Home, part one: the garden


Our garden has a cool front yard, where I love to play ball, and check out the road. I am very good at guarding my folks, and keep all suspicious dogs on their toes


This is where I see them coming, and can get prepared and…


…pursue them all along the fence…  Veronica does not  share my  “keeping guard method”, she hates me barking. Does she not understand what’s at stake here? But NO it is; “two barks is enough”, “those are nice dogs”, “no need to fuss”… she doesn’t get it AT ALL


We have a pool, I don’t like swimming (they  tried in hot weather, but NO WAY) I don’t understand why there is no fish, or cool frogs and I keep hoping to see some. I check every day. I do chase big pigeons though, such fun, very silly birds.


This is the short cut to neighbours garden, I am not allowed to use it anymore!

There was an incident last week, I supposedly broke a blue flower, it was totally an accident. Veronica got terribly upset, and went on and on and on about the flower AND the plants and me …

I tried to explain that I need to, VERY QUICKLY, go and check out new guy next door. She did not seem very impressed. Now she put this barrier up. What is the point of a cool garden if I cannot use it??

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