Home, part two: the House


I have several beds. This is the MAIN bed, strategically placed in the entrance. I can view who is arriving, what is going on in the kitchen, in the living room, and coming down the stairs.

One  would think it’s a cool spot, but this sleeping facility comes with certain rules (set by Veronica no need to say. I may add that  I find said rules UNFAIR!)

  • When guests arrive I am NOT allowed to run to door and express my inner feelings.  Have to stay on bed. How impolite is that??
  • When  we have pool guys, plumbers etc, I am not even allowed to be in the entrance. NO! I am sent to blanket in dining room in order not to disturb. So silly, I just want to help, and assist them. Can’t anybody see this?
  • The kitchen, I can see yes, (and smell) but often  am NOT ALLOWED in. It seems dogs, cooking and meals don’t mix well! What’s that all about? I need explanations!

I do feel misunderstood at times


My blanket in living room where i have to stay during work done in the house. Mind you it is a lovely blanket, no excuse for sending me here though.


My upstairs bed. Yes I know I am spoiled, Dennis tells me all the time. No rules set here, thank god.


My “I am hungry I want food mat”. I go here when meals should be served. Only I have to wait, and wait, and wait… Then  finally Veronica comes in. I give her “the look”, “the LOOK LOOK” to make it clear that the standards in this house are seriously dropping!

Reminder: it is also time out spot, but lets not get into that.. totally unnecessary.


My outside bed. Not as comfy but great for keeping close look at what’s going on. I heard Dennis tell Veronica the other day: “Perhaps Felicia should sleep outside in hot weather”… What’s wrong with him???  Luckily Veronica was on my side and  that was the end of it.


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