Puppy Time: The Beginning


This is me, barely 10 weeks old, the day Veronica, NC and Lego came to pick me up.

Don’t you think I’m just the cutest? I mean look at those eyes, and adorable little wrinkly head… my coat looks a tad to big for me. I was  THE most gorgeous, adorable, cutest, beautiful puppy there ever was.


Ok, ok, Indya was all that  too…  (Veronica is all about not bragging, about fairness,  admitting others are great too, she’s such a goodie goodie sometimes.)

Here she is all tiny cute with Lego, obviously before I was born

Enough about her! It’s time you get to know…


… Veronica’s sister, SPS, she is a  dog professional,  a Veterinarian animal behaviourist, she has all those fancy diplomas, and has read loads of books and knows  everything about dogs, horses and positive reinforcement training etc.. She works with dogs all day long.

This is Zarah, her Boxer, she’s a lady boxer, very very nice, she loves everyone, dogs, horses, cats…. she’s perfect! (Why do  I constantly hear about all these perfect dogs?  Is that a hint?).

SPS has 3 dogs, a cat, and two horses, she just loves animals. Veronica says this was from day one, even as a tiny little girl.


She’s an outdoor person,  riding in any kind of weather.

Veronica thinks  she would love to have even more pets if she could. There might be a slight “family veto” to any new four legged member though.

(On top of the dogs etc she has four children and her husband  is also a Vet).


Yoda and Rose, I have met Yoda, he’s real cool, we played like crazy. Apparently Rose is a little wild one, so I heard Veronica say.  We have yet not been properly introduced.

I think both are  so cute with their little wrinkly faces.  They are also very nice and friendly to everyone ( hm…there it  goes again, I need to hear more about some “bad ass” dogs).

Her dogs have the coolest life! Living in the country, walking through the woods, and they have a HUGE garden, real huge. So much space. AND and an expert “Mom”.

I might be a little jealous. Wow, I know, I tend to be that pretty often. Am I a bad boxer??


Veronica became so silly, once I came into her life. Acting like she’d never owned a dog before… honestly !

Poor SPS, the first weeks, Veronica called her for advice ALL THE TIME; I mean,  ANY  little problem, question..!! SEVERAL TIMES A DAY!

And as the calls were not enough, she sent messages (SPS can not be available  24/7, obviously : she has a life!).


“What do you think is best….” “Why is Felicia reacting this way”… “Should I do this, or that”… “Today Felicia…what do you think”?… 1001 questions!

SPS was extremely patient, at the end she basically told her to relax, be zen, CHILL!


Following SPS advice closely, not to talk about the books she read: Joel Dehasse, Eva Bodfäldt…etc  she proceeded…

step by step, she took me everywhere, EVERYWHERE:


Take your puppy to different locations: We went to the village, I felt very proud with Lego on my side. Nothing could happen, she would protect me.

We  sat down in the square,  and took in the scenery, the people, and just relaxed.


Take the puppy to town: NC came with us many times, I loved the city. So many cool people everywhere.  Smells, dogs to check out.

We took the bus, that was fun. I did not think anything was scary at all.


Let your puppy meet children: we met many children, I got  cuddles, hugs and…


… loads of treats. What else can a tiny puppy ask for?


Don’t leave your puppy alone at night: I slept in Veronica’s room, and often, in the morning I was even allowed up on the bed.

I slept very well, didn’t even cry on my first night!! Wasn’t I a prefect pup??


Socialise your puppy: I was sent to puppy school  at Corinne’s  straight away (see post “Corinne”). And when I say straight away I mean: the second morning!

This is Cesar, he was my buddy, we had so much fun.


Let the puppy get used to staying home alone: at first Veronica had a crate, so I would not hurt myself. I liked it, made me feel like I had a little  hut. It got  to be my spot,  the crate is gone but I still have a mat there.


Very soon though she let me stay with Lego. Much better. I know for fact SPS was behind that decision.


Bond  with your puppy: We bonded by cuddling, games, and every day activities. I felt very happy with Veronica.


India came over all the time. MC wanted us to get used to each other, and boy, did we hit it off! She’s my BFF!! (You can check in post, “Indya my BFF“)


Lego was very zen about all the excitement, she went on with her life. I guess she knew Veronica pretty well at the time, and that she would eventually calm down.

Not so sure about the “calming down”.. look at  post “Limping episode” you’ll see


Lego was the best, every puppy should have a Lego when they arrive in a new family. She comforted me and always made me feel safe. (More about Lego in old post: “Lego“)


You might think I was Veornica’s first, that she’d never owned any dog… Listen to this:


I think she was overambitious, did she hope for some  kind of medal ?, “best dog owner distinction”?,  Is this what happens when people get older?

Yes, yes I know she meant well, and that it is a  proof of love.

One thing i do know: she loves me!

This was just the beginning of my puppy time, much more to come, I will share EVERYTHING with you!





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