Dog Parkour


Veronica loves Opera and Classical music. That’s what the radio’s blasting out during the long drives to Corinne and Agility. (My opinion is irrelevant!)

Until she discovered “Vår Bästa Vän” (Our best friend). A Swedish podcast on dogs with Eva Bodfäldt, Gurgîn Bakirciouglu and Maria Hedquist.

Gone were the strains of “Aida”, “Rosenkavalier”, “Schubert”, “Mendelsohn.. etc..  It morphed into everything about dogs: dog problems, dog sports, dog exhibitions, dog behaviour and so on.


Veronica not only became obsessed, but she had to share the content with everyone! (Whether they wanted it or not…) “Eva said this…”, “Gurgîn told that story ..”, “Maria met this breeder ….” etc

Good news is that she learns loads of fun stuff. Like Dog Parkour. Or “How to make a boring walk fun and interesting”. I love it!!

Basically anything, anywhere! She immediately felt this was a perfect entertainment for us.

Especially these days when there are no canine acitivities for a month.


I was getting a tad restless. Veronica gave me boxes with gooddies hidden inside. A fun game, for a while, but even that got old.


I did my best to keep myself busy. Both Veronica and Dennis felt it was time to take action: Felicia: Dog Parkour! Let’s go!

The walks became a series of obstacles as we went along the road; every day new challenges. We’re just beginners, keeping it simple at the moment. I heard some dogs do crazy stuff!!


Walking or running on tree-trunks. Some are very narrow, and not as easy as it looks. Well that’s for beginners, me a near Agility champion…ok, ok, no champion but as a regular Agility dog. It’s easy!


Tree-Trunk jumping. Fun! Veronica doesn’t want me to jump too high, or from a great height. She tells me it can be bad for my back.

She always fusses over me. Just because her first Boxer Ficelle had a ligament operation doesn’t mean I will have one…whatever… just a little infuriating!

FYI: I can jump VERY high!! Wish I could show off every now and then!! (Especially in front of Indya!! Perhaps even Inook!)


Climbing on Tree-Trunk benches. The different levels makes it interesting.


Lying down on a Bench. I felt very brave since there was a little ice. Us Boxers don’t like to lie down on cold ground.

Yes, we’re a little delicate in that way! (Can’t compare us to St Bernhard dogs with their thick fur!!)


An improvised tunnel under the Bicycle stand. “Run Felicia, run”. I was a little hesitant in the beginning. Anyone would be!

No, I’m no wimp. I’m just more used to REAL tunnels!

We also train slaloms here.



Sitting very still on a Stone. That was hard. Do you see those ducks? Yes, I know, I’m such a good girl not to run away! I wanted to chase them.

Veronica should acknowledge this examplary behaviour; admire my concentraiton and self control!

(She had very convincing goodies.)


Putting my paws on a wall to admire the view. Easy! I’ve done that a long time.

I’m not allowed to jump up on the wall, but I bet you I could!!  I tried once… “It’s too dangerous Felicia, you can fall into the water”

She’s such a spoilsport!! Can’t a little Boxer girl take a walk on the wild side??


Bench climbing and waiting. The thing is, I want to run and jump down, like in Agility. Veronica feels otherwise… “You need to train to focus”.

What’s she talking about?  I can focus, easy! I just don’t always feel like it!!

I am a free Boxer, I can choose when to focus or otherwise!


WTF are these??? And WHY is that one staring at me?? What’s his problem?? I was so intrigued I couldn’t walk at all. They look weird with that long neck!!  And STOP STARING AT ME!!!

(BTW, please admire my focusing skills!!)

Veronica told me to calm down “They’re Lamas, beautiful animals and they’re very nice, look, he’s just as curious as you.”… Yeah, sure, that’s her story. Ha! Bet you he’s planning on a trick, probably to annoy me…



Climbing trees is easy. I usually jump up. Then I have to wait. Wait, wait and wait!



This Tree-trunk Bench is a bit tricky. The thing is, I’m not supposed to continue climbing but to balance on the small space. It’s cool.


This morning we walked by the lake. Crazy windy. Usually I love to walk on the wall along the shore. Today…not so! Too cold! (I even admit that ridiculous coat might have been nice).

Dennis came to the rescue. “Let’s go home, this is freezing”

He’s from California…


Veronica, who’s Swedish blood has no fear of cold, took me down to the lakeside by our house.

Jumping on tables, playing hide and seek. All in all it was a great walk.


Dog Parkour is quite demanding. Yes I assure you! All this climbing, jumping, balancing, running, focusing… Even the strongest, most muscular (like me) Boxer would be tired!


I love the Podcast. (Way better then Wagner!) And my life has greatly improved, so you guys keep up your good work and keep Veronica well informed!

A word: tell Veronica all sofas should be Dog allowed, and all beds, and I should get more and better treats come to think of it.


Special thanks to the whole “Vår Bästa Vän” team, Eva Bodfäldt, Gurgîn Bakirciouglu, and Maria Hedquist. Thank you for your amazing Podcast that has taught me and Felicia so much.

International Dog Parkour association

Swedish Dog Parkour association

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