Today is Mother’s Day! Let’s take a closer look on the many aspects of Motherhood.


This is my beautiful Mother, Ondra von Der Hansjakobstadt.


She won many prizes at numerous exhibitions. Here she is 10 months old. She was a wonderful Mom to many puppies.

Veronica fell in love with her the first time she saw her, at 18 months, and decided she wanted one of her pups.

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Here, she’d just won the great title, BOB (Best of Breed) in an exhibition. Andy and Jacky were very proud.

I think she’s gorgeous.


I was part of her last litter. The plan was for her to enjoy life with Andy, Jacky and all their Boxers in their beautiful home

Destiny decided otherwise. When I was 8 weeks old, Andy found a little Bump. He called it a Mammary Tumor.

A few weeks later Ondra had to leave for Fairyland, she was only 6 years old. She gave all her last energy and strength to her babies before saying farewell.


My wonderful Surrogate Mom Lego.


Last but not least, my “Person Mom”, Veronica.


A Mother…


A Mother tends to her Baby’s every need.


A Mother keeps her Baby close, protected from all danger.


A Mother overlooks and forgives the odd little incident…


…again and again.


A Mother provides fun toys and doesn’t yell at you when you loose them.


A Mother understands that some things are very scary, like swimming in deep water.


A Mother takes you on fun adventures, far away.


A Mother organises playdates with your best friends.


A Mother proudly accompanies you to sporting events. Always thinking you’re the best and clearly the most talented.


A Mother may say the most irritating things in front of your friends and makes you feel utterly embarrassed.


A Mother provides you with a good, basic education


she understands that sometimes it’s difficult to perform…


…even very difficult. A Mother just smiles and says that you’re probably very tired.


A Mother constantly worries about your wellbeing. Your health as well as your happiness

She will comfort you when you fell sad.


A Mother serves your favourite dinner.


A Mother understands that sometimes you feel grumpy…very grumpy.


A Mother invites your BFF for a sleepover and doesn’t get upset when you’re tired because you played all night.


A Mother comforts and looks after you when you’re ill and feeling miserable.


Most of all, A Mother loves you, like nobody else. Unconditional love.


Today is Mother’s Day. A Mother might, at times, drive you crazy, embarrass you, overprotect you, and fuss for just about anything.

Remember, it’s because she loves you so much and only want’s your best. (Incidentally she often knows what’s the best for you. Yes she does!)

Be indulgent and give her a big hug.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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