The Return of the Tumor


Things are not looking very good at the moment. I had some rather irritating news: My Tumor, the “Soft Tissue Sarcoma”, is back! It’s been six months since the first one.


It was during a random check up that My Dr L felt a tiny lump on my leg, THE leg, (the multiple  surgery leg) just a tiny one.

Apparently the risk for a return is 35%. (That’s me). I will undergo surgery ASAP. Fourth intervention on that same leg in ten months.

I’m a medical hero!


Veronica was very upset, I think it came as quite a shock to her too.


The day of the surgery Dr L cuddles with me and reassures me that all will be ok, he’ll take the best care of me.

I trust him. By now I know all there is to know: the pain, the cone, the road to recovery.


He gives me a shot to help me relax, before the actual surgery. He asks Veronica to stay with me so I don’t stress. (Rather WE don’t stress)!

We’re both very grateful.

I’m feeling a little sleepy and really well. Boy, do I feel zen…


Much less zen a few hours later! During surgery there was a major surprise: a second, larger Tumor, hidden behind the small one.

Apparently the surgery took a long time and I have this mega scar.

IMG_4263 2.jpeg

On the bright side I have a cool, pink cone! I love pink! I know, everything’s supposed to be “Gender neutral” these days.

I don’t care; I love girly stuff! I can be a princess and this is my pink crown. A strong, brave, wounded princess, fighting her medical ordeals with heroism.

“The Boxer Warrior Princess”!


Veronica used to be part of this extreme Feminist group, and shared ownership in an alternative left wing book store back in the 70s…

Now she loves  watching girly, romantic, chick flicks and lives in a big house…what happened? She’s still one stubborn, opinionated, independent women though!


I have to stay very calm. Dr L had to take out so much tissue in order to get the whole Tumor and the skin has been pulled very tight. There’s a risk it might burst.

I can’t, of course, see the scar, but apparently it’s impressive…or as Veronica bluntly put it “disgusting”.

Whatever, this is not my first rodeo.


Dr L wants me back at his rehab center for a check up two days later. I get an ice pack on the scar.

I look pathetic, embarrassing! Thank god no other dogs are in the waiting room! Small consolation, I have my cool Halloween bandana!


Fanny gives me a laser treatment. Apparently very good for the healing process. Look at my glasses! How cool are those! I wish I could keep them as a Halloween costume!


I could be like a secret Agent. “Felicia the Badass secret Agent”, I could be the James Bond of dogs! That’ll scare those Trick or Treaters away!

AND that “Full-of-himself Jack Russell” down the road!

Sadly the glasses are not for me to keep.


With Halloween comes the traditional “Holiday pic”. I love these photo sessions. I’m just perfect and I get plenty of candy.

I’m such a star! What do you think?


Before the festivities start I get to see Dr L for a special Halloween laser session. I just adore Dr L. He’s the best and makes me feel very special.

Incidentally, I AM very special. I’m Patient Zero in his new rehab program!


Decorations, candles, all is in place.


Veronica has prepared several big and small bowls of delicious candy. Everything is ready. The Trick or Treat fun can start:

Only, I’m not allowed to participate! The injustice of it!!


Apparently those children scare easily! Supposedly a barking Boxer is not very festive. Yes, so I might, have barked a tiny weeny bit the other time.

And yes, there was talk about frightened children. Totally exaggerated, but from there to ban me from the whole event!!

I wonder what our animal protection laws have to say about that!


Time to take the stitches out. I stand perfectly still,  the assistant only needs to hold my tail. So hard not to wag it when I’m with Dr L.

There’s a lot of talk about my Tumors.

I didn’t understand exactly everything, seems to be a problem if they come back. Something about not enough tissue, or skin. I have no idea what that’s all about.


The November sun is beautiful and we can start our walks again. But alas…


…my trouble never seem to end. The scar opened a bit, and Veronica has to rush back to Dr L.

He tells me I’m being a very brave patient, well of course, I’m “The Boxer Warrior Princess”!


I get special cream and have to wear the cone when alone. It’s ok, I’m a patient Princess.


They say my Tumor might come back, they say that’s going to be a problem… Yeah, well, I’ve got news for you, see, I won’t let that happen.

But that’s my little secret!


My thanks go to:

 Dr Gabor Luka for taking such a wonderful care of my Felicia, for making this complicated situation the easiest possible.

 Fanny for being the best fitness dog coach one can dream of, encouraging, rewarding, making the rehab sessions all about the fun.

The assistant team for their friendliness and affection for my Felicia












My Life As a Rehab Boxer


My life has changed quite a lot this past year…for the worst! The standards have lowered.

From a clear 8 out of 10, (yes, 8, there is ALWAYS space for improvement) to a weak 5 or even 4.

Why? WHY??!! C’mon haven’t you followed my stories???


Typical! So for all you lazy, ignorant people, here’s a brief recap:

Eye intervention, Ligament surgery, Tumor surgery, Meniscus surgery, Tumor surgery no2! (Yes, a second Tumor, I will tell you about that in my next story)

In addition, all these surgeries are on the same leg.


It’s been a year since I ran, played, jumped like a normal Boxer should.

My last, true, crazy, fun time, was with the amazing Animal Photographer Celine, remember?

Shortly after this picture was taken, I injured my leg, and my life turned around…


The year has been one long series of unpleasant events. Going from shock, to hope, to setback, to desperation…etc all while slowly recovering from all my life ordeals.

I adapted to a whole new lifestyle.


The first MAJOR change: no more Agility… EVER again. Too much of a risk to injure my good leg, especially with the sharp turns and the slalom.

Veronica made sure to ask my whole medical team. They all agree, Dr B, Dr de W, Dr F and of course Dr L: NO MORE AGILITY!

Now we only go to say hello, and at most I walk over low obstacles. I might be allowed, in some time, to jump in straight lines…pfff…like that’s any fun!


No more playing with my friends. My operated leg is not strong enough yet.

When Indya comes over we just chill together. She’s very sweet and does not provoke me, or challenge me for a race. That’s what I call a true BFF.


Running through fields and forests is out of the question at the moment. I’m always on a leash. At least we can take long walks.

I know it’s for my own good. To be honest, I never want to go through this medical business again! So yes, walks on a leash it is.


Some activities are highly recommended, “Water Gym” for one.

The Indian summer has been wonderful. Every afternoon we go to our little beach by the lake, and I wade around.

I love it.


Hills are particularly beneficial. We go to the mountain for beautiful  hikes.

IMG_3603 2

Walking on uneven ground. This sunflower field is particularly weird.


I have entered a special rehab program, with equipment brought back from the US by my own favourite Dr L.


I meet his rather huge dog, a Hovawart, “Zelemweis”. I kept a safe distance, not that I’m scared or anything.

I’m just sticking to the rule; “No playing with other dogs”, that’s all.


This is “The Fitness Room”. With all sorts of gear to improve physical health.

Fanny is my Fitness coach, she’s wonderful and very sweet and gives me candy all the time.


The treadmill is a little scary. But I’m very Brave, “Felicia the Brave rehab Boxer”, as a matter of fact, one can say remarkably brave! I don’t even need to wear the special “Stay on the band” harness.

There was candy involved, but that’s irrelevant. (Just to make things perfectly clear: I would have done it even without the candy.)


It’s very weird to walk on a treadmill. Fanny tells me I’m doing great, what can I say, I’m “Felicia, the Brave rehab Boxer”

Bet you Indya would refuse, even with candy! HA! She can run fast but when it comes to the brave stuff…


Climbing up on the balance ball strengthens my back legs.


I do not particularly care for the peanut! Apparently I’ll get used to it.


Dr L, who is the Police Dog Unit’s Veterinarian, told Veronica that all those dogs execute these exercises very easily.

Police dogs! P L E A S E, don’t compare me to the elite of the dog community! It’s their job to excel at everything.

I have numerous attributes! AND I’m “Felicia the Brave rehab Boxer”!!

IMG_4227 2

These cones, are very similar to Agility obstacles. I have to walk, slowly, very frustrating. I want to run, and jump!


I have my own, daily exercise program. Veronica has an app on her phone to report the results.

New exercises will be added as the weeks go by.


I go along with this whole rehab program because that’s my only option. And because I have a dream, a dream of happiness, of running fast, very fast.

“You’ll jump and run like before”, they say, “You’re life will be back to normal soon” They say…

IMG_3670 2.jpeg

…can I believe them? It’s been a year…how much longer?




Crazy Boxer Weekend


I don’t know what to think! We’re having very special guests: Andy and Jacky! (My adorable breeder, von Der Andreashöhe)

Now that’s great and cool and makes me super happy, I love them. Only, there’s a downside: they’re bringing along two of their dogs! You heard me TWO dogs!!

In MY house!


Nando von der Andreashöhe and Mosca von der Andreashöhe. 16 and 17 months old.

Nando is Pretty von Hofmannstal’s son and Mosca is my sister Flay’s grand daughter. I guess that makes her my great niece.

They’re staying in the basement room that is separated from the house with it’s own entrance. But still, in MY house!


They’re here because there is this mega Boxer exhibition. Both dogs are the new generation of the Andreashöhe kennel, along side Pretty and Lavie.


There are many gorgeous dogs. Some are quite “temperamental”.


Especially the big boys. Why do guys have to show off their muscles at all times when in a group? Such a macho attitude, I guess that’s to be expected, male vanity being what it is!

Come to think of it the owners kind of look macho too…The judge, a Woman (!), has to tell them to keep their distance!

Us girls act civilised and calm.


What’s that? Me? C’mon, you can’t seriously compare me to those brutes??!!

I find myself constantly provoked by bad mannered dogs. I’m entitled to reciprocate, everybody agrees on that one!

Anyway, this pic is part of another story so let’s just focus on the subject of the day.


Mosca loves the show. She is standing perfectly still for the judge to see.


It’s a long day that requires patience, for dogs and handlers. Mosca is awarded a “Very good”.

Last exhibition she got an “Excellent”. This judge seemed to favour small thin Boxers, Mosca is a big girl.

Judges are not fair, well that’s what Veronica says.


Nando on the other hand got an “Excellent” (Not the same judge).


He won second place of the young group. Well done Nando

beste weisse Boxer.jpg

The White Boxer champions of the day. Very cute. Here with Ginette Hufschmid, a Swiss Judge and president of the Breeder’s Commission.


There was even a celebrity Boxer, “Full Monty du Val d’Europe”. He’s a super champion of all sorts and got first price in his category “Senior Boxers”.

Val d’Europe won best Breeder group. (On this pic with Full Monty on the no 1 podium) They’re very famous and always win all these medals and have had many champions.


Here you can admire the gorgeous multi champion, “Full Monty du Val d’Europe”


Back home both youngsters have to let off some steam…with MY toys!


I wasn’t allowed out! “Felicia you stay here and rest”. Seriously? Rest from what?? With my rehab program there’s not much to rest from.

Typical! This whole “Guests should be favoured” is a VERY irritating and unfair rule!


They enjoy my toys.


Have their dinner.


And cuddle with Veronica before a foto session. No guest escapes this mandatory activity, whether they like it…or not!


They did get some lovely pics. Even though I’m kind of jealous, I have to admit they are cute.


Well of course, they are an “Andreashöhe” Dennis agrees.


Then, FINALLY, I was allowed out, to say hello to Nando.

Veronica didn’t trust me with Mosca, “You just might snip at her Felicia”. (Come to think of it, I might just do that, stealing my toys and all!)

Sometimes you just have to show these guys, guest or not, who’s the rightful owner. Now I really liked Nando, unfortunately we were not allowed to play. (Damn rehab)!


Time to say goodbye. I love Jacky and Andy, they’re wonderful people and very serious breeders.

They’re aim is beautiful, well balanced and healthy dogs.


One last major cuddle with Andy and off they go.


House guests are exhausting, especially those with dogs!

I couldn’t relax for one second, you never know, they might just sneak into the house. Steal even more toys, or worse, sleep in my beds!

It was wonderful to see Jacky and Andy. What’s more, Veronica told them she’ll wait for another puppy.

Thank god! I’m not really a “Share my family” kind of girl.

Now I can really relax!


Dear Jacky and Andy, you have wonderful Boxers. I hope I will have the energy and strength for yet another Andreashöhe pup!

Liebe Jacky und Andy, sie haben wunderbare Boxer. I hoffe ich werde das Energie und Kraft haben, noch eine Andreashöhe Welpe zu kaufen

From Andy and Jacky: Veronica wir haben es gerade echt toll geschrieben .. wir sind echt gerührt ☺☺und fühlen uns geehrt..

Vielen lieben Dank 😘😘😘 Liebs Grüessli Jacky und Andy und alle von der Andreashöhe




The Meniscus Ordeal


I don’t feel like getting up today. It’s surgery day. I have to trust my “Entourage” (Dr B, Dr de W, Dr F, and Dr L)

They all say the meniscus is a much easier intervention than the ligament. Yeah…easy peasy.


Dr de W gives Veronica all the important instructions and medical explanations. I still think she seems very young.

Amazingly enough Veronica looks confident. Apparently, Dr de W was head of the  surgery department for small animals at the University Hospital. She probably knows her business.

Yeah, this will be a walk in the park!


Bunch of liars!! This is NOT a walk in the park! This is not “Easy peasy”! I’m NOT fine, at all! I feel miserable, sick and betrayed.

I’ve got news for you: Meniscus surgery is NOT fun. “Easy intervention”, my foot!

On the plus side, Veronica did not embarrass herself by breaking into tears. (Come to think of it, should I feel concerned?)


Dennis carries me inside. Veronica is actually quite relaxed, chatting with a friend all evening.

Hey, suffering Boxer over here, can I get some attention please!! At least she spends the night on the sofa, as she rightfully should!


We’re off for 10 days of torture cone, and four weeks of minimal walking.

As expected, Veronica has made a few, utterly embarrassing calls to Dr B’s and Dr de W’s staff. (They probably go “Oh no, not the Boxer lady…again”!)


My life has become one long path of misery. Let’s backtrack here:

1) The “Corneal Ulcer” with Dr B (the Ophtalmologist). 10 days of cone.

2) The Ligament surgery with Dr B (Othopedic surgeon) 10 days of cone and a 8 weeks of strict leash walks.

3) The “Sarcoma Tumor” with Dr C. 10 days of cone.

4) The Meniscus Ordeal. With Dr de W. (Orthopedic surgeon) 10 days of cone and we haven’t even started rehab. God knows how long that’ll be.

They say it’s shorter, but see, I don’t trust these guys any more!


Veronica tries to cheer me up by taking me close to her all day. In the garden.


By the dinner table Dennis is a sweetie, he comes over with little bites from his plate.


First Rendez vous with Dr L. As much as I love him, right now I’m extremely suspicious. What do I know about this whole rehab business?

I want facts and results before I can give my opinion on the matter.


It turns out to be very technical. Dr L measures the circumference of my thigh. I have a difference of 4 cm.

He takes pictures, makes annotations, and films me walking to see the evolution. He gives us various exercises.

So I guess that’s ok. We will have regular follow up appointments.


Dr F, that’s a whole other story, his routine I know. He manipulates my leg and my back and performs laser treatment.

I adore when he comes, He’s so nice. The only thing is his “Kleiner Münsterländer”, waiting in the car. Veronica always has to go out to cuddle with her.

It’s not that I’m jealous, but is it really necessary to cuddle with another dog on my turf??

IMG_1842 2.jpeg

10 days have passed and technically my cone should come off. But no!

The wound is not healed. I have to keep it on for another 6 days, so they say!! Seriously?? What happened? Medical error? Can I sue?

Apparently it CAN happen, especially on the knee. Yeah, yeah, whatever!

IMG_1772 3.jpeg

Finally, I’m cone free! We can start some fun stuff. Find the candy in the “Ruffle Snuffle” Mat.


Search games in the garden.


Our walks are very short and always on a leash. Veronica, being an even worse control freak this time, doesn’t let anybody else in charge of those!!


Oh, except Baby L (!)…Don’t ask!!


I love Baby L


She gives me a little kiss and tells me I’ll be fine. So sweet, what a darling.


I know Veronica is doing her best, but frankly being attached on a leash in the garden is not my idea of fun. (Only because she’s worried I might run or jump.)

Can’t wait for this whole ordeal to end!


It’s been 4 weeks. Tomorrow we have our appointment with Dr de W. I want the truth: Will I EVER be able to lead a normal dog life again?

It’s been 9 months since I had a proper playdate!


Dr de W examines my leg thoroughly. She’s happy with the result. My leg is still a little swollen but healed.

My walks can increase and should continue on a leash for a few weeks (Trust Veronica to make that into months!)


Dr W tells me I’m doing great. (Dr de W is the best). I’ll be able to live like a dog with a few restrictions. No more agility, there’s a risk I might injure the other leg.

That’s actually the opinion of my whole “Entourage”. At this stage, frankly, I don’t care, as long as I’ll be able to run and play again.


There was even a bonus, we got to meet Dr B and Ms Dr B. I was thrilled to see them, we even met their new pup, a little “Kooikerhonjde” very cute. I did NOT growl.

(I’m not that stupid, they have access to sharp instruments)


Ok, I admit, the meniscus IS easier. (But I still suffered…on so many levels!)

I think I’m a hero! All these surgeries, I fight through them like a pro. Yeah, I have scars, I’m a badass Boxer.

I might even get a tattoo!


Special thanks to Felicia’s “Entourage”

Dr de Wolff Noussitou for performing a perfect meniscus surgery on my Felicia and for being understanding and patient.

The surgery assistants Team, for answering my calls with warmth and reassuring words.

Dr Jerome Föllmi for his numerous treatments and responding to my worried text messages, even on the week end.

Dr Gabor Luka for coming back from California, full of wisdom, just at the right moment.

And of course, Dr Luc Borer, Dr Stephanie Borer and Dr Delphine Carquillat

Felicia and I are fortunate to have such wonderful experts to help us through her medical parkour.














Dark Clouds In The Summer Sky


I am beyond sadness, desperation and without much hope. My life is so depressing. But let’s not get ahead of this story and go back to the beginning.


Summer came along and all was fine. As a matter of fact with time, I really appreciate this slow pleasant life mode.


Wake up Yoga sessions. Veronica and I both have our little routine. Me, I specialise in “Ujjayi breathing” and “Shavasana”.


Morning walks into the woods. I’m only allowed to run short distances, my operated leg is still a little weak. But that’s ok, it’s too hot for much more anyway.

IMG_1135 2

Post walk naps on the bed. (I manage to sneak up quite often these days). I have to say, I think I look fabulous on the Society bedding.

I could be the perfect spokesmodel for the company!!


Lazy afternoons, Veronica reading while sipping her green tea, me resting nearby.


Tasty Dinners. Dennis sometimes even let me finish his pasta dish and clean off the plate. BTW, his pesto sauce is delicious.


Warm pleasant evenings chilling by the pool.


Or taking strolls down to the lake. Looking at the boats or, rather mostly in my case, the ducks.


The unavoidable heatwave came along but no worries. I can handle those now. Also, Veronica is there with the water spray at all times, day and night.


Dr F (My wonderful Physio) came by to work on my back and leg. Actually, I’m starting to get a little impatient here, it’s been 6 months and I’m still not back on track!

Will I ever be able to play like before?


The days went by, life was good. La Dolce Vita. I was happy until one day…


Baby L came for a sleepover. Incidentally she’s really adorable and gives me candy ALL THE TIME.

(Such an improvement on her earlier, “I’m a baby, I’m just lying here, I’m so cute” attitude.)

We were hanging out in the garden, I took a few joyful jumps around her when there was a sharp pain in my operated leg.


I sneaked in under the table but nothing escapes Veronica’s eagle eyes:

“OMG!!! Felicia is hurt, she’s jumping on three legs”.

Veronica was beside herself with shock and worry. She immediately texted Dr F (His reaction seeing her text was probably “oh no, not her again”…).

Sweet as he is, he called her…twice!! I got some anti-inflammatory medication but my leg did not improve much.


As expected, Veronica dragged me back to Dr B’s office, only I got a huge shock! HE’S ON VACATION!

Instead there was his partner, Dr de W. Apparently she’s also a specialist surgeon…so they say. (Veronica even asked Dr F. about her.)


So this “Supposed” specialist told Veronica “It’s the meniscus. She will need surgery”

What’s that now? Surgery? By her?? I certainly don’t think so! What do we really know about her? No, I’ll just wait for Dr B to be back.

Alas, I have no choice, my leg is really hurting big time. I’ll just have to trust this new face. To be fair she does seem very nice and sweet, and Dr F says she’s great.


That evening I was very gloomy, feeling sorry for myself (and rightfully so!!). Third surgery in 6 months.  


Veronica tried to comfort me.

“Don’t worry my Felicia, all will be fine. And I have a big surprise for you: Dr L is back from his California year”

What’s that?? Who did she say? Dr L??!! WOW!! MY FAVORITE DR. EVER!! Best news in a long long long time!


Veronica had scheduled an appointment on his very first day back in the early morning, I was his first patient. There were hugs, candies and and many many Boxer kisses.

All three of us were so happy to see each other.


Not only has he come back. But he spent a year specialising in post surgery  rehabilitation without medication.

I’m going to be his patient zero. He’s even going to open a new center next door with hydrotherapy (Ok I might skip that one) laser and much more.

I’m going to be his star patient.


I’m still a little nervous (rather, very nervous) about my upcoming surgery. I will feel pain, wear a cone and suffer in general.

This time it’ll be different, I have my entourage: two surgeons, Dr de W and Dr B, my own very special physio Dr F and what’s more, my favourite Dr L is back!



The Story Of Yuna


Today I will tell you the story of Yuna. The sweetest Boxer girl there ever was.

She had a gentle soul, a heart of gold, she loved everything and everyone. She was like a sweet, precious, delicate flower.

She was MC’s first Boxer love.


“Yuna von Der Andreashöhe”, 8 weeks old, she was Andy and Jacky’s pup. (Boxerzwinger von Andreashöhe) 


It was love at first sight. With her white markings, her sweet look, she was irresistable.


She had a funny, crooked little tail that made her even more adorable.


The “Andreashöhe Kennel” is on the other side of this small country. It’s a day trip, and NC was part of the “Let’s go and look at the puppies” travel team.

IMG_1320 2.jpeg

As was, of course, my Lego. Andy was thrilled to see her again. (She was 7 years old at the time).


There were puppies everywhere. Jumping and playing, happy pups. Ondra von Hansjacobstadt, my mom, is climbing on MC.

That’s the day Veronica fell in love with her, she was 18 months old. Can you spot little cute Yuna?


Yuna’s sweet mother was “Umba von der Andreashöhe”. My beautiful mother, is standing behind the fence.


Yuna’s father was a Champion, “Marvin von Hofmannstal”. Rosine Hofmanns’s Boxer. (Europe’s Oldest Boxer breeder)

He’s quite stunning I think.

IMG_1099 2

At 10 weeks, it was time to pick up little Yuna. MC brought her over to be properly introduced to my Lego.

Both were a little suspicious.


Yuna found a way into Lego’s heart.

IMG_7646 2.jpeg

Very soon, Lego adopted little Yuna as her own baby. She was the most wonderful and caring surrogate Mom anyone could have dreamed of.

IMG_1167 2.jpeg

Staying close to Yuna at all times

IMG_1169 2

Looking out for her, keeping her protected and secure.


Yuna spent a lot of time at Veronica’s house. (MC had sometimes long working hours)


Sadly, Yuna was diagnosed with a heart murmur. She needed daily medication, it was a shock to MC, and the whole family.


There were frequent visits to the Veterinarian. MC put her whole heart into giving this sweet Boxer the best life possible.


Veronica took both dogs on long walks. Yuna stayed close to Lego, never venturing far away.

Somehow she knew she had take care of herself. No better friend than Lego, calm and wise, to keep her safe.


Can you see her funny tail? So cute


To this day, Veronica still goes on about:  “what an easy pair they were” and “they obeyed instantly” and “never growling at any dogs”.

As if all that praise isn’t enough, she always adds: “This would be impossible with Felicia and Indya”.

Really? Apples and Oranges here! Indya and I are a great team. We do it our way, and some dogs need a little “dressing-down”. They ask for it, what with their provoking “full of themselves” attitude!

IMG_1420 2.jpg

Ah, who am I kidding. Those two were a wonderful, perfect pair. I’m just jealous!


Everybody loved Yuna, with her cute baby face. She was such an endearing little Boxer girl.


Sometimes MC took her to agility, she loved it.


MC was careful to adapt the rhythm to her baby.


Veronica entered both dogs for Corinne’s annual Agility trial. Lego got first prize. (Of course) Yuna came second.

Speed isn’t everything, that day, precision and obedience was the winning attitude.


Despite her health issues, she was always such a happy Boxer girl.


MC and Yuna had a very special loving bond.


With time, there were even more frequent visits to the vet. The wonderful, now retired, Doctor Jean Claude Buser.

He performed a special Chinese therapy, with colour lamps that improved her general wellbeing.

Veronica always brought Lego along, to comfort Yuna.


But even the most talented of Doctors cannot perform miracles.


One day, barely 4 years old, Yuna’s little body gave up, and she quietly left for Fairyland. MC was heartbroken. Yuna was a star in her life, a warm glow of unconditional love.

From our dear Neighbour and Lego’s best friend Michael:

Hello Veronica and M,
It was very sad to hear the news about Yuna’s departure.
As you said Veronica, Yuna was a sweet little boxer…
Very gentle, very affectionate, liked to lean against one’s legs and sit on one’s shoes (when not chewing on them), and with a special kindness in her eyes and character.
Whenever I gave Yuna a cookie or bone through the fence, she was… so gracious.
Yes, I think gracious is the right word for Yuna. And for M, for your devotion to Yuna and for having taken such good care of her through her illness, and for having brought up Yuna into a fun, funny, playful, bouncy… sweet little boxer.
Merci Yuna for your time with us, and for your sparks of youthful energy that gave extra life to Lego and all of us.
Merci Yuna, et Bon Voyage.


Our thanks go to Dr Jean Claude Buser for his special care, and treatments. He greatly improved Yuna’s short life and made it the best possible.





Swedish Dog Stories



The other night, as I returned to my sleeping quarters, I sensed a weird vibration: A suitcase in Veronica’s walk in closet!! OMG is she travelling again??? Now?

Thing is, I had a minor setback. I started limping…on a Sunday. Veronica went ballistic. She was absolutely sure it was the meniscus.

She even texted Dr F (My Physiotherapist)…ON A SUNDAY! (How embarrassing is that!!) Poor guy, having to deal with her hysterical outbreak…on his free time!


Next day, at 7.30 AM (YES!!) she called Dr B (The cool surgeon) and at 2 pm we were in his office. “Is it the meniscus??” She was in the verge of tears. (Honestly, get a grip!)

Dr B, very zen, (Probably used to neurotic patients) gave me anti inflammatory medication, told Veronica not to stress, go back to slow walks on a leash for 3 weeks.


So here I am, deprived of my newly acquired freedom. That’s the time Veronica chooses to go to Stockholm. Supposedly there’s some important meeting in her building.

P L E A S E! I happen to know that’s only half the story, she’s going to meet her Boxer friends and what’s more, Eva!! MY EVA!! (Eva Bodfäldt)

The nerve of her. Leaving her darling, injured Boxer girl (I know, I’m with Dennis but still!) to go and have fun…with other dogs!!


Once back, we’ll have to endure endless Swedish dog stories. She’ll go on and on and on….Honestly, tell the story once…to people who actually ask for it.

The whole family agrees! (As do her friends!)


She met, of course, Yvonne and her beautiful Lux and the old gentleman Mojo.


Lux greets Veronica as Boxers do, happily and energetically! Can you believe Mojo is 14 years old! He’s a real gentleman and sweet with everyone.

Very sadly, a few weeks later, Mojo had to leave for Fairyland. Yvonne was devastated. Don’t worry, he’s with my Lego now, she’ll look after him.


Then there was a long awaited visit to their friend Monica with her adorable Bubblan.


Bubblan is a very energetic young lady. Full of pep. Veronica thinks she’s super smart. (What does that mean? Like I’m stupid or something??)

IMG_9458 2.jpg

Bubblan is allowed up on ALL THE FURNITURE!! Why…WHY, doesn’t Veronica let me sleep on the “Svensk Tenn” sofas?!

Bubblan is SO lucky!


Monica loves to bake, there were Swedish buns and a cake. Veronica described the food at a length! Even Bubblan got a small bite..


Monica lives in a beautiful neighbourhood. Look how happy Bubblan is with her stick. (FYI: I can run with a stick too!)


There was a very long “Boxer/jumping/climbing/kissing” goodbye. Yes, us Boxers are masters in that area.


After a day of fun, Bubblan was wiped out!

Monica, a word: Can you please talk some sense into Veronica? Just mention the Svenskt Tenn sofas and Kanelbullar!


Veronica spent a whole day with Eva and her two dogs. Will-Ja and the newcomer, little Tesla (The one with the cute ears) just one year old.


Eva lives close to this lovely café where even dogs are welcome.


There’s a large wood, perfect for long walks.

Incidentally, I’m SO jealous of the Swedish forests. Look how much space there is to run and have fun!

Here, where I live, it’s more like “a bunch of trees hanging out”.


Eva trained her dogs to search for the ball, far away. Look at them, focused, waiting for the order. (No monkey business here!)


Very softly, Eva calls “Will-Ja” and she speeds off. Tesla stays put, she knows her turn will come next.


They’re happy and doing a great job. Eva rewards Will-Ja, and Tesla. (Of course! Not easy to sit still when your BFF’s out on a mission).

Veronica told me I should take a leaf out of their book…yeah, like I’m going to compare myself to those dogs! What a joke! I mean these are Eva’s dogs!! THE Eva.


Will-Ja is a very original Labrador, she even climbs trees! Follow the trail, that’s her motto.

That dog has nose of a Bloodhound, a will of her own, and heart of gold!


Will-Ja and Tesla have a Cloud7 Bed, just like me!! As it happens, I’m sure Eva got inspired seeing mine. What can I say, I’m an Influencer!


I love this pic, look how cosy they are, the three of them. That’s what I call a happy dog family.

Eva is a zen dog owner. (Veronica should take a leaf out of her book! Oh yeah!)

BTW, Eva, can you come here again? Veronica needs your help! Me? No…I’m perfect, well, close enough!


Shortly after that visit, Tesla got a second price in this big competition.

184 dogs and Tesla came second! Bravo Tesla! She’ll probably be one of those super champions, full of medals and stuff!

I’m not jealous. I have other attributes, off the top of my head; Guard dog duties. It’s a common fact that Boxer’s are great at keeping burglers out.

(Don’t you listen to Dennis’s false rumours that I’m a wimp!)


Yvonne got me a surprise!


Wow! Yvonne, thanks! We haven’t been properly introduced. I know you read my stories and always have my back. You clearly understand my complex personality.

Please come and visit. You’ll see, I’m a lovable Boxer girl!

Oh, and Veronica got me the green collar. (Like that’s going to make up for abandoning her little F!)


Why can’t I travel to Sweden? Run in the forests, play with fun dogs.

What? Me, snippy? I  beg do differ. I can play with, well, some dogs…if they’re nice, and not full of themselves.

Yes, I can be charming, just ask Eva.



 From Eva: “Oh Felicia! I don`t know what to say! It seems like Veronica doesn’t pay much attention concerning your life. All these trips to Sweden? Just between the two of us: I have told her to invite me a couple of times. Do you know what she replies? – That would’ve been lovely. I think she’s jealous of yours and mine close relationship. Don’t ya think…?

With all my love!


 From Yvonne: “Felicia, vi läser alltid din blogg med glädje och jag önskar verkligen att Veronica tar med dig någon gång till Sverige. När Veronica hälsade på hos oss första gången fanns Havannah
Mojo och Lux och välkomnade med hopp skutt och pussar. Lux är nu ensamhund för första gången i sitt liv och kanske kanske ska hon få ett syskon, men det dröjer nog ett tag….. Så roligt när din matte kommer till Sverige och hon berättar alltid så mycket om dig lilla F, så det känns nästan som vi känner dig ganska väl utan att ens sett dig. Vi bilar ibland i Europa och vem vet, vore så skoj att hälsa på och träffa dig lilla F i verkligheten. Men fortsätt blogga lilla F så vi får höra allt om dig det är så kul! ❤️ Och hoppas att din rehab går bra och att du snart får springa igen! Nospussar i massor! ❤️”


From Monica: “Lilla F, det känns som jag känner dig, trots att vi aldrig träffats, genom att jag följer din blogg där jag får ta del av dina tankar och det som händer i ditt liv, både stort och smått. När jag har träffat Veronica så har hon berättat om hur duktig du är och hur kul du tycker det är att få nya roliga uppgifter att lösa.
Och du är minst lika duktig som Bubblan, tro inget annat! Och att Bubblan får sova i mina soffor och fåtöljer (och min säng) beror faktiskt endast på att hon inte har lyckan att äga sådana sköna och bekväma hundbäddar som du har! Och för många kanelbullar är inte bra för en Boxer flickas figur, vilket jag har försökt tala om för lilla Bubblan. Fortsätt krya på med din rehab så ska du se att du snart kan få springa igen. Puss på din fina lilla nos, Felicia!❤️




Mother’s Day


Today is Mother’s Day! Let’s take a closer look on the many aspects of Motherhood.


This is my beautiful Mother, Ondra von Der Hansjakobstadt.


She won many prizes at numerous exhibitions. Here she is 10 months old. She was a wonderful Mom to many puppies.

Veronica fell in love with her the first time she saw her, at 18 months, and decided she wanted one of her pups.

4B2D13F6-6523-4301-A538-ED6B26D2A15C 2 copy

Here, she’d just won the great title, BOB (Best of Breed) in an exhibition. Andy and Jacky were very proud.

I think she’s gorgeous.


I was part of her last litter. The plan was for her to enjoy life with Andy, Jacky and all their Boxers in their beautiful home

Destiny decided otherwise. When I was 8 weeks old, Andy found a little Bump. He called it a Mammary Tumor.

A few weeks later Ondra had to leave for Fairyland, she was only 6 years old. She gave all her last energy and strength to her babies before saying farewell.


My wonderful Surrogate Mom Lego.


Last but not least, my “Person Mom”, Veronica.


A Mother…


A Mother tends to her Baby’s every need.


A Mother keeps her Baby close, protected from all danger.


A Mother overlooks and forgives the odd little incident…


…again and again.


A Mother provides fun toys and doesn’t yell at you when you loose them.


A Mother understands that some things are very scary, like swimming in deep water.


A Mother takes you on fun adventures, far away.


A Mother organises playdates with your best friends.


A Mother proudly accompanies you to sporting events. Always thinking you’re the best and clearly the most talented.


A Mother may say the most irritating things in front of your friends and makes you feel utterly embarrassed.


A Mother provides you with a good, basic education


she understands that sometimes it’s difficult to perform…


…even very difficult. A Mother just smiles and says that you’re probably very tired.


A Mother constantly worries about your wellbeing. Your health as well as your happiness

She will comfort you when you fell sad.


A Mother serves your favourite dinner.


A Mother understands that sometimes you feel grumpy…very grumpy.


A Mother invites your BFF for a sleepover and doesn’t get upset when you’re tired because you played all night.


A Mother comforts and looks after you when you’re ill and feeling miserable.


Most of all, A Mother loves you, like nobody else. Unconditional love.


Today is Mother’s Day. A Mother might, at times, drive you crazy, embarrass you, overprotect you, and fuss for just about anything.

Remember, it’s because she loves you so much and only want’s your best. (Incidentally she often knows what’s the best for you. Yes she does!)

Be indulgent and give her a big hug.

Happy Mother’s Day!

The Bunny Watch


I’m very excited! Its Easter and more importantly: THE EASTER BUNNY is coming!

This year, I want to see him. Why is he so sneaky? I think it’s because he knows a “Badass Boxer” is living here.

He’s probably worried I might chase him. Rest assured, I wouldn’t be that stupid, it’s like biting Santa…duh!


The “mandatory” Easter decorations are out. The traditional feathers are taunting me. Unfortunately, this year NO opportunity for the “Feather Game”. Veronica’s keeping a close watch.

The good news about the whole “Easter affair”: NO “Bunny/Egg” music! Not like the extremely irritating, endless, all day long X-Mas melodies.


All would be fine and merry if it wasn’t for a few minor, unimportant (in my opinion) events clouding my horizon.

I don’t know how thorough the Easter Bunny is in his Egg distribution. This surely can’t be as serious as the whole “Be good and Santa will give you gifts” phenomenon.

We’re talking about one egg! ONE! (Incidentally, why can’t we get, let’s say, three?)


I did, totally by mistake, play with Baby L’s book.

When discovered, I went for the “I’ve no idea why the book is lying there” attitude. Most unfortunately this did not fool Veronica.

Apparently I have “too many priors” so she said. Not even giving me the benefit of the doubt. Who does she think she is anyway? The “Supreme Judge”?

Actually, that’s exactly what she think she is. Gee, is she opinionated and judgemental!! (It’s a family thing).


Then there was the coaster matter. All because of the “My beautiful new table” business.

Veronica recently acquired this, rather fragile I may add, table. It comes from a special Swedish store.

Listen to this: you cannot put ANYTHING upon it endless there is a coaster! This has become one big family joke, they all tease her.

“Oh Dennis, you forgot the coaster…and you’re still alive??”  “OH MY GOD! Alert! Toy without a coaster, Baby L you’re in trouble”…and so on..


Who in their right mind, with a big family and dogs, buys such a table? I ask you? Not only is it super delicate, also she’s become this very annoying “Table Supervisor”!

We’re all kind of sick of it.


Anyway, I stole a coaster, ran to my bed…Well let’s just say, nothing escapes the supreme “Table Supervisor”. What’s the big deal? She has plenty of stupid coasters!

You now get the gist of my “Egg concern”.


Finally it’s Easter Saturday, or “The Bunny day” as I call it. I’m keeping close watch, this time I’m going to catch him at it.

I might actually go for the “If I don’t get an egg I will chase you” angle, just to show him who’s in charge here.


Meanwhile, Veronica is busy decorating her table. I’m not allowed anywhere near it, they say chocolate is poisonous for dogs.

Apparently, one time my Lego ate a whole box and had to go to the emergency veterinarian. Scary story.


As soon as the family arrives, out of the blue, Baby L gets a gift!! For no reason! The injustice of it. That child is way too spoiled!

I have to be on a leash. (Controlled by Baby L…of course). In order not to get “too excited”  (Dixit the “Table Supervisor”) what with everyone and Indya.

Apparently I’m still in rehab program.


Veronica calls out, “Egg hunt: one, two, three, go!”!

What??? Did I miss the “Easter Bunny” AGAIN??!!

As expected, Baby L gets a huge egg with loads of stuff in it, toys, dried fruit, and a very small box of candy.

What about me?


I needn’t worry, (Pheww!) NC takes me on my personal egg hunt and deep in a bush…


…is my very private egg. (I get the impression it’s slightly smaller then last year…hmmm)


Inside is a multicolour bunny. A bunny? Really?


Yeah, yeah, I get the message: “Don’t chase me! Play with your own bunny”. (I might…or might not chase the bunnies in the fields though!)


It is a happy, merry, fun day…


…for everyone! (Dennis always makes sure we get some left overs).


No holiday or special event without the traditional, official picture. As you all know by now, modelling is my strength.

(I still don’t understand why the publicity agencies haven’t contacted us?)

Isn’t that pic great?


House is empty and I’m happy and exhausted.

What? The wood chips? Oh that’s nothing… forget it, pretend you didn’t see it…please.

Happy Easter!

The Tumor


I have news for you. I’m going to have yet another surgery! Yes! Can you believe that? Crazy!


It just so happens that I have a small bump on my hind leg. It’s nothing, just a tiny bump. Nevertheless it has to be removed.

So they say.


This is Dr C, she works with Dr L. (Who, as you might recall, abandoned me without fair warning, and went to California for a year!)

Dr C says my bump is “a Tumor”, and has a weird name “Soft Tissue Sarcoma”. Apparently it’s a form of something called Cancer, whatever that is.

Surgery is scheduled in a week. I’m only a little nervous, this is not my first rodeo! After the ligament ordeal, the bump is probably a walk through the park.


Only, I don’t understand why Veronica is looking so sad? Dr C said it’s a minor intervention. No need to look that upset.


She should be happy, I’m finally allowed off the leash! First time in 10 weeks. I still have to be super careful though.


I’m even allowed to run a little. So why is Veronica so gloomy? Is she sick?


I try to cheer her up with a small, special, prank of mine. That usually brings out a reaction between laughs and exasperation.

But no, she vaguely smiles and doesn’t even pick up the paper? What’s wrong with her?


Tomorrow is the day. I’ll probably have to wear that awful torture cone again? Great!! Well, as they say here: “Jamais deux sans trois”.


Dennis comes with us. Look at his face, oh c’mon guys, enough with the tragic looks.

Dr C said I’ll be up and about in no time. (We’ll see about that though) Tumor gone. Et voila. Problem solved.


Here the routine is always the same. The weighing of the dog. I now weigh 30.8 kg, pretty perfect with my 56 cm, I think.

(I’m not chubby! I have big muscles, even Dr L says so)

IMG_8312 2.jpeg

I put on my best “Zen Boxer” attitude…inside my stomach is full of worried butterflies!

“A walk through the park”?…hmm… On second thought more like “Crawling through a dark scary forest”!


Dr C tells me I’m a very good girl. Duh, we all know that. “Felicia this is an easy intervention”

P L E A S E: Let me be the judge of “easy” or otherwise!


This IS easy! I’m feeling a little tired but otherwise not bad. This is nothing like the ligament surgery.

And NO CONE! Yes!


Only one, super embarrassing fact; they shaved my butt! Just look how ugly it is.

What if we walk through the neighbourhood?? Polka might see me. Not to mention the little “full-of-himself Jack Russell” down the road, he’ll have a field day.

And I’ll have a huge ugly scar!


Wait a minute…a scar…hmmm…but that can actually be kind of cool! I have two scars now. I’ll be like “Indiana Jones”!

Incidentally, we love those movies, that is Veronica and I. She thinks he’s very handsome, I couldn’t agree more.

Her sister, SPS, is with her on that one. (And she is a Veterinarian behaviourist, remember!!)

(Dennis’s opinion is unknown)

Yeah! I’ll be “The Indiana Jones of Dogs” Ha! Beware of “The-Adventurous-Badass-Scarred-Boxer”.

Yeah, that’ll be me!


To my great relief, no neighbourhood walk!

We head into the woods. Weather is lovely, flowers everywhere and I’m feeling great. The stitches don’t bother me at all. (No glue here)

We’re in for a huge surprise next day:

IMG_8391 2.jpeg

SNOW!!! And loads of it. Dennis decides we should take a walk up on the fields. “It will be good for building her muscles”.

Only, Dennis did NOT listen to Veronica’s advice to wear proper snow shoes… After 5 minutes he had to return and wait in the car, feet soaked.

Veronica, very gracefully, did not say “I told you so”. (Maybe only once…or twice!)


What is it with men? Can’t they listen to friendly advice??? Oh no!

Don’t get me started on asking for directions…I could write a book on that subject, illustrated with numerous examples.

What’s wrong with them??? My theory: they hate to admit they can be wrong, that’ll make them appear weak…so they think!! Pathetic!

It’s simple: listen to the women, they know it all. And they’re right!

As for Dennis: This is NOT California!


Tomorrow we’re going back to see Dr C to remove the stitches. I hope it’s not going to hurt.

Even the ” Adventurous-Badass-Scarred-Boxer”, is allowed to feel pain! Right?

What? A wimp? No, no, don’t you listen to Dennis, “A wimp”, ridiculous! (This coming from the guy wearing sneakers in wet snow!)


Stitches are gone! Didn’t feel a thing! There’s a whole lot of talking. I only half listen, frankly my bump is gone, what do I care.

Veronica has her “Concerned-serious” expression on.

I vaguely pick up a few words; “Sarcoma grade two”, “regular controls”, “6 weeks”…yeah, yeah, whatever!


Back home Veronica hugs me, “Allt kommer att bli bra, min älskade lilla Felicia” (“Everything will be fine my darling little Felicia”).

She’s all emotional.


I’m the “Adventurous-Badass-Scarred-Boxer”, remember? I’ll be fine…only…please, no more surgeries.


My thanks go to Dr Delphine Carquillat for doing her best to free my Felicia from her Sarcoma.