Autumn Stories

I love Autumn. I know I said Summer was lovely, but Autumn is way better. The weather is perfect, not too cold, not too hot, we go on long walks and the colours are magic.

Nature is gorgeous, take time to admire this beautiful faded sunflower field. (And of course, the pretty Boxer girl posing up front)

The country went into a soft lockdown…again. This whole Covid business is really not over. Secretly, I’m not complaining.

It means Veronica will not be travelling. She spends all her time with me, her very special Boxer girl.

Unfortunately the lockdown doesn’t keep her from celebrating Halloween. I had secretly hoped I would be spared of the whole “Photo shoot in ridiculous festive collars”. Oh no!

On the other hand, I’m the best dog model ever, I know how to take the prefect pose, wait patiently until she’s satisfied with the pics.

(Just pointing out the obvious here.)

We took a Halloween walk and I wore my “Badass Bandana”, real cool with scary spiders. Gives me an edgy look.

People will call me “The Halloween Badass Boxer”.

Just before the lockdown, we went on a 3 day stay in this really great Hotel, up in the mountains, “The Lenkerhof”.

They love dogs! Just look at what awaited me in our room: A bed, treats, Bowls and a towel to clean my paws. Even a sign to put on the door not to disturb if I’m alone in the room.

At night, when Veronica and Dennis slept I decided the sofa looked more up to my standard. I’m sure the hotel management expects the Dogs to sleep here.

Veronica did not approve. (Not much she can do while sleeping, can she?)

We went for long, lovely walks. The scenery is very Swiss and romantic.

I wasn’t allowed off the leash. A small incident occurred, when I felt the urge to explore a field. I amazed myself by crawling under a barrier.

Veronica was not “amazed” at all, especially since I failed to hear her call…I was busy digging. Apparently dogs are not allowed in the fields.

Now, how was I supposed to know that!

At dinnertime, I had to stay in the room. Supposedly I might get “agitated” and “disturb” the dinner guests, if there was another dog in the dining room.

I don’t know what she’s taking about. Actually I didn’t mind, especially with the comfortable sofa within reach.

I made a new friend though. He told Veronica I was charming. Hear that guys: Charming!

It was three fun, relaxing days. Veronica was enthusiastic and wants to come here with the whole family.

Is she out of her mind? That makes ten people plus the babies. And let’s not forget the two dogs. Has she counted properly? She’ll be exhausted.

Ok, the real truth: I don’t like sharing Veronica’s attention with anybody! There, I said it, I’m an only dog and I love it!

This is Simon v d Andreashöhe, he is one gorgeous puppy, as well he should be. He’s Flay’s, that is my sister’s, great grand son. Veronica is in love, he reminds her of my gorgeous Mother, Ondra vd Hansjakobstadt.

The dark coat and white markings. Veronica loved my mother.

He was born to Mosca’s first litter. The very exciting news is that Simon is moving to Sweden

A family heard of Qarisma, Qastor and the Andreashöhe Kennel and contacted Andy. Long email exchanges, discussions, and explanations took place. Veronica served as an interpreter.

Andy and Jacky wanted to make sure their puppy was adopted by a nice, responsible family. Especially in a distant country.

They needn’t worry. The Lydeens are a lovely family with two small children. They’d already owned a Boxer girl, Colette. “They know what they’re getting into” Veronica said.

“Getting into”? What’s that about? Boxers are wonderful dogs, sometimes a little…creative and alive, and didn’t she hear what my new friend at “The Lenkerhof” said? Charming! So there!

This is Niclas

And Christine. It was love at first sight.

They traveled through a covid restricted Germany, to pick up their little Swiss pup. Hear that, some people are happy to go the extra mile for their dog!

Veronica should take a leaf out of their book! She has never taken me to Sweden, “It’s too far, too tiresome”. What a lame excuse! Look at Niclas and Christine or Yvonne, to name a few. Honestly, Veronica’s a little self-centered.

Niclas and Christine were happy to finally go home with their new treasure. And Andy and Jacky were happy to see that Mosca’s Simon was adopted by a wonderful family.

Though Jacky shed some tears, she’d grown extremely fond of Simon. She told Veronica on numerous occasions what a great personality he had, “Er ist ein Traumboxer”.

Simon arrived safe and sound in his Swedish home. He adapted quickly to his new environment and family.

I can’t believe there are now three Andreashöhe Boxers in Sweden. Of course Simon is a little special, since he’s my great nephew.

Veronica said she wants to visit them all. (Obviously I won’t be part of that excursion! Typical!)

Simon, listen, you are an Andreashöhe, stay true to our reputation. We are a creative lot, but you have to be smart about it. If caught in the middle of a…”situation”, play it cool.

Adopt your most innocent look, the “I’m so sorry, I had no idea” look. Works every time, trust me! Nobody can resist those sweet, innocent Boxer eyes.

Simon, you’re my lineage. Make me proud.

Niclas and Christine, since you run a Fragrance company, here’s an idea: Dog perfume!

Dear Niclas and Christine, I wish you many years of love, fun and laughs with Simon. If he’s as “Alive” as my Felicia, there won’t be a boring minute of those years.

Looking for a New Scent:

Follow Simon in Instagram: @simon_lydeen

Need a rest with Your Dog?:

Andreashöhe Kennel:

Boxer Felicia’s Summer: Part Two

It’s official: Summer is here! Heat, is the main ingredient. I hate it! (The heat that is).

We have a stream of guests dropping by to swim, chat and enjoy our lovely, leafy Oasis. The vast garden offers a safe venue in times of Covid:

Veronica’s very good friend VT, she was the owner of my Lego’s BFF, Tessi.

I love her, she is so sweet and I am allowed to cuddle with her as much as I want. Also, she brings me special treats.

There is a slight problem though…her dogs. Gilda and Klooney. Gilda and I… well, let’s not get into that. (You don’t need to know every little detail of my life).

What? I am a VERY gracious hostess! No, I do NOT growl at canine guests.

I don’t understand why I have to be “punished” and sent inside, like a naughty puppy, when it’s MY HOME and MY GARDEN!

Ok, ok, if truth be told, I sometimes, very rarely, and on occasion, feel an urgent need to express my deepest feelings. Especially when a dog sneers at me…you must see my point of view?

Also, it’s a fact that one should not keep emotions bottled up! It’s very unhealthy. Only Veronica doesn’t get it, at all.

She takes our guests to the community beach to have fun and swim, without me… “Felicia, that beach is tiny, one dog is enough, and you have to be careful with your leg, Dr B warned us”.

Yeah yeah, lame excuse…whatever…

CS is the sweetest, and I love her, even though she is a cat person, (I know, very disappointing). She’s been on many of our walks, she’s a lot of fun.

Pity about the cat stuff though.

Let’s not forget to mention the Family:

I adore EC, when he lived in the house he always let me sleep on his bed. As a matter of fact Veronica should take a leaf out of his book.

EMC and ZC, are not the biggest dog fans, let’s say they love me…at a distance…We celebrated ZC’s Birthday.

NC is the one that came with Veronica to pick me up at Jacky and Andy’s house. He’s a star. Well, after me, I’m the true star of the family and they all absolutely adore me…and Indya…of course.

Veronica has set up a special children’s table in the garden.

She looks after Little L and Baby O while MC naps in the Guest room. Rumor has it that the room has special healing powers.

Apparently being a parent is exhausting. If I got things right, these babies party all night long. (That’s the mother’s story anyway.)

I help as much as I can, though I think that Baby should not lie there on the ground, very unsafe. Yes, what with “The Strutting Pigeon” among other dangers.

When she’s not sleeping, MC has other, exhausted Mothers over for tea. The kids have fun and the mothers can complain and share their various night adventures, or stories about their stubborn toddlers.

I’ve noticed it has an instant cheering effect on the mothers morale.

(I Can’t believe Veronica had four kids)

MC bought a Family Bike. It’s actually quite cool, and Little L loves it.

Summer walks are wonderful…when not too hot. We mostly walk in the woods.

Through the fields, if the sky is cloudy.

Or on lovely evenings when the light is gorgeous.

Incidentally you might wonder why I am on the leash? Veronica and I have an ongoing “argument” about my sudden need to run out in the field and dig…apparently this is forbidden.

“Felicia, dog’s are not allowed in the fields”. I want proof? Has she just randomly invented a law, just to annoy me? Supposedly it is a nature reserve. Not sure I believe her.

Nearly every day we go to the community beach.

And listen very carefully: I WENT SWIMMING! Yes, me, Felicia v. d. Andreashöhe swam! Told you I had a few moves up my sleeve.

To be perfectly honest, I was chasing a stick, when I suddenly couldn’t feel the bottom of the lake, I HAD to swim. (But that’s irrelevant, I SWAM!)

Did I like it? Ehhhh…well, let’s just say that in my opinion swimming is highly overrated. Will I swim again? Let’s take a moment to consider…NO, I’m good. You people can, from now on, stop hassling me on that particular subject.

In the middle of the summer, on the 1st of August, we have our national holiday. Not that Veronica celebrates or cares that much.

But I have to wear a white and red ribbon (Swiss flag). And Dennis cooks a special meal (No fondue).

When the heat is overwhelming I sleep on the kitchen floor. Also there’s good view of the living room, and the cooking station, and my food bowl.

Evenings we hang out by the pool.

Alas the wonderful, relaxing, far niente, atmosphere cannot last for ever. Sadly, everyone has to go back to work.

OMG! I can’t believe I actually used the word “Wonderful” in regard to our summer! What’s wrong with me? It’s probably an age thing.

Summer of 2020 was a strange but lovely bash.

Bring on the fall

Boxer Felicia’s Summer: Part One

We’ve been very busy around here. You’d think what with the whole “Covid business”, summer would be boring, covid safe yes, but not boring!

Oh no, not in this house!

The season always kicks off with Veronica and Dennis’s Birthdays. Same day! I know, what are the odds.

I feel sorry for them having to share the celebrations and the party.

This year, however, no party, but a private, Covid compatible, surprise gift from the family: a classical, concert in the garden.

This is the Ensemble “Chiome d’Oro”, a small, talented group of baroque musicians.

Veronica was, as always, overwhelmed by emotions, including a lot of crying…(She needs to get a grip, she’s embarrassing herself.)

“A wonderful, amazing, musical gift” as Veronica repeatedly told everyone over and over again.

The concert was followed by an impressive homemade buffet. I bet you’d loved to have been invited? But of course you were not…

And neither was I!! Yes, can you believe that?? I, Felicia v d Andreashöhe was not invited!!

The injustice of it.

Instead, I was sent inside “Felicia, you might disturb the concert, you’ll be better off here”.

Says who?? Did anybody ask for my opinion? Bunch of self centred people! I can love music, I can absolutely enjoy a concert too!

I didn’t brood for long, though, a wonderful surprise awaited:


Little E and family came to stay for a night. Little E loves me, now Baby F not so much, wonder why?

She’s often grumpy. And boy does she have a loud voice!

This was demonstrated on numerous occasions, especially when that little one does not get what she considers herself entitled to.

C183B50D-3F15-4AE3-9402-1329464D1A2B 2

As expected Little L came to play. I have to say Little E was extremely patient and let Little L be the boss. Very astonishing.

She sure has changed a lot, guess it’s the “I’ve got a little sister thing” (especially considering Baby F’s loud personality).

6E9077C8-CF6C-4D73-876D-A45F1D148A46 3

We managed to spend some quality time together.


Sadly, next morning, it was already time to say goodbye. Come back soon Little E.


Time came for my summer, health check up, with my favourite Dr L. As you can see these masks are required now.

I know Veronica is relieved and doesn’t mind at all, I think she looks funny. Like a dog with a muzzle.


Dr L is so nice, I love coming here. Today apparently, he is going to see if I have a new tumor.


Nothing! I get a clear health bill except one, totally silly little problem: two infected teeth!

The only treatment possible, so he says, is to remove my teeth! He’s got to be kidding! REMOVE MY TEETH??!! I feel humiliated!

Shouldn’t there be a law, an animal protective law against such interventions?


Apparently not! So here I am, waiting, patiently for my 7th anaesthesia! I’m probably breaking some kind of record! Seven interventions with anaesthesia!

I’m a hero, brave, strong, and beautiful (doesn’t hurt to mention) medical hero!


It’s done! I feel lousy. It hurts a lot! I can’t eat properly, I get medication, but still, it hurts! I’m a beautiful hero in pain.

“Felicia , you are so brave, as a reward we have planned a surprise, as soon as you’re better”.

Trying to bribe me here? Typical! This better be a super cool surprise!

C7A946CB-73DD-4B17-9D54-7BEECF8B3E3A 2

And it is.

We’re going on a day trip to a beautiful place; “Gorges de l’Orbe”. A long walk with fantastic views.

We share, that is, Dennis shares his picnic with me, of course he does, as always.

(Veronica still doesn’t understand the concept of “Sharing is caring”).

A8F94D55-2E9A-4CF4-9B53-771603B4B914 2

It’s a very hot day and I surprise them by jumping into a fountain. Didn’t think I could perform such a tour, did you?. Ha!

I happen to know my Lego always did this, well, goes to show I can be as adventurous as she was.

I have many more tricks up my sleeve!

I have to be on a leash, supposedly I “might fall”. Gee, what do they think? That I’m some kind of stupid, ignorant dare devil?

All in all it was a fun day. Also my teeth are all good now…

…truth be said, I can live perfectly well without them, but I am certainly not going to share this information with Veronica. I want her to feel sorry for me.

Incidentally you can feel sorry for me too! Just saying.

That’s all folks for this time. More fun awaiting in Part two.

Leave of Absence


You are probably all wondering “What’s going on with Felicia?”. NO??? I don’t believe you.

You all miss me, I know you do, you’re just too shy, or find missing a dog too embarrassing to admit it. Yeah, that’s it.

Tell you what; I’m out of the office!


Yes, that’s right: I’m offline! Now, you people need not to worry, I’ll be back soon.

For a “stay at home vacation” it’s been kind of crazy over here. I’ll tell you all about it when the summer is over.

What? Now? Oh no, now I’m waiting for  my dinner, so NO spoiler alerts!

p.s. Disappointed? Just dig into my archive. There’s enough stories there to entertain you for a while

Boxer Felicia’s Travel Log


It’s summer and very warm, most of you are probably thinking, wish I was by the sea.

Traveling might be different this year, the Covid business is still out there, perhaps you’ll stay in your country and enjoy what it has to offer.

In this story I want to tell you about a few local places I’ve been to.


I’m no globe trotter, as you know. Veronica NEVER takes me with her when going to Sweden. “You cannot come in the plane”.

Why is that? I could lie next to her as I do in the train. Supposedly only dogs under 8 kg are allowed in the cabin. Us big guys have to sit all alone in a travel box in some horrible space. (I’m sure it’s horrible)

Who made that stupid rule? Probably a small dog owner! The injustice of it!


We live in Switzerland, in Geneva, and I’ve visited a few places with Veronica and Dennis, I’m a wonderful travel companion.

I have my own bag with my food and my Cloud7 roll-up bed.


Sometimes I travel by train. Just look at that perfect Boxer girl. Lying there, not bothering anybody, minding her own business.

See how that would work in an airplane? I’m really not thrilled by their so called “Animal transportation regulations”.

I have an idea for a new rule: pass an obedience test “Who can lie still with their master for the longest can fly with them”. Obviously I’d get full marks!


The first train excursion was to visit my friend, Erasme, the Weimaraner. He’s not only very handsome but also the nicest guy ever. A classy gentleman.


We ran around the beautiful forest where he lives, in Zürich. It’s a nearly 3 hour train ride. (Did I move? Disturb? Bark? NOPE!)


We often go up to MC and VH’s little chalet in the neighbouring French alps. This was just before my first surgery. I remember well because I was not allowed to walk very far and run.


Our favourite excursion is to the close by “Jura” mountains. There are endless hikes all year around.


The view is spectacular.

FYI: Don’t let the scenery make you forget that gorgeous Boxer looking at you.


Some winters the snow is magic. It’s fun to run in the paths. I prefer to stay on those, it’s just more comfortable.


This one time, it had snowed so much, there were hardly any trails. Pure fairyland, only Dennis freaked out, and was very worried we would get lost…Seriously??? Ridiculous.

It was actually quite hilarious. Obviously, he now refuses to admit the episode ever happened, male vanity being what it is. But yeah, it did happen.


On the other side of the Jura is my favourite lake, “Lac de Joux”. It’s perfect since I can wade out very far.

As you know, swimming is not my cup of tea, anyway it’s totally overrated. Everyone knows that. It’s so last season.

I’ve said before: Wading is the new black!


You have to admit this is fricking amazing. As a matter of fact I have a great idea: I could be a model, in tourist brochures?

“Boxer Felicia admires the magnificent Lac de Joux”, perfect!


This is the Amphitheater in “Avenches”. Here, long ago, super muscular guys, called Gladiators, fought as an entertainment for a large public.

Apparently, this is not allowed any more, so now they show operas here in the summer. 


Incidentally, bet you I could totally win a fight here, what with my big muscles. Only problem, I don’t like to fight…at all.

What’s more, Veronica, who’s a total “70s flower power peace” kind of girl, would forbid it. She’s against fighting of any kind.


We took a long walk around “Lake Murten”, near Avenches.


The “Rhein Fall” is in a city called “Schaffhausen”,

Apparently the water fall is super famous. It’s nice but honestly, what’s all the fuss about? It’s running water!


Coming back from the “Lac de Joux” we stopped in a village called “Romainmotier”. Supposedly it’s a member of “The most beautiful villages in Switzerland”.


I agree, it’s cute. This house has a fountain in the yard. Comes in handy for thirsty dogs. My Lego would have jumped right in the water to cool down.

I think that’s not very hygienic so I just drink elegantly without getting all wet.

What? A wimp? Absolutely not! Educated dogs don’t just jump into fountains! It’s in some educational chart, surely.


Everywhere around the “Lac Leman” you can admire the alps.


Every year there is a famous sail boat race in June: “Le Bol d’Or”


Even here, at Corinne’s dog centre, the view is fantastic.


We’re lucky to live in such a beautiful country, lucky our house is so close to the lake, to our own community beach, where we can enjoy this magnificent scenery and


the occasional wading in the summer, here with Indya


This year we stay at home, this year we travel close by. This year Veronica and Dennis will be with me and I love it!!

Stay safe.

Home sweet home.




The New Baby


We have a new baby in the family!! A BRAND NEW BABY! I barely got used to Baby L (or as we now shall now call her: Little L), when BAM! there’s a new one!

Why oh why? Isn’t one enough? Yes, I know Veronica had four babies, but that’s her, she’s barely the example one should be inspired by.


It all started when Indya and I noticed MC getting chubbier and chubbier on the front, with annoying mood swings and sleeping a lot. Oh, oh, we knew what that meant…

We were both concerned, had they thought this through? We were not thrilled, to say the least, especially Indya.

Don’t get me wrong, we love Little L, we really do, but one child is plenty! No need for more!


Little L, on the other hand is happy and very excited. That’s because it’s just a bump at the moment, but just you wait, until there’s a screaming baby around!

Not to speak of a toddler stealing her toys, then we can discuss the “happy and excited”.


After many, many, many long months, a little boy is born, Baby O. While MC is in the hospital with VH, Little L stays with us…of course.


And so does Indya. I’m happy about that, when Little L’s around Veronica tends to forget she has a dog. How she handled four kids of her own is a mystery.

One three year old stays for a few days and the house looks like a bomb just exploded. Stuff everywhere.

And she’s exhausted!


A Baby Brother calls for celebration! There is happiness and excitement, a beautiful Baby Boy. The whole family is thrilled.

The opinion of us dogs is unaccounted for.


Can’t believe how much freedom Little L has here. Just look at her, she’s allowed to sit there and mess with Veronica’s stuff.

(The computer is now turned off when Little L plays; it seems there was an incident with an inadvertently sent email).

She even coloured the keyboard and mouse! Veronica just smiled. FYI she never smiles when I take personal initiatives.

The unfairness of it!


She takes over the whole house, even my bed. MY Cloud7 bed.


She took a nap there. She has a bed of her own! Yes I know I have other beds, but that’s neither here nor there!!

It’s a matter of principle.


After four intense days, MC, VH and Baby O came to pick up the missing members of the clan.

Little L was impatient, she waited by the door with her belongings. Indya and I were asked to stay in the background.

Supposedly, there is a risk we might run out to bark at the fence…lame excuse.


The family is reunited. It’s pure happiness, Little L, adorable, gently holds her Baby brother in her arms. Everyone’s in tears.

FYI: Of happiness. This is one big emotional family, tears, and tears and more tears.

Indya and I choose not to show the same enthusiasm. We need more time to consider the matter before expressing our true opinion.

0ED8FFED-BEE0-40F9-88BA-E3188A68EFFF 2

Veronica regresses into an infantile state. She takes on this ridiculous high pitched voice and talks to the baby, about the baby in the most embarrassing manner.

“Oh he’s sooooo cute” “yes you are soooo cute, yes you are” …etc… and she sings for him. Poor guy.

Please, somebody talk sense to her, she has to stop!! NOW!


The little family spends time at our house and Veronica, as expected, helps out a lot. Reading stories to Little L while rocking Baby O to sleep.


Intersting fact:

A new baby means a new stroller! Apparently Little L’s stroller wasn’t good enough. Even though it was bought in Sweden, supposedly the only country in the world with decent strollers. (Dixit Veronica and MC).

They traveled to Stockholm to buy “a much better one”.

Incidentally, don’t get me started on all the strollers in this family: (The city stroller, the jogging stroller, the Baby stroller, the toddler stroller…etc) Insane!!


I forgot how much attention a Baby needs. It eats all the time, I mean ALL the time!! Wish I would get six meals a day too.


I find it alarming the way they let that Baby sleep outside! Anything can happen! “The Strutting Pigeon” for one.

Yes, absolutely, it could grab Baby O and fly away!


I feel obliged to stay close by. These people seem unaware of all the dangers around.

The garden is full of potential predators, apart from “The Strutting Pigeon” we have a whole range of birds, squirrels, lizards and god knows what else.


Even Veronica, mother of four, needs supervision.


Not to worry,  Boxer Felicia v d Andreashöhe, AKA “The Brave Guard Dog”, is ready to pounce.


Indya takes over the job at their house.

Though rule no 1 in a guard dog’s chart: NEVER turn your back on the object of your attention!!

Rookie mistake!


Little L is still everyones sweet Darling. Here performing an improvised dance number with ZC.


Annoyingly I have to admit these guys are adorable together. Little L is the most wonderful, caring, loving big sister.


Gentle and sweet.


I’ll get used to this new configuration, what’s more; these people clearly would never manage without me;

Boxer Felicia v d Andreashöhe, “The Courageous Brave Guard Dog”!





The Andreashöhe Emigrants


These are my cousins, Qastor and Qarisma von der Andreashöhe. They have emigrated to Sweden.

Please admire their gorgeous Swiss collar!


When I say cousins, it’s more like distant cousins. We share the same ancestor, the famous champion, Exkalibur von Hofmannstal.


The Mother is Andy and Jacky’s beautiful Pretty von Hofmannstal (From Rosine Hofmann). The father, Xenon von Eulenhorst, looks like a cool, hot guy.


Incidentally here is the Andreashöhe Team; Nando, Mosca, Lavie v. d. Andreashöhe, and Pretty von Hofmannstal.


The adventure started when Veronica sent her friend Yvonne, in Sweden, a picture of all the puppies.

“Do you want one”?

It was intended as a joke but Yvonne, who was thinking about a new pup, took the matter very seriously.


Yvonne has her own, Kennel, “Introduce”. Here with Havannah’s litter. The D team.

She kept a baby, a female; “Introduce De Luxe”. Her only Boxer now since both Havannah and Mojo are in Fairyland. (They’re probably hanging out with my Lego).

One thing led to another and her friend Maria, owner of Lux’s Bother “Introduce Da Vinci”, happily joined the “let’s look at pups” trip.


The”Boxer Fan Squad”, Yvonne, Veronica and Maria, met up in Zürich and took the train to Flawil.

I did not approve of that trip, AT ALL!! Veronica should not be allowed to see puppies. I don’t want a little sister!! Come think of it, she should be banned from all Puppy venues.

I’ve said this before; I haven’t reach my full potential and I’m nowhere near ready to be a surrogate Mom.


The “Boxer Fan Squad” were introduced to Pretty’s 11 puppies, the Q team. It was love at first sight


Yvonne was charmed by this adorable female…


…and Maria by this cute male.

It was a no brainer and the deal was sealed; Qarisma and Qastor were to emigrate to Sweden. Andy and Jacky were thrilled.

FYI Veronica did NOT choose a puppy!!! I suspect Dennis put a veto to any kind of “little sister” shopping. (I love being one of a kind, and their star.)


Just look at those adorable faces. These are the cutest puppies ever. (Now that I know I’m safe, I can properly admire Pretty’s babies).

They are just soooo cute!

Incidentally, don’t tell Veronica I said that, I don’t want her to reconsider the situation!


The siblings had so much fun.

05682BEC-20F0-42D7-8DD6-4C65927D5707 2

A professional dog photographer came for a special “Puppy photo session”. Look at those babies all snugly together.

Don’t you just want to snuggle with them? Adorable!! But shhh, not a word to “you know who!”


At 10 weeks, the Puppies were ready to leave for their new homes.

Unfortunately, due to border regulations, Qarisma and Qastor had to wait until 15 weeks and a rabies shot, before entering Sweden.

Andy and Jacky took great care of them, preparing them for a life outside the kennel: Puppy classes…


…excursions to the city and unfamiliar surroundings..


…encounters with people and children…


and some basic education.


Finally, after months of waiting. Yvonne and her husband Tom arrived in their caravan to pick up their new baby.

It was true happiness.


Yvonne had brought Lux so she could meet her new baby sister.


Maria and her husband arrived a little later, by plane. It was a jolly, merry reunion.

They spent a few fun days getting acquainted with their new babies. Visiting some local sights and the annual “Fastnacht” (Spring Carnival)


Time had come to start the long journey back home, pack everyone into the caravan and say goodbye to Pretty, Andy and Jacky.


They were sad to see their babies leave but happy and proud to have two of their dogs in Sweden. (FYI Andy’s hair is coloured for the Carnival).

Qarisma and Qastor are very lucky. They’re adopted by two, wonderful, dog loving families surrounded by Sweden’s amazing forests. Plenty of space to run, play and have fun.

I, for one, would move in with Yvonne in a heartbeat, she’s so nice and always has my back whenever Veronica complains about…well…never mind.

91354025-F70D-40C3-A2B5-23C72F8FDCE3 2

The Puppies love their new homes.

Lux is a wonderful surrogate Mom, staying close to her little sister, protecting her.


Vinci is happy to have a new playmate and keeps Qastor on his toes, looking out for him at all times.


Maria introduces Qastor to their horses.


Soon he hangs out with Vinci in the stables


Yvonne starts tracking with Qarisma, she’s a promising student.


Qarisma and Lux are inseparable,


as are Vinci and Qastor.

Their new lives consist of play, fun, long walks in the forest, some training and lots and lots of love.

A happy, wonderful, Boxer life.


Qastor age 6 months


Qarisma age 6 months

I’m proud to have two gorgeous cousins in Sweden.


Ok, enough with those pups!! Let’s talk about some other dog, off the top of my head: me! Felicia v d Andreashöhe, the cousin, and I’m gorgeous too!

Also, I love being my family’s, one and only, star.


Liebe Andy und Jacky, Ich bin sehr froh zwei Andreashöhe Boxer jetzt glücklich in Schweden leben

Rosine Hofmann is a wonderful and respected Boxer Lady and Europe’s oldest breeder (90 Years old). Here with Pretty’s sister, Phyllis.

Rosine, as always, came to admire the litter and give her opinion on the attributes of each puppy. She is always so generous with her time.






Corona Quarantine


Apparently, if I got things right, there is something called Covid-19 that makes people very sick.

I don’t know who this guy Covid is, but he’s out there in the world, spreading his venomous tentacles among the population in all countries.

The government advises people not to gather in large groups and keep a safe distance, no  hugging or shaking hands.


Dennis suggested we should go on a small excursion to the mountains close by. We’ll be all by ourselves and the the walk in the sun will do us good.

Cool, I’ll be able to run in the snow. That’s was my plan…until reality hit hard:

“Felicia, no running. Not the time to get any health problems, We don’t want any injuries”. You know Veronica, once decided, negotiations are pointless!


The view is breathtaking. We share a picnic in the sun. Such a perfect day.

(Apart from the “no running” business.)


Then the government tightened the rules and put the country on semi-lockdown. All stores, schools, hairdressers, restaurants etc closed, apart from grocery stores and pharmacies.

The population is asked to stay home as much as possible and to go out only for grocery  shopping and walks in their neighbourhood.

So here we are, in quarantine!


We all know what a believer in rules Veronica is!! Not only will she follow the rules as a model citizen, but she will seize this wonderful (to her) opportunity to create new ones…for the family!

“We can’t let ourselves go, so we need a daily routine”…”let herself go”…What is she talking about? She’s such a control freak she’d NEVER “let go” in any sense. And just to make things clear; nobody bosses Dennis around.

Mainly that leaves me and herself. This confinement has suddenly become much more complicated…

BAC3A4D0-75DD-4403-8BA1-97DDD0C29435 2

Veronica’s motto goes: “Mens sana in corpore sana” (this is Latin for “A healthy mind in a healthy body”) Latin? Really? That’s  what she’s going for?! Like she’s some kind of expert?!! She didn’t even study the damn language!!

Fun fact though, Latin was mandatory for her four children all through middle school. “A very good exercise for the brain,” so she said!

What about her brain? But of course, everything becomes clear, this is why she has so many shallow interests, like cheesy chick flicks and shopping. A lack of Latin!!


The daily routine goes as following:

“Breakfast alone time.” Drink her tea, listen to classical music and read. “I want to start my day in a zen mode.” Sure, whatever…

That’s when Dennis and I get our “Morning zen alone time”, IOW we sleep late!


Yoga session thanks to Constance (Veronica’s Yogi master). I keep her company on the blanket, I feel it is my duty as her faithful dog to encourage her.

Dennis has his own gym equipement in the basement.

Both Veronica and I feel it’s better to let him handle his workout alone, just out of respect.


Felicia gym. It’s not as fun as with Fanny and I don’t get that fabulous paté, still, it’s enjoyable…


…and rather exhausting. I’m allowed a rest before…


…the neighbourhood walk. No excursions. The government said neighbourhood only, so neighbourhood it is!

A few joggers are out but it’s calm and people very politely avoid each other. Wish the dogs would be as well behaved. They lash out and growl, some are even off the leash and come right up to me.

Me? Oh no, I, for one, respect and follow the “Two meter social distance” rule emitted by the government. Doesn’t mean I can’t give them a piece of my mind, from a safe distance.


Veronica has set up a certain number of house chores, one for each day. Like cleaning and decluttering her walk in closet

Arranging clothes according to design, color etc…Yes, I’m not kidding here! She’s not only a total control freak but also slightly OCD.

What’s more: she loves organising her clothes!!


Laundry duty. I help her out as best as I can.


Computer time, reading the news, listening to a concert etc…


Once our duties fullfilled Veronica tells me we can have some “Time off”. That is Veronica drinks tea and reads.


I relax in the sun. Talking about zen attitude.

Veronica tells me we’re very fortunate and privileged to have a garden. We should be grateful.


Dennis’s main chore is to take care of our dinners.

Every night he cooks delicious meals. Veronica put out my Cloud7 blanket so I can stay very close.

What? No, I’m not begging, oh no, I just like to be close to my family, IOW Dennis during meals.


Every night we go for a night stroll, the roads are empty, everyone is safe at home.

9E39287E-1598-4F3F-A19F-B39DF13CC3C1 2

I personally love this confinement. I get to spend so much time with Veronica and Dennis. Of course I miss the rest of the family, but it’s not forever.

We have to protect ourselves to protect others. Take this opportunity to reflect on your life:

Start a new hobby, knit sweaters (No dog clothes), read, call a friend, take a virtual tour of your favorite museum, listen to an opera, a concert, start yoga, or Zumba dancing, teach your dog new tricks…

But please, for your own sake and your loved ones: Stay Home!


The Rehab Center


This is my rehab center. I come here twice a week.


Fanny is my own very special rehab coach. We adore each other, she’s the best and very, very generous. I get so much candy and many hugs.

Her little Dog, Caramel, is very cute. (Obviously super well behaved)


My Dr L supervises the program. As you know he spent a year in California to become a rehab specialist.

He loves me. What’s not to love? I’m, adorable for one, and patient zero in his new program.

(Incidentally, I have decided to forgive him for the whole California business)


This is Ms Dr L, she’s also a Veterinarian rehab specialist. She’s very sweet and friendly. (And obviously knows all about me).

Let’s take a moment here and admire my elegance and grace. The perfect posture. Yes, Ms Dr L is beautiful too, but she’s more of the sidekick, I’m the top model!

I honestly wonder why haven’t I gotten any offers to be a spokes-dog for various products? Dog beds, Dog food etc… I could get tons of free stuff. Their loss!


The waiting room could do with some improvement! For one, the stone floor is very cold.


I’m forced to sit on the door mat. That is, until I decided this did not work for me so I…


…moved on to the sofa. I didn’t ask for permission, but what’s a freezing boxer girl supposed to do?


Amazingly enough Veronica said nothing, she even sat down with me. (I suspect she finds the chairs uncomfortable).


The rehab room is filled with cool gear for a perfect workout session.


The session starts with this weird electric treatment, “Electro Stimulation“, not really sure what it’s all about, supposedly it’s good for my leg.


It doesn’t hurt at all, it tickles gently and amazingly enough my leg does feel better.


The work out program begins with the treadmill. Easy peasy, I don’t even need a leash.


These exercises are for my balance and to strengthen my legs. Could you do that?


This one is quite tricky, try it!

CA29E5F5-310B-4DD7-B626-B14730E3AD00 2

Walking with the big ball…

1536DE8B-C8AF-4638-ADC1-D809C0726588 2

…and the peanut. I’m such a pro, I’m amazing!

Take that, you Police dogs, supposedly “the best at the rehab workout”! I’m just as good, perhaps even better, yes surely better! AND I’m a Boxer no less! What can I say, I’m a natural.

FYI I would do all these tremendously difficult exercises even without the “Parfait”, (the paste). Just thought I’d mention it!


We always end with a laser session. Very relaxing.


Dr L monitors my progress regularly. He’s very happy with the results. I’m getting stronger and stronger, and what’s more: I LOVE to come here.


Unfortunately Fanny left for a very long vacation. (I’ve said this before, these guys should NOT be allowed to go on vacations…ever!)

Luckily Stephanie was ready to step in, she’s very sweet and gentle. So it all worked out.


Dr L has two practices and this week I was summoned to the other one. I was led, under false pretences, into back room. (I was made to believe this was a courtesy visit).

Two assistents dressed in Swim wear (how weird is that??!!) and Dr L put this absolutely hideous, orange vest on me! (thank god no dogs around to see this embarrassing outfit).


They bribe (!) me, to go inside this weird big glass box that Suddenly fills up with water. Yes: Fricking water!!!

What’s going on? A giant bath? I can’t believe Veronica make me do this. Luckily I’m generously rewarded.


Without any warning the floor starts moving…MOVING! OMG! This is a water tread mill!

After a brief (VERY brief) moment of slight pani…astonishment, I catch on and walk as if this was my every day workout.

Everybody’s cheering. And rightfully so!


They all want to congratulate me, I am patient zero in this water tread mill. The first dog ever to try it.

I’m such a success! I deserve all their attention and mostly all their treats. (If I may say so, I’m an amazing dog!)


As a matter of fact I am Dr L’s Team’s star. They all gather round to admire my numerous skills.

I should start my own show.

“Boxer Felicias Workout”. An online service. Everybody would buy my program and I’d be a millionaire. I could expand with T shirts, sweatshirts featuring my picture.

“Stay Fit with Boxer Felicia”. I’ll be famous, I’ll be a star.


I already have the glasses!

My thanks go to:

Dr Gabor Luka and Dr Pia Luka for setting up this wonderful Rehab Center 

The team assistants for their friendliness and warm welcome

Special thanks to Fanny for being so sweet, patient and loving with my Felicia


The Belated Birthday


I’m very depressed, as a matter of fact I don’t even feel like getting up today. I just want to spend the day in bed and mope over what a egotistic person Veronica is.


Yesterday morning as I lazily went into her room expecting her to get ready for our daily walk, I was confronted by this horror vision: A packed suitcase,

Veronica’s packed suitcase to be more precise!!

You see, in two days it’s MY BIRTHDAY!! How can she do this to her Baby Boxer Girl?


We always celebrate. (This was last year.)

It’s a tradition: the pic, the cake, the candles, the gifts and THE talk, the “You’re older and wiser you should know better” talk.

Now suddenly she chose another venue?


Now traveling to Stockholm with MC and Baby L is more fun? How can anything be more fun than celebrating MY BIRTHDAY??!!

Has she forgotten my whole medical history? The four interventions??  I deserve her full attention.

Baby L is already everybody’s little darling!


Here I am, 7 years old and nothing. The day will be just like any boring day. Yes, I know,  Dennis takes great care of me but will he remember my Birthday?

Veronica is the one in charge of all the celebrations.

(Until now, that is, when apparently travelling with her Daughter and Granddaughter is more important.)


I’m in for a big surprise: He did remember!! Just look at this: my very own Birthday dish with a candle!

WOW, grilled Turkey he cooked especially for me!


I even get a Birthday greeting from my sister Flay. How sweet of her. FYI Veronica only called in the evening, supposedly she was busy.


Dennis takes me for a special Bday walk. No gifts though, I’ll get those when Veronica comes back, so he tells me. Yeah, there better be gifts!!

Little did I know of the next day’s big drama…

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Here we were, walking along the road in our neighbourhood, minding our own business when out of nowhere:

Two big dogs charged out of an open gate on the other side of the road and attacked me!!

Both Dennis and I freaked out! They ripped my ear, blood everywhere and I had to be rushed for an emergency visit to Dr L


I don’t remember much because I got put under and Dr L had to reconstruct my ear. Another intervention and coming home feeling groggy.

Good news: I have no problem with anaesthesia!


Let’s make one thing clear: I was innocent! I did not growl, or bark at those two. Veronica has taught me never to react to barking dogs behind fences in our neighbourhood.

“Felicia, don’t mind them, they’re just defending their territory. Here, have some treats” So when a dog barks I expectantly look at her and yes I always get rewarded.

Honestly, that’s a no brainer: Barking dogs versus great Candy?!


Finally she comes home!! She fusses over my ear at the airport “Stackars min lille Felicia, så synd om dig” (My poor little Felicia for sorry for you).

Then we had to hear all about HER vacation. Baby L this, baby L that. Finally, there was some interesting news:

Dog news!


She had lunch with Eva’s working partner, Carina Persson. Carina is coming in July to teach us this apparently very cool activity called “Do as I do”. I have no idea what that’s all about.

She’s going to stay at our house…should I worry? Probably not, she works with Eva, my Eva! (Bodfäldt).

Veronica said she’s super nice and fun and she said she will help with my problems. Helloooo, what problems? Explain yourself!!


“Felicia, let’s take a Bday pic”. We’re still doing that? My Bday was days ago. I want my gifts! NOW!


I finally get my gifts. A package from Cloud7, probably some fun toy! Yeah!


Let’s rip it out…strange toy…


WTF??? This is a raincoat!!! She bought me a FRICKING raincoat!! For MY BIRTHDAY!!! Is she out of her mind????


Did she talk this over with the appropriate people? I.e. her sister, SPS, the veterinarian behaviourist? (Bet you Rose and Yoda have no raincoats!) or Dr L or Eva?

No, I don’t think so! This is only her doing; “Oh Felicia is going to be so cute in that Burgundy coat, let’s order it”. Cute??? Says who??

This is so embarrassing!! I’ll have to walk around the neighbourhood like this!


There is another package, I rip it up but I’m really grumpy!


I love these “Planet Dog” toys, but I’m not going to look happy, and certainly not play with them just now! NO! (I’ll wait until she goes upstairs).

She bought me a Fricking raincoat!!


Planet Dog: