As soon as Dennis moved in there was A LOT (!) of talk about a Wedding. I finally understood that it was actually Veronica and Dennis getting married.

The word wedding was pronounced AT LEAST 100 times a day: again.. and again. On the phone with god knows who, with the family, with the girlfriends and of course with Dennis.

I secretly think that he got a little fed up with the whole extravaganza.


She even talked to me about it, “Felicia you are going to be our flower girl” “I’ll find you some lovely flowers to wear”

Flower girl ??  Flowers to wear??  What is she talking about ???  What IS a flower girl ? Someone please EXPLAIN!!  And why can’t I just wear a nice collar??


She came home with my wedding/flower girl outfit. Now, I have to admit that once I reconsidered and realised:

1. I am going to be very important in the ceremony (perhaps even THE most important one)

2. I look very cute with my flowers

3. Every one will look at me

I was ready to embrace my new role as a responsible flower girl. Happy and proud!


D day came. The house was crazy,  CRAZY! Everyone running everywhere. Veronica was a nervous mess. Freaking out big time. I heard,  “dress” “make up” “flowers”  “have you thought about that??”  and so on.

Poor Dennis, I could see he was pretty nervous himself. I wonder if he was starting to regret the whole business?

I was sent over on a playdate to my friend across the street. Fred, a very cool (and handsome I might add) American Bulldog.


The general idea (I overheard Veronica talk to Dennis) was that I would get all my energy out so I could behave at the Mayors office!

Like I don’t know that. I’m THE Flower Girl! Remember!

We did have loads of fun though and I was happy to escape the “insane/home/atmosphere”.

IMG_0903 (1)

Thank god Veronica left…. Dennis picked me up at Fred’s, we got ready and left for the Mayor’s.

NC was there and he took me inside, it was a huge room with all family and friends. I knew all of them.

Veronica was late and I could hear MC talking to Dennis (who was seriously freaking out by now) telling him to relax… honestly what did he think ?  She would run away??

These wedding grooms need to chill.


The ceremony began with cello music, and ML made a speech.. Everyone was crying.. EVERYONE.. I felt a bit awkward.. aren’t wedding’s supposed to be fun??  Was there a problem?

Turns out that crying at a Wedding is what one is supposed to do. (Beats me.)

More music, speeches and more tears the Ceremony was over we headed out…and…


.. WOW.. There were rose petals and bubbles, all over the place!  So cool, I mean EVERYONE cheering at us, we were the stars. I know everyone thought I was particularly adorable.

Of course, I’m the TRUE star here!


So Bubbles, that’s my absolute favourite game.. Very tempting.. I knew I had to be on my best behaviour … I did not even pop a single one. Quite a performance don’t you agree ?


I will not go into the details of the “family photo session”, they always get into a state! “Guys it’s JUST A PHOTO!!”…on top of that, Veronica fusses over my ears, the way I sit.. C’mon give it a rest.


All merry friends and family came to our house for the best party ever. Music and fun. I know Veronica and Dennis were very happy.


As for myself, I went straight to bed.. I was sooo tired. Being a Flower girl is fun, sure, but oh so  EXHAUSTING!








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