I don’t know what to think! We’re having very special guests: Andy and Jacky! (My adorable breeder, von Der Andreashöhe)

Now that’s great and cool and makes me super happy, I love them. Only, there’s a downside: they’re bringing along two of their dogs! You heard me TWO dogs!!

In MY house!


Nando von der Andreashöhe and Mosca von der Andreashöhe. 16 and 17 months old.

Nando is Pretty von Hofmannstal’s son and Mosca is my sister Flay’s grand daughter. I guess that makes her my great niece.

They’re staying in the basement room that is separated from the house with it’s own entrance. But still, in MY house!


They’re here because there is this mega Boxer exhibition. Both dogs are the new generation of the Andreashöhe kennel, along side Pretty and Lavie.


There are many gorgeous dogs. Some are quite “temperamental”.


Especially the big boys. Why do guys have to show off their muscles at all times when in a group? Such a macho attitude, I guess that’s to be expected, male vanity being what it is!

Come to think of it the owners kind of look macho too…The judge, a Woman (!), has to tell them to keep their distance!

Us girls act civilised and calm.


What’s that? Me? C’mon, you can’t seriously compare me to those brutes??!!

I find myself constantly provoked by bad mannered dogs. I’m entitled to reciprocate, everybody agrees on that one!

Anyway, this pic is part of another story so let’s just focus on the subject of the day.


Mosca loves the show. She is standing perfectly still for the judge to see.


It’s a long day that requires patience, for dogs and handlers. Mosca is awarded a “Very good”.

Last exhibition she got an “Excellent”. This judge seemed to favour small thin Boxers, Mosca is a big girl.

Judges are not fair, well that’s what Veronica says.


Nando on the other hand got an “Excellent” (Not the same judge).


He won second place of the young group. Well done Nando

beste weisse Boxer.jpg

The White Boxer champions of the day. Very cute. Here with Ginette Hufschmid, a Swiss Judge and president of the Breeder’s Commission.


There was even a celebrity Boxer, “Full Monty du Val d’Europe”. He’s a super champion of all sorts and got first price in his category “Senior Boxers”.

Val d’Europe won best Breeder group. (On this pic with Full Monty on the no 1 podium) They’re very famous and always win all these medals and have had many champions.


Here you can admire the gorgeous multi champion, “Full Monty du Val d’Europe”


Back home both youngsters have to let off some steam…with MY toys!


I wasn’t allowed out! “Felicia you stay here and rest”. Seriously? Rest from what?? With my rehab program there’s not much to rest from.

Typical! This whole “Guests should be favoured” is a VERY irritating and unfair rule!


They enjoy my toys.


Have their dinner.


And cuddle with Veronica before a foto session. No guest escapes this mandatory activity, whether they like it…or not!


They did get some lovely pics. Even though I’m kind of jealous, I have to admit they are cute.


Well of course, they are an “Andreashöhe” Dennis agrees.


Then, FINALLY, I was allowed out, to say hello to Nando.

Veronica didn’t trust me with Mosca, “You just might snip at her Felicia”. (Come to think of it, I might just do that, stealing my toys and all!)

Sometimes you just have to show these guys, guest or not, who’s the rightful owner. Now I really liked Nando, unfortunately we were not allowed to play. (Damn rehab)!


Time to say goodbye. I love Jacky and Andy, they’re wonderful people and very serious breeders.

They’re aim is beautiful, well balanced and healthy dogs.


One last major cuddle with Andy and off they go.


House guests are exhausting, especially those with dogs!

I couldn’t relax for one second, you never know, they might just sneak into the house. Steal even more toys, or worse, sleep in my beds!

It was wonderful to see Jacky and Andy. What’s more, Veronica told them she’ll wait for another puppy.

Thank god! I’m not really a “Share my family” kind of girl.

Now I can really relax!


Dear Jacky and Andy, you have wonderful Boxers. I hope I will have the energy and strength for yet another Andreashöhe pup!

Liebe Jacky und Andy, sie haben wunderbare Boxer. I hoffe ich werde das Energie und Kraft haben, noch eine Andreashöhe Welpe zu kaufen

From Andy and Jacky: Veronica wir haben es gerade echt toll geschrieben .. wir sind echt gerührt ☺☺und fühlen uns geehrt..

Vielen lieben Dank 😘😘😘 Liebs Grüessli Jacky und Andy und alle von der Andreashöhe




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