The other evening there was an “incident”, it was NOT my fault! I had nothing to do with it! She has this habit of accusing me of all sorts of things, when actually she’s the culprit!


This is the incriminated object, and yes it fell to the ground and exploded. I plead not guilty! Lets fast backtrack here:


Every night, Veronica takes me on a late evening walk. First of all look at this HIDEOUS outfit she makes me wear!! Absolutely awful! Embarrassing!

Thank god very few people are out that late, not to talk about my friends around the neighbourhood.

Apparently walking in the dark is dangerous as cars might not see us. Ok I get that, so she can wear a yellow shining  jacket herself.


I’m often very tired and lag behind. Evenings I want to sleep, not get out for a “healthy walk”. She can be healthy on her own, no problem. Dennis agrees.

Back to the actual episode; here we were walking, minding our own business, when suddenly, out of nowhere, this silly little Jack Russel started barking at us, behind his fence.

I HAD to react, you can’t just let any guy pop out like a maniac, and scare you!


Veronica got startled, she had her iPhone in her hand. Boom, it fell to the ground, and exploded. Now who’s silly enough to walk with an iPhone in their hand??

You see what i mean? She should be a 100% dedicated to our walk, not checking god knows what on her phone.


We need to take a moment here and get a perspective on Veronica’s crazy apple addiction. She’s a kind of  “all apple person”, iPhone, iPad, iMac, Macbook air…

She bought the VERY first iPhone when it came out (it was not even officially sold here). She’s had them all, EVERY single model!


and look at this:  she has all the boxes on display!!! How crazy is that?? I wouldn’t be surprised if one morning they’re gone…  “Someone”, naming no-one in particular, might just have enough of the craziness.

She always  gets the latest  model, the largest, the best… ridiculous!

I think she needs to calm down. Stop obsessing with her iPhone!! (I’m not the only one with that opinion).


Next morning we headed for the Apple store, yes WE!!  I think Veronica wanted to show the “Genius” guys who the culprit was, in her eyes. She wanted to avoid embarrassing herself. Whatever, my conscious is clear!

There were all these cool people, in the store, children … Everybody wanted to say hello to “The beautiful boxer”, yes that’s me!


Stores are fun, I like to relax and check out the crowd.  Veronica is very happy with me, and I know she has treats in her pocket!

She can  probably spend the day here, admiring all the tech products.  I heard that  when she travels she  always wants to visit the local apple store. Now I don’t get that, once you’ve seen one, guess you’ve seen them all.


I think she is planning to visit the apple headquarters… in Cupertino pfff… she is such an apple nerd!!

Wonder what Dennis think’s about that, bet you in her mind that visit is mandatory. The phone got changed and we headed for the  provider’s store.


Dennis was to get a new phone too. I settled by the accessory stand, hoping  everybody would see me and more people would admire me. I love the special attention I get.

Veronica put an end to that idea…


…telling me it was “dangerous” someone could be “scared”, or “walk on me”… walk on me..??

Sure, like I’m some tiny Chihuahua…(I have nothing against them, they’re very cute) and who would be scared? I am the sweetest, most innocent looking boxer girl there is.


Dennis  got a brand new iPhone. And we headed home. Did Veronica have something to do with the choice? I wonder?

I  remember hearing her say once, as he was glancing at an Android , ” We have to have the same, it’s easier”.


Actually, this is an iPhone family, with one exception: EC! And there’s NO WAY, he’ll join the club, no! He will never “go over to the dark side” as he puts it.

I understand: be original, go your own way, make your own choices.


Meanwhile I had the best morning ever. Back home,  I felt like letting out some steam, I had been such a perfect good girl!

I heard rumours about an anniversary iPhone coming up. Will Veronica buy it? Well rest assured, they’ll be many more excursions to the Apple Store.

Oh yeah, ge an iPhone!




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