. It could have been burglers.)


Boxers can get a little…overenthusiastic… Especially when loved ones come home. Beware of excessive jumping!


Boxers don’t understand their strength. Happy Boxers are just so VERY, VERY happy!


Boxers are creative and inventive in their games. Some optimistic owners might think “Oh, it’ll pass, she’s just a pup”

I’ve got news for you: IT NEVER GOES AWAY!! Boxers never “Grow out” of ANYTHING!! (see The Unfortunate Incident(s)  and The Dog Bed Confession)


Boxers can suddenly leap out unexpectedly, without any warning, taking the leash holder totally by surprise.


There might be a fly, a bird, an annoying dog…well just about anything. And, again, THEY NEVER GROW OUT OF IT!

Veronica’s very well educated first Boxer, Ficelle age 9, nearly made her fall when trying to catch a flying leaf.

Remember, Boxers are very powerful and muscular dogs.

IMG_1545 2.jpg

If the word “comfort” had not existed, a Boxer would have invented it. Boxers need very soft, comfortable beds.

I have tested quite a few, I’m a Cloud7 fan.


Usually, with time, the Boxer finds ways to upgrade sleeping arrangements.


To the ultimate nirvana: the bed.

You might think “How is this possible”? Trust me, Boxers always know how to get just what they want.


Boxers don’t like the heat. Because of our flat noses we suffer and need to spend the day in the coolest place possible.


Unfortunately Boxers sometimes have health problems. Like little sweet Yuna, she had to leave for fairyland at only four years old. She was MC’s dog.


Boxers should not be left alone for long hours. They get depressed and sometimes stress. I hate it when I’m alone at home.

Boxers need to be with their family.


Boxers are working dogs and obey really well…until they don’t. You can never count on a Boxer actually doing what’s asked for.

There could be more interesting venues, and they become suddenly very deaf.


Boxers easily get distracted when presumedly in “working mode”. A newcomer, a noise or by passer and all thoughts of where they are and what they’re supposed to do is forgotten.

There is just so much interesting stuff going on all over the place.


Then there is, of course, the possibility that the Boxer doesn’t feel like working…at all!


Boxers can sometimes be a little “grumpy” with other dogs.

Rightfully so! You should  see some of these guys, so full of themselves with their superior looks. “Look at me, little flat-nose-chubby-one; I’m slender, I have a long gracious nose”

I just have to give them a piece of my mind.


Obviously “giving them a piece of my mind” is not a Veronica approved attitude. Of course she had to blab to Eva…pffff  (Eva Bodfäldt)

After their cosy little talk, there were some changes made. Veronica now distracts me, during dog encounters, with manipulative talk, and yummy chicken…

“Look Felicia at that dog, wow, amazing ears, and look at that tail. He’s very handsome”


During our lessons I’m positioned behind Veronica, getting treats when I’m calm.

Eva, a word: The chicken, the treats, good, the manipulative talk…eh… I can pass. AND I’m nearly always a good girl now. (Good enough anyway).


Eva says “To own a Boxer you need to have a great sense of humour”. I think that’s the secret of being the perfect Boxer owner.


Regardless of what I do, or do not do. Veronica loves me just the way I am.

Well yes, I’m a Boxer!

Authors note: 

There have been 11 Boxers in the family, Felicia is my number four. Boxers are intensive, funny, exhausting and by no account boring. There’s never a dull moment with a Boxer in the house.

My thanks go to all my dog specialists: My sister SPS, Eva Bodfäldt, Corinne Chuit, and Yvonne, a Boxer expert, and trainer who has owned 11 Boxers herself. 

To you all, thanks for helping me become a good enough Boxer owner.






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