I am feeling very depressed at the moment.

I just got back from the Veterinarian/Orthopaedic/Surgeon, Dr B: I have a partially torn ligament in my rear knee.

Next week I’m getting surgery…SURGERY!! I mean that’s cutting up my leg….and the convalescence is supposed to be very long.


I’ve not really understood exactly how things are going to be. I don’t care if you think I’m a wimp, but I’m really scared.

I don’t even know what happened? Yes, I’ve been limping off and on for some time. but honestly I thought it was nothing. Well, it just goes to show!


Why do all my problems occur when my favorite Dr L is abroad? I ask you! First the eye, now the knee. The unfairness of it. I’ll give him a piece of my mind as soon a he’s back.

I know, I know, Dr B is a top skilled surgeon, but still. Dr L should be here to comfort me.


Veronica is worried, to say the least. Freaking out is more like it. Apparently her first Boxer, Ficelle, went through the same ordeal. (In that case shouldn’t she be more zen?)

She’s very sad and keeps on texting all the details to her dog friends and of course, her sister, SPS. (The Veterinarian behaviourist) . “They’d want to be informed” so she says.

Too much information?


She even called YH, her Swedish Boxer friend, the one that has owned 11 Boxers. “Just brainstorming” She told Dennis. Yeah sure…more like “unload my stress” kind of thing.

Here YH is with Lux, her youngest Boxer.


Meanwhile I have to stay on the leash at all times. Only slow walks. I must not weaken my leg even more, so they say.


To keep me busy Veronica spreads out my food all over the house.


She hides goodies in boxes for me to search for.


But a big, active Boxer girl like me needs more, much more…and I distract myself best I can.

Incidentally I had no idea these were slippers, let alone Veronica’s. (FYI I did not even chew them.)

Veronica hardly reacted, that’s to say how upset she is by my current condition.


What made the time until the surgery easier were the Stockholm guests. This is Ulrika, she is Veronica’s super close friend and she loves me.

I can cuddle with her all the time, she never sends me away. Also, she’s feeling very sorry for me.


Hedda’s even more cuddly, if that’s even possible. She spent hours with me, talking to me.

“Don’t worry Felicia, all will be fine” I love Hedda she’s the best. This is my favourite thing: being the center of attention!

I only wish it was for something brave like rescuing a puppy or chasing away a burglar! “Felicia, the brave Boxer, saves the day”.

A Boxer girl is allowed to dream! Like there’s a rule?


The Stockholm friends are a dog family. They own an adorable (so Veronica thinks) Schapendoes girl.

Veronica tells me we’d be great friends. Not so sure about that. I will express an opinion when, and only when, we’ve been properly introduced.

I might, or might not like her.


Tomorrow is the big day.

Veronica tells me I couldn’t be in better hands then with Dr B. Easy for her to say, she’s not the one getting her knee cut up!

I’m very nervous and worried. Will I be able to run again? To play with Inook? To go on long walks in the woods?


Guys, has anyone of you ever had that procedure? The torn ligament? Did you survive? Did it hurt? Can you run again?

Please share your experience with me.

“Felicia, the brave Boxer girl, facing surgery”. (At least that sounds like I’m brave, which I’m not…at all…but shhh lets keep that that our little secret)




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