Today’s post is not about me. What? Yes, I can talk about other dogs too. I am not a self centred boxer girl and I do not think the world is all about me! (Even if Veronica says so)

So, today I want to tell you the story of a friendship. A strong loyal and happy friendship. Like no other.


I’m talking about the friendship between my Lego


…. and her Tessi.

Full name: “Tessi von Belpberg”  (Lego was a “von Andreashöhe“).


They met as tiny Puppies at the Boxer club, they went to Puppy school together, and from that moment on their bond was sealed.

VT, Tessi’s Mom, is very (VERY) much like Veronica. They’re expert shoppers  (PHD level), they love the same movies, shows and clothes, they even had the same car!

And, they adore all Apple products, anything Steve ever created. Yes, she’s just as obsessed as Veronica believe it or not.


The most important fact however, is that they trained their boxers, only with positive reinforcement. Treats, toys and fun, and certainly no yelling, shouting or tugging at the leash.

They became best friends.

To this day they continue to share and help each other out with useful tips and encouragement. On the dog front, of course, as well as on numerous other matters, including Apple products.


Whenever VT came the house, Tessi was alert in the car, long before they arrived, she knew where they were going, to see her BFF.

Lego was waiting by the door expectantly. She had learned to recognise the sound of the engine.

Every time  VT had to travel for work, Tessi stayed with Lego for long, happy sleepovers. They played all day, like crazy dogs.


They were wrestling champions. Growling, biting tirelessly, pretending they were ferocious beasts. Veronica even had to separate them for some quiet time.

Now here’s a game I approve of. I mean theses guys knew how it’s done, the real stuff. Yeah, that’s right down my alley!


Indya is my BFF and I love her, but for some stupid reason she just wants to run, and run and run. See, I try to distract her with my stick. Would it kill her just to slow down and wrestle with me?

No, it’s all about the running and the “Chase me if you can” game. I blame that running family!


Lego and Tessi never got into fights about the toys they shared…


or better, they each had their own.


They looked out for each other; “I have your back, you have mine”. The “Nobody messes with my BFF” stare.

That’s what I call friendship and a badass attitude.


They always slept together, even in very narrow beds…


…that sometimes did not seem very comfortable. But true friends stick together.


One day VT and Tessi had to move to a country far away. To a beautiful region with big nature reserves and parks where Tessi could run and play.

She had even found a new Boxer friend named Bandit and there was a wonderful Kennel for Tessi when VT went travelling.


For many years the two Boxer friends did not see each other. Lego knew her Tessi would return, and finally that day arrived.

Sadly by then Tessi was not feeling very well. She was in good hands though, VT loved her so much and provided all the care she needed, pampering her little Boxer girl with utmost tenderness.


Tessi was eager to see her Lego, the two older ladies enjoyed their reunited friendship. Not realising it would be the last time.

Shortly after, Tessi had to leave for Fairyland.

IMG_7587 2.jpg

Lego felt very lonely, her true friend was gone. She missed her a lot. She still ran expectantly to the door when she heard VT’s car engine.

She hoped her Tessi would be there, never wanting to accept that her friend had left her.


One day it was my Lego’s turn to depart for Fairyland, and I was the one alone.


My solace is that I know my Lego is with her Tessi again. Bet you they’re having a ball, true friends, partners in crime, reunited for ever.


My thanks goes Lego’s, and my, friend Michael, for some of these wonderful pictures at a time when iPhones were not available.

A note form my friend VT :  ❤️❤️❤️😭 this is really a wonderful wonderful testimonial, thank YOU for remembering and honoring our friendship through L and T’s… 😘😘





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