Little E


Little E and her Mom came to stay with us. She’s a very small person. Veronica told me to be super gentle. I was not even allowed to say hello properly. I mean what did she think could happen? I know how to behave.


She didn’t need to go on, and on…and on about how to conduct myself in presence of a little one.


At first I was a bit jealous. Yes I know, not good, I am just trying to be honest here. In my defence this little E person got SO MUCH ATTENTION! Veronica was all over her: “look how cute she is” and “so adorable”.

Even Dennis was totally taken in, making himself look rather ridiculous, in my opinion. It was little E here, little E there.. Common, enough already!


Even the most grumpy, stubborn boxers have their weak spots. Little E started giving me goodies. You see, she adores me (at start I found this irritating).

She slipped me  treats all the time. Even from the table when the others did not see. She was always happy. So I warmed  up and fact is…. I started seriously  to think she was the cutest and very funny.


Ok, Ok I know I am becoming like the other guys. But  just look at this little sweetie, isn’t she just THE MOST ADORABLE little angel?


We became quite a team, the two of us. Hanging out together. She blew bubbles at me, a game I love. I was very careful not to jump too high.


We took walks together. At first Veronica tried to hold the leash too. Little E made herself pretty clear; “I CAN  HOLD THE LEASH ALONE”. (and wow, what a voice for such a small thing).

Quite right she was, no need to baby her. I knew  not to pull, not to run. A cool walk.. AND  there were plenty of treats involved.


We did a little obedience, I love that. “Sit”, “Down” etc..  very  firm, you don’t want to mess with her. She’s quite the little princess this one.


Ok, there was the drawing incident. I am not sure if I was supposed to check on her. She was quietly drawing on a paper.. when… the arm, face and fingers seemed in need of decorating. I did not react, what’s the problem?

Little E’s Mom got very upset. Mainly because she thought there had been drawing on the walls. Honestly… chill!

Veronica laughed and said it was funny. Well she and Dennis just thinks anything little E does is cute.

That is NOT what they say when I have… let’s say “original ideas”..


The day came when little E had to go home. We had time for a last stroll. I was very sad.

IMG_7140 (1)

I love little E,  I miss her a lot.




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