The Sleepover


Today is a happy day. Indya is coming here for a sleepover, she’s my absolute BFF. We adore each other…most of the time.


Indya is living with MC and VH…oh…and Baby L. Hmmm yeah…. that’s probably why she wants to come over.

She has to get away from all the crazy baby stuff, and when I say crazy, I mean CRAZY!!!  Don’t get me wrong, she loves Baby L, we all do. (I’ll explain all that in later post)

It’s just…well.. long story short: Indya is entitled to some much needed “Wild BFF” time!


We go way back, she’s barely six months older then me. We’re even half cousins, though she’s a “von Exkalibur”.

Here we are with my Lego . She looks a little exhausted, it might have something to do with us pups. BTW don’t I look cute with my “oversized” coat?


Indya likes to make a point of her being older. Acting out, stealing the best stick, the cool toy, I honestly don’t know how she does it? It’s just one big mystery.

IMG_5793 2.jpg

As soon as she’s arrives we go on guard duty. Very important and it’s so much more effective when she’s around.


We have to make sure everybody on my road knows the Boxer squad is operational. Intruders beware! (Especially that “full of himself Jack Russell”).

Yeah, we’re two Badass Boxer girls. Don’t you think we look dangerous?

Veronica does not approve of any “Guard duty”, “Boxer squad” or otherwise, and makes us come inside.

She gives a long boring speech with stuff like “act civilly”, “scaring little sweet dogs”, “no proper neighbour attitude”….yeah, yeah…FYI “Sweet dogs”?..My Paw!


There is also the matter of Polka, my neighbour. She’s a sweet dog but OMG she’s so clingy: “Come and play Felicia, come and play, come and play, come and play” and barking…a lot.

Gee girl, relax.


Indya does NOT like Polka…at all. (She’s probably just jealous because Polka really likes me)

Veronica had to put up this kind of protection wall, to keep Indya and Polka from having a shouting match by the fence. (Very immature attitude, if I may say so.)


We’re sent out in the back yard, to get rid of all “Excessive energy”.

We have this thing going on, the “you cannot catch me” game. That is, Indya is running and I’m suppose to catch her.

Yeah sure…never gonna happen…she’s like a rocket, a Boxer rocket! Especially with all those jogging tours with VH.

We have so much fun.


When it’s time for dinner there is this a very stupid “Indya eats first, she’s older” rule. (We all know who put that one in place) I have to hang out on my mat, waiting. Very unfair!

Indya loves this, acting very smug. I take on my best “Don’t give a damn” attitude.


When evening comes we sleep together, it’s real cosy. The Cloud7 bed is perfect for two.


In the morning they take us for a walk in the woods. But on leashes! Yes, Veronica is worried we might decide to team up and run after wild animals or dogs. (Can you believe that?)

Apparently Lego and her BFF Tessi had done precisely that. How can she even compare us to them? We would NEVER do that! Doesn’t she trust us at all?

(Incidentally I can’t believe little Ms perfect Lego did such a thing, Veronica probably invented the whole story as an excuse to keep us grounded)


Back home, I’m informed that Indya is to come with me to Agility! To Corinne! I can’t say I’m over thrilled by this news. Agility is kind of my thing.

Indya on the other hand is ecstatic, and yes there she goes with the smug look… again. (She just loves that whole “smug” attitude.) What do I care, after all, she’ll probably just wait in the car.


But oh no. Things don’t go as I planned. We have to share the lesson, fifty fifty! See the car? I’m the one sitting there staring.

I should have known that, Veronica is such a “Fairness above all” person.

Truth is, she’s right, Indya’s deserves to have some agility fun what with all the Baby crazy at home. She’s actually really talented. Corinne is impressed.


Agility is exhausting. Even for Indya…


There is always a time in the sleepover when Indya has enough! She wants to go home, she misses her family, even Baby L. C’mon take me home!

Ok, so she’s gone…


…feels good to have that bed all for myself….

I love Indya, she’s the best!

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