Limping episode


Indya left and things became rather dull around here. Veronica discovered I was limping, honestly only a tiny little limp. She went crazy and started talking to Dennis about “going to the vet”, “might need surgery”. Frankly I did not understand what the fuss was all about and what is “surgery”? I was not  even allowed to run.. pfffff


Got dragged to said Vet. I have to admit I like coming, I get all sorts of cool candy and lots of special attention.  Turned out to be NOTHING, made her look rather silly, getting all worked up. Downturn is I now have to be on a leash, they all want to play it safe.


Next day we went on this cool walk,  saw lots of guys hitting small balls and running. Wished I could join them and chase both yellow balls and guys. Hopefully she will let me run again soon,  I AM NOT LIMPING.



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