It’s time to talk about Baby L. I have postponed this moment because of my very (very) ambiguous opinion on the subject.

On one hand she’s cute…on the other she gets WAY TOO MUCH ATTENTION. And I find that a tad irritating!

We’re talking about the whole family. Here are just a few examples:


The parents for one, but I guess that’s pretty normal, even though these guys are a little intense…

Trust me, that Baby is the most pampered and loved Baby ever.


NC in the middle of his civil guard duties had to stop and cuddle??!! C’mon is this the proper attitude for a Civil army guy?

I don’t think so!


ZC performing all sorts of extreme Yoga poses just to make that Baby laugh? What about making me laugh?


Veronica’s ridiculous doting, and don’t get me started on the FaceTime calls! EVERY SINGLE DAY! (Sometimes twice a day!!)

We’re talking about someone who had FOUR (yes four!) babies, isn’t that enough cuddling for a lifetime?


There’s been a lot of Baby sitting. At first she was in her stroller most of the time.


Then she sat looking at me. That was all fine until…


…she started crawling. Suddenly she was all over the place, into my stuff, taking my toys!


Climbing on my special food can.


She is a very active Baby, can’t believe how fast those little things are. Veronica closed the doors so I could get some privacy


I felt a little left out and is she touching my stuff again?


Turns out she isn’t that interested in me, the sweet Boxer girl. No. Her only interest is…


…exploring the house and disrupting the order. Yeah, there she goes with the Dvd’s.


Just look at her, isn’t there some responsible adult watching her? And where are her toys?

IMG_7629 2

With incredible speed she empties the kitchen drawers, have you seen this mess? Somebody needs to teach that Baby the notion of tidying up.

She just leaves it all lying around, unaware of the chaos, happily moving on to the next project.

All these highly questionable initiatives reminds me of someone.


Yes, this is Little E all over again, remember? Why do these wild children perform their mischiefs close to my bed? Probably so they can blame me? “Felicia did it”.

Yeah, yeah, blame the poor innocent sweet Boxer.


Indya tells me Baby L is just the same at home, even more wild, if possible. She climbs on everything…




…high up! And she’s not even walking yet. What’s that all about?

I have a very valid theory: It is because of all the running, VH and MC run all over the place, they’re super active.

Nothing good can come out of all that running, just look at Indya, she can’t take a normal walk at a comfortable pace, no its running and running and more running.

They were bound to have a wild baby, what with those genes.


At least Indya can keep up with her and run even faster.

Indya loves Baby L. I think it’s partly because she eats normal food now, and throws most of it on the floor to a waiting happy Boxer.


I get the feeling soon these two are going to be quite the pair, Indya is full of initiatives herself, and what’s better than a wild baby to assist her.

Yep, those parents are only in the beginning of a very long and very crazy journey!


I can be Baby L’s friend too, yes I can. I go for a smooth approach, just to show everyone how it’s done.


I don’t understand why, but for some obscure reason, they did not seem happy at all.


Ok, if this is how things are going to be, I’ll just keep to myself and wait for Little E to return. At least she understands me, and gives me treats all the time.

Anyway, what do I care, there’s nothing special about a Baby.


Ah, who am I kidding, I do care, and what’s more, she’s the most adorable, super cute, funniest Baby ever.

She clearly has her dad’s sense of humour and her Mom’s twinkling eyes. Also she smiles and laughs all the time.

Yeah, I know, I’m just like the others…I love that little Baby.









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