48 Hours With Little E

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Little E was here, yeah that’s her standing on the chair. She came for a short visit in the beginning of the summer. Supposedly to meet Baby L. I don’t believe a word of it, she came to see me!

Of course she did!


She loves me, and we have a special bond.

I really hope in time, Baby L will take a leaf out of her book. Right now she’s just lying around and still everything is about her, unbelievable.

I’m telling you, that baby’s getting way too much attention.


Anyway, let’s not get off track here, this is about ME and Little E!

We have our routine. First the “Catching up candy time”, she loves to give me all sorts of yummy treats.


I follow her around, I know wherever she is there’s bound to be some fun activities or goodies


She always shares her food. That is to say, she gives me all the stuff she doesn’t like…when nobody’s watching.

We make a great team!


She takes over the feeding moments, she’s a pro. I wait until she’s tells me “Varsågod” (Ok) to eat.

I know the rules…anyhow, Little E sure does!


We have our special games: the ” hide the toys” game, all over the house.


The “Race with the tractor” game. Every now and then she throws treats for me to catch. Love it.

She sure knows her way into a little Boxer girls heart.


The “catch the bubbles game”. I’m a true master here.


Then Baby L arrives and suddenly it’s all about her…typical!


Well to be fair it’s mostly DO and LS, Little E’s parents that are totally besotted by Baby L. They’re just like Veronica, “Ohhh so cute…adorable” etc etc they go on and on…

Yeah, yeah, that’s getting kind of old now!

IMG_9689 2

Indya’s of course there. She butts in to sit close to Little E…

I’m a kind of jealous here! Who’s does she think she is? Queen of everything? This is MY house. I should be the one sitting there! I’m the Queen!

I know being jealous is not nice…no need to point it out.


To make sure everybody’s attention is focused on her, Baby L falls asleep right on the middle of the table!!!

Can you believe that?  She has all this fancy equipment, a bed, a huge stroller, a crib, no, it has to be on the table! Unbelievable! The nerve of her!

Ok, I know, technically she did not do this on purpose but still, kind of suspicious…


Now that Indya’s here we’re not allowed out to play with Little E…apparently two Boxers can be overwhelming.

Ridiculous! We’re very civilised, Boxers are extremely calm dogs, everyone knows that!


Having Little E in the house is always very entertaining, she’s what one would call, “strong minded”. She throws tantrums every now and then, when things don’t go her way.

Then she sulks for a very long time.


Veronica, who’s a softy, feels sorry for her. She made EC go up to the attic to take out loads of old toys.

As by magic, Little E’s mood changes in a second she’s all happy and smiles again.

I have to agree with Veronica on this one. Yes, I’m a tender-hearted Boxer girl. Bet you didn’t know that! You must agree? Isn’t she adorable sitting there? She looks like a little angel.


An adorable little girl came over to play. Interesting, I wonder how that’s gonna work out…Little E has been known to have certain difficulties with the notion of sharing.

I feel for her, I know how hard this whole sharing business can be.

Amazingly enough, they play for hours with all the toys. Peacefully and friendly having the best time.


“Best time”…for them, us, sweet Boxer girls we’re kept apart…again…

The “Two Boxers Rule” is seriously starting to annoy me!


Without any warning the fun ended! Little E had to go home. Short visits shouldn’t be allowed.


We spent a long time saying our good byes, cuddling and I got some more candy, of course.

IMG_9699 2

She’s gone! Suddenly the house feels very empty, I nearly lost my appetite. I hope she’ll be back soon.

Miss you Little E


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