The morning walk


I love my morning walks. First I have to put on my “gear”; a special harness (made in Sweden) Veronica brought it back after her last trip. It’s  designed to keep dogs from pulling;

Just to make it clear: I DO NOT PULL!

Ok, I can feel her look, so, I admit,  sometimes I pull a tiny bit, and only when there is the odd little curiosity.   A cat, or a silly bird (any normal dog would have a reaction),  apart from those very tiny exceptions, I’m doing great. Even Veronica says so.

It’s very comfy, I should know; she has tried EVERY single harness on the market!  I also have to wear Lego’s collar with Veronica’s telephone number, just in case I run away.

P L E A S E, like I would do anything that silly!  I know where my best interest lies.  I’m shocked she even thinks that ?? And why can’t I have my own collar???


We often go to this beautiful place with fields and water. I  run like crazy, Veronica keeps on telling Dennis she’s nervous I might find a rabbit.

What’s a rabbit ?  A dangerous beast? A kind of bird?  I wonder, and why is she so worried ? Dennis is much more relaxed, he tells her I’ll be fine.

Wish I did see one, I’m sure I’ll find them interesting!


She recalls me all the time, I don’t mind. I get so many treats  and we play together with my cool toy, (the one I am only allowed to play with on walks or at Corinne’s).


Sometimes  the “obeying quickly when recalled” is very hard, VERY, VERY HARD!!  I get so distracted and sort of forget about Veronica and Dennis. They don’t even try to call, no use, I’ve gone momentarily deaf.

You see there are these AMAZINGLY interesting smells, the ground has small holes and wow!! I don’t know what went in there, but I need to find out. I have tried digging and digging and digging.


No results yet.  I keep on trying.

Veronica has told me I am not the right kind of dog, those dogs have pointy noses. Frankly I find that insulting! I’m very offended! Who’s says flat noses can’t find little animals too? Like there’s a rule??

As it is, Veronica explained, there are dogs especially bred for hunting. Apparently Boxers are NOT, we’re guard dogs! Yeah, yeah whatever…

I don’t care what Books or people say, I still think I can find something!


I always go into the water, there are these little funny animals jumping around, impossible to catch, trust me, I’ve tried.

I still hope that perhaps one day…

Dennis sometimes fusses over the cleanliness of the water.. yes you heard, Dennis, not Veronica.. amazingly enough. She’s cool with me swimming in muddy water.

Anyway nobody’s stopping me.


See those little black birds? THEY ARE SO IRRITATING! I’m debating weather I should chase them or not. They’re in my garden too, they nag me, they provoke me. Yesterday I chased one over a field and it flew really low, I mean I could JUST not catch it.

I am sure they do this on purpose, like saying “You can’t catch me, di bi dee.. I can fly.. you cannot.. Tra la la”.. Stupid dumb birds…


Sometimes they’re wild fields, so cool to run and jump in them. This makes Dennis laugh, Veronica less, she goes on with the “Rabbit theme”. I really need to learn more about these guys, perhaps Indya knows, or Inook.


As you can imagine there are rules for the walk. I am not allowed to do just anything. Whenever there’s a jogger, I have to sit. Veronica says “Jogger” and I sit, I get treats so guess it’s ok.

Apparently, so I heard, some dogs chase them. I don’t understand why, how boring is that? Chasing some guy running? Totally not worth it. Chasing dumb birds,much more fun.


When she says “Horse”, I have to sit, and get treats. Frankly I prefer, they’re huge, god knows what they’re capable of.. I noticed that the guys sitting on top of the horses, with the funny hats, often thank Veronica; “Thank you, what a well behaved boxer”.

I kind of like that, people thinking that I’m “well behaved and great”. Makes up for some of my less glossy sides. (Yes believe it or not I have a few, tiny small flaws, tell you about those later).


Veronica and I have a HUGE disagreement: Dog encounters!

This is how I see the encounter:  Lie down, check out guy coming, at the last moment, jump up, bark, whine or growl. I like to decide on the spur of the moment depending on subject’s looks, and attitude.

This is how Veronica wants the encounter: Felicia walking by, not even giving coming dog a glance.

You see, totally stupid, I cannot do that!!! No dog in their right mind just “Walks by”!!

Na, never going to happen!

Veronica has tried several strategies…


…like forcing me to walk with a candy in front of my mouth. She really doesn’t get it:  I DO NOT WANT TO WALK. As I weigh 30 kg (I am NOT fat!! I have big muscles. Even Dr L says so) nothing she can do.

After consulting with Eva Bodfäldt.

Making me sit down on side of the road, holding this long speech: “Look at this cute dog?”  “Have you seen those ears ? and that colour, wow, very nice?” “Don’t you think he’s cute?”

Then she says hello to the owner and ads “Sorry, my boxer is a bit grumpy today”. Really??Grumpy??? I am NOT GRUMPY! I just need to be thorough, you never know with random dogs out there!

Anyhow I get too distracted to react what with that yummy treat in front of my mouth. Veronica praises me, kind of makes up for anything stupid she might say.

IMG_8409 (1).jpg

At the end of the walk we have this argument; she wants me to jump in the car straight away, I want candy. I ALWAYS win.

I mean, what is she going to do ? She can’t leave without me, and I’m much too heavy for her.

I win.


Walks are tiering. I sometimes don’t feel like jumping straight out of the car once back home. I need to be persuaded, a treat would help, this never happens.

Dennis thinks I am being silly and refuses to insist. Once when it was just the two of us, he  left me in the car, back open, and went into our house. I waited and waited, he did not come back out!

I was quite upset. How COULD he just leave me?? Didn’t he care?  Wasn’t he worried something was wrong with me?  I could have a stomach ache, or hurt leg, or a fever..  does he check on me??  Nooo, in he goes inside  and on with his business.

Honestly men!!

Veronica couldn’t believe her ears when he told her, I know she was not very happy! HA!

I forgave him. ( This has NOTHING to do with him doing all the cooking).


Walks are fun!


My favourite dog supply store in Stockholm:

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