Summer Dreaming



The holiday is over as is the fun. One word says it all: JANUARY! The most boring month of the year.


After the “Decoration madness” it’s time for the “Cleaning obsession” consisting of not only cleaning but decluttering. Every year the same story.

Veronica loves it. (I think she has some serious neurotic issues here)


Corinne is on vacation, so no Agility! Veronica puts up this joke of a parkour in the garden. Seriously? What’s she thinking?

No solace at all.


Then there was the matter of the shower! YES a shower!! I sometimes scratch myself a little so Veronica decided an anti-allergen shampoo would be in order.

Did she even consult with Dr L? Not that I mind the water per se, but just like that . . .  on a Sunday afternoon? Without fair warning? Not cool!


And don’t get me started on the rain!!! EVERY DAY! Incidentally, making her little Parkour unusable due to excessive mud.


As if all these depressing events weren’t enough, Dennis left for California. My Dennis! I kept on waiting by the door, just in case he changed his mind.

So this is what’s been going on on my end. But enough with the gloom! No  January Blues this year.


Instead I will spread some warmth on this “Post holiday depression” with a summer memory. (I’m sure you could do with a little pick me up.)

More precisely Little E and her second summer visit (the first one was too short). I suspect the reason for this second one was that her Mother, LS, wanted to chill by the pool.

IMG_5484 2.jpg

I love Little E’s Mom, mostly because she’s under the impression that dogs are always hungry. (She’s quite right there)

I could even consider living with the S family. I know for a fact that they’re very generous on the food front. Lego told me. (She met the whole bunch of them and loved them).

You see, long before I was born, LS lived with Veronica for over a year. She’s part of the family now.

IMG_5489 2

I’ve noticed that following Little E around is to my advantage. There’s bound to be some games to be played.


Or some food to be eaten, it’s just a question of patience..


…and stubbornness.


We did play…

IMG_5486 2

…and play.


Until Little E discovered my old broken slalom (It was actually Lego‘s). Only she decided it was for her to run through.

IMG_5542 2.jpg

I tried to sneak in and show her how it’s done…without success…I know when I’m fighting a losing battle.

Little E can be somewhat bossy at times, to say the least. This is a young lady who doesn’t like to be contradicted when on a mission.


She spent hours in the pool. Never once did she ask me to jump in, she gets me! I know a family member or two that could take a leaf out of her book.


We took summer evening walks through the fresh woods.


The sad day came for Little E to travel home, the vacation was over. As is this sunny memory. Feeling better?


I don’t need Sunny Memories any more, Dennis is back!





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