The Homebound Birthday


Today is my Birthday, I’m the Birthday Girl and I’m not happy. Why? You ask why? Didn’t you read my recent story??!!

I’ve had surgery! Remember? I cannot run, hardly even leave my home, what with the restricted 10 minutes walks.

(FYI I will tell you all about that ordeal when it’s over, in later story)

IMG_6605 2

Usually Veronica and Dennis have special plans for me. Last year we went up to this beautiful lake.

What fun can there be with a handicapped dog??? I ask you??? Probably nothing! They might even ignore my birthday.


I needn’t worry. In Veronica’s world, celebrations are NEVER ignored! (For better and for worse.)

“Happy Birthday my Felicia. Today will be a quiet but fun day. No less”.


“This year I ordered a special gift for you. I know you’ll love”.

What’s this? Cloud7? Wow, it’s a huge box. What can be inside?


I wonder…hmmm….


Is this what I think it is??? It’s “The Dog Bed Siesta Teddy”??!! WOW!


OMG is this comfy…so soft…I love it!! I know Veronica has been talking about this one but decided against yet another bed. Supposedly I have too many, so she says.

Here is why this statement is totally false:

1. Bed in the entrance

2. Bed upstairs

3. Dog mat next to Veronica’s computer

4. Bed in the living room

See, they all fill their purpose. (Also there is a slot open in the bedroom!) There are comfortable sofas and chairs all over the house for the humans. I should be subject to the same grade of dog comfort!

Incidentally, if I have too many beds, what about Veronica’s handbags??? Yeah, yeah, she can talk the talk but not walk the walk!!


I think she ordered it because of my surgery, she’s feeling sorry for me. Not only did she buy the bed but also two soft fleece blankets.


It’s time to brace myself for “The Talk”, the “Now you’re six years old so please start acting your age” talk. (It’s kind of a thing, “The Birthday talk”.)

I always adopt a neutral expression, pretending to listen but thinking “Bla, bla, bla whatever. I’ll act as I find befitting!)

But there’s no talk!! I can’t believe this!! NO TALK! What’s going on here?

Ok, it’s official, she’s feeling VERY sorry for me. (I suddenly see many more advantages ahead)


Sadly she did not skip the Birthday picture!! (Feeling sorry clearly has its limits).

“Felicia let’s take the Birthday picture”. Has she ever asked herself what I want? Do I want to ridicule myself with a red Bow? Duh, NO!

But as I already pointed out…many, many times over; Veronica is a tad Bossy…(remember the sign her friend gave her?) In her defence though, I get generously rewarded.

“Look at her, she’s so cute”… (Pathetic is more the word) She keeps the bow in a special drawer. (Probably to make sure nobody throws it away!)


This is the fun part, my cake and my gift. And of course the candles (Totally unnecessary in my opinion, but they make Veronica happy.)

“Dennis, it’s a Birthday and there should always be candles” she told him when he tried to object. (Here again we see that “sympathetic” character trait.)

The cake looks delicious! The gift is actually from Cloud7, they must surely know I had surgery and want to spoil me. (As I should be, what with my sad condition)


The cake is DELICIOUS! Very yummy. I gulp it down real quick. Dennis was so shocked at the rapidity of the whole business.

“Did you see that?? OMG She swallowed the whole piece! Felicia this is a Swiss Bio Burger, you need to savour it”

It’s MY Birthday I can savour the cake anyway I like


Let’s deal with the gift.


I love wrapping paper. And I love gifts.


A cloth bone. Cool! Thank you Cloud7, you know how to make a Boxer girl happy.


Ok, I need to rest, this was tiring. (No, it’s not because I ate too fast!)


As a Birthday activity for a convalescent Boxer, Veronica organised a “treasure hunt” in the living room.

I.e. She has hidden candy all over the place.

Due to my condition, I have to search very slowly, as not to harm my leg.


I’m so tired! Who would think a simple “Stay at home Birthday” could be this exhausting.

“The brave, convalescent Boxer Felicia, needs rest after her many, challenging, Birthday activities.”


Thank you Cloud7 team for sending a gift Bone to my Birthday Boxer, Felicia.









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