I need a Time Out! This summer has been just crazy! Veronica pretends she doesn’t need one. I think it’s because she believes it will make her appear weak. Pathetic!

I say, RELAX, ZEN, BREATHE. (she should take a leaf out of my book)

Remember me telling you about “boring vacations”? Believe me, I could do with a bit of boring now. A few long, uneventful days. Bring them on!


There’s just been so much stuff going on all the time, ALL THE TIME!

Pool parties. See NC trying to make me swim (again). Indya, who  hates swimming even more then me, stays safely out of the way. (Who’s a wimp now!)


Dinners with family and friends. (Incidentally you can see who’s the star in this family…)


That will be Baby L, the star. She has charmed us all. Yes she’s adorable, I think so too but does she need to be over here all the time???

Veronica has been baby sitting…a lot…there was even a sleepover.

Fun fact: Veronica had told her children many, MANY times over: “I will NOT take care of any grandchildren. I had enough with you four”… yeah, that went well…pfff no willpower at all.


When Baby L’s around I feel responsible for her safety.

Veronica lets her nap in the stroller! Can you believe that? Totally irresponsible! I mean anything can happen. What if a bird steals her? The strutting pigeon for one.

I had to keep guard, at least one of us has her priorities right.


I have news for you: baby sitting is EXHAUSTING!

Can’t believe Veronica had four children running around here, what was she thinking? Thank god, she didn’t go for four dogs.

(Yes, I like to be the sole Boxer in this house! I want to be the star)

IMG_2173 2.jpg

Dennis has been working or cooking all the time. This is actually a bone he bought for me!

Some people just know a Boxer girl’s secret dream.


You see why I need some well deserved, boring, simple no eventful days, what with all this stuff going on.


Now, finally, Veronica and I have some time, just the two of us.


Agility “Slow mode”, because of the heat.


Morning workout in the garden. I’ve been improving my “clicker/target” training. Right, left and forward. I’m a pro.

Veronica is a big “Clicker” advocate, I have learned most of my skills that way.


Long, fun evening walks. With some Dog Parkour exercises. Unfortunately still no Boars in view.

I’m starting to doubt this whole “I’ve seen a Boar” story. Perhaps this is just one of these unfounded boasts? Like people talking about that “huge fish they caught”.

Bet you Veronica and Lego just saw a rabbit!


Meditating poolside. Restoring my soul and finding inner peace of mind.


Thing is, Little E is coming next week. Apparently there is a new Baby sister!! Like one isn’t enough?

Don’t get me wrong, I love Little E, but another one? Really?

I’ll think about that tomorrow. Right now I’m enjoying the warm summer evening with Veronica.



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