The other night, as I returned to my sleeping quarters, I sensed a weird vibration: A suitcase in Veronica’s walk in closet!! OMG is she travelling again??? Now?

Thing is, I had a minor setback. I started limping…on a Sunday. Veronica went ballistic. She was absolutely sure it was the meniscus.

She even texted Dr F (My Physiotherapist)…ON A SUNDAY! (How embarrassing is that!!) Poor guy, having to deal with her hysterical outbreak…on his free time!


Next day, at 7.30 AM (YES!!) she called Dr B (The cool surgeon) and at 2 pm we were in his office. “Is it the meniscus??” She was in the verge of tears. (Honestly, get a grip!)

Dr B, very zen, (Probably used to neurotic patients) gave me anti inflammatory medication, told Veronica not to stress, go back to slow walks on a leash for 3 weeks.


So here I am, deprived of my newly acquired freedom. That’s the time Veronica chooses to go to Stockholm. Supposedly there’s some important meeting in her building.

P L E A S E! I happen to know that’s only half the story, she’s going to meet her Boxer friends and what’s more, Eva!! MY EVA!! (Eva Bodfäldt)

The nerve of her. Leaving her darling, injured Boxer girl (I know, I’m with Dennis but still!) to go and have fun…with other dogs!!


Once back, we’ll have to endure endless Swedish dog stories. She’ll go on and on and on….Honestly, tell the story once…to people who actually ask for it.

The whole family agrees! (As do her friends!)


She met, of course, Yvonne and her beautiful Lux and the old gentleman Mojo.


Lux greets Veronica as Boxers do, happily and energetically! Can you believe Mojo is 14 years old! He’s a real gentleman and sweet with everyone.

Very sadly, a few weeks later, Mojo had to leave for Fairyland. Yvonne was devastated. Don’t worry, he’s with my Lego now, she’ll look after him.


Then there was a long awaited visit to their friend Monica with her adorable Bubblan.


Bubblan is a very energetic young lady. Full of pep. Veronica thinks she’s super smart. (What does that mean? Like I’m stupid or something??)

IMG_9458 2.jpg

Bubblan is allowed up on ALL THE FURNITURE!! Why…WHY, doesn’t Veronica let me sleep on the “Svensk Tenn” sofas?!

Bubblan is SO lucky!


Monica loves to bake, there were Swedish buns and a cake. Veronica described the food at a length! Even Bubblan got a small bite..


Monica lives in a beautiful neighbourhood. Look how happy Bubblan is with her stick. (FYI: I can run with a stick too!)


There was a very long “Boxer/jumping/climbing/kissing” goodbye. Yes, us Boxers are masters in that area.


After a day of fun, Bubblan was wiped out!

Monica, a word: Can you please talk some sense into Veronica? Just mention the Svenskt Tenn sofas and Kanelbullar!


Veronica spent a whole day with Eva and her two dogs. Will-Ja and the newcomer, little Tesla (The one with the cute ears) just one year old.


Eva lives close to this lovely café where even dogs are welcome.


There’s a large wood, perfect for long walks.

Incidentally, I’m SO jealous of the Swedish forests. Look how much space there is to run and have fun!

Here, where I live, it’s more like “a bunch of trees hanging out”.


Eva trained her dogs to search for the ball, far away. Look at them, focused, waiting for the order. (No monkey business here!)


Very softly, Eva calls “Will-Ja” and she speeds off. Tesla stays put, she knows her turn will come next.


They’re happy and doing a great job. Eva rewards Will-Ja, and Tesla. (Of course! Not easy to sit still when your BFF’s out on a mission).

Veronica told me I should take a leaf out of their book…yeah, like I’m going to compare myself to those dogs! What a joke! I mean these are Eva’s dogs!! THE Eva.


Will-Ja is a very original Labrador, she even climbs trees! Follow the trail, that’s her motto.

That dog has nose of a Bloodhound, a will of her own, and heart of gold!


Will-Ja and Tesla have a Cloud7 Bed, just like me!! As it happens, I’m sure Eva got inspired seeing mine. What can I say, I’m an Influencer!


I love this pic, look how cosy they are, the three of them. That’s what I call a happy dog family.

Eva is a zen dog owner. (Veronica should take a leaf out of her book! Oh yeah!)

BTW, Eva, can you come here again? Veronica needs your help! Me? No…I’m perfect, well, close enough!


Shortly after that visit, Tesla got a second price in this big competition.

184 dogs and Tesla came second! Bravo Tesla! She’ll probably be one of those super champions, full of medals and stuff!

I’m not jealous. I have other attributes, off the top of my head; Guard dog duties. It’s a common fact that Boxer’s are great at keeping burglers out.

(Don’t you listen to Dennis’s false rumours that I’m a wimp!)


Yvonne got me a surprise!


Wow! Yvonne, thanks! We haven’t been properly introduced. I know you read my stories and always have my back. You clearly understand my complex personality.

Please come and visit. You’ll see, I’m a lovable Boxer girl!

Oh, and Veronica got me the green collar. (Like that’s going to make up for abandoning her little F!)


Why can’t I travel to Sweden? Run in the forests, play with fun dogs.

What? Me, snippy? I  beg do differ. I can play with, well, some dogs…if they’re nice, and not full of themselves.

Yes, I can be charming, just ask Eva.



 From Eva: “Oh Felicia! I don`t know what to say! It seems like Veronica doesn’t pay much attention concerning your life. All these trips to Sweden? Just between the two of us: I have told her to invite me a couple of times. Do you know what she replies? – That would’ve been lovely. I think she’s jealous of yours and mine close relationship. Don’t ya think…?

With all my love!


 From Yvonne: “Felicia, vi läser alltid din blogg med glädje och jag önskar verkligen att Veronica tar med dig någon gång till Sverige. När Veronica hälsade på hos oss första gången fanns Havannah
Mojo och Lux och välkomnade med hopp skutt och pussar. Lux är nu ensamhund för första gången i sitt liv och kanske kanske ska hon få ett syskon, men det dröjer nog ett tag….. Så roligt när din matte kommer till Sverige och hon berättar alltid så mycket om dig lilla F, så det känns nästan som vi känner dig ganska väl utan att ens sett dig. Vi bilar ibland i Europa och vem vet, vore så skoj att hälsa på och träffa dig lilla F i verkligheten. Men fortsätt blogga lilla F så vi får höra allt om dig det är så kul! ❤️ Och hoppas att din rehab går bra och att du snart får springa igen! Nospussar i massor! ❤️”


From Monica: “Lilla F, det känns som jag känner dig, trots att vi aldrig träffats, genom att jag följer din blogg där jag får ta del av dina tankar och det som händer i ditt liv, både stort och smått. När jag har träffat Veronica så har hon berättat om hur duktig du är och hur kul du tycker det är att få nya roliga uppgifter att lösa.
Och du är minst lika duktig som Bubblan, tro inget annat! Och att Bubblan får sova i mina soffor och fåtöljer (och min säng) beror faktiskt endast på att hon inte har lyckan att äga sådana sköna och bekväma hundbäddar som du har! Och för många kanelbullar är inte bra för en Boxer flickas figur, vilket jag har försökt tala om för lilla Bubblan. Fortsätt krya på med din rehab så ska du se att du snart kan få springa igen. Puss på din fina lilla nos, Felicia!❤️




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  1. Oh Felicia!
    I don`t know what to say! It seems like Veronica doesn’t pay much attention concerning your life. All these trips to Sweden? Just between the two of us: I have told her to invite me a couple of times. Do you know what she replies? – That would’ve been lovely. I think she’s jealous of yours and mine close relationship. Don’t ya think…?

    With all my love!


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