My life is rather dull at the moment, as you can imagine. Therefore it’s the perfect time to talk about love and friendship.

Veronica loves Valentine’s Day. (Like that’s a big surprise). She loves everything remotely Valentinish.The flowers, the hearts, the chocolates, the music and…OMG…the super cheesy love movies! She spends hours watching them.


Hallmark, Hollywood, Indie anything goes…as expected she gets very emotional and cries a lot. (Even though the scenario is ALWAYS, roughly, the same.)

How on earth can any normal person cry when you know EXACTLY how it ends? LOOOOVE conquers everything and the final scene is, without any doubt, the height of cheesiness!!

I sometimes seriously doubt her sanity in the matter. (Dennis is NOT part of the whole “Crazy/love/binge/movie/time”)


Surprisingly enough Veronica has no Valentine decorations. (At Christmas we’re invaded and now nothing! Go figure!)

She has, however, acquired a rather large number of mugs (You can see she has a slight problem here!) I will not divulge the provider not to embarrass her any further.


I have a whole bunch of Valentine gear, (that’s to be expected). She actually bought them for my Lego. “Felicia, love is in the air, you have to be part of it”


There was the year of “The Valentine Pic”. I was 12 months old. I have to say, I think I look very cute! (See, already the perfect model)


Incidentally, why only that one year? I have to endure, B-day pics, easter Pics and of course X-mas pics. EVERY SINGLE YEAR. Why not Valentine’s Day?

Wasn’t I cute enough? Didn’t I perform like expected? (Especially considering my young age!) I’m frankly a bit vexed!



We have to take a moment here to admire my gorgeous Valentine gift. Veronica ordered it especially for me from Sweden. It’s very comfy in fleece, that pink is a great colour. Don’t you think I look cute?  (I absolutely deserve a Valentine gift this year!)

Let’s talk about my own feelings. (All anti-Valentine people can leave now!)

IMG_6914 3

I love Veronica and Dennis.

Life with them is fun, and full of adventures. They love me and I’m mostly well treated. Obviously there is room for improvement. Off the top of my head; sleep on ALL sofas, and all beds.


I love my big crazy family. The whole lot! Yes, even Baby L. (I still think she gets WAY too much attention, let alone gifts!!)


I love my BFF Indya. There is only this one tiny hitch: she’s a little full of herself just because she’s faster than me. (She has really long legs!) I’m built differently, I have big muscles (even Dr L says so).

Now of course, with my convalescence, I can’t run at all. Hmmm…yes! But of course!!  “Oh no…what with my surgery, I’m not allowed to run, what a shame. Sorry Indya”

He he! She’ll have to stop gloating


To refute the numerous rumours that Veronica has spread about me, I’m happy to say there are A LOT of dogs I love. (Well a few)

Corinne’s June. A fun Border Collie, she’s super fast and very smart and knows all these tricks.


Inook the Beauceron, we’re the same age and he is the friendliest dog ever, with EVERYONE!

Doesn’t he look cute?


Mylo, the Australian Shepard. He won the agility competition two years in row, I came second. (He was just a tad faster than me). He’s one laid back Aussie.


SPS’s cutie pugs, Rose and Yoda. They’re the sweetest pugs ever. I love hanging out with them. They’re friendly and very funny.


Fred, the American bulldog. Isn’t he handsome? He used to live on my street, so sad they had to move. I miss him.


We adored each other, I think it might be a nose thing.


Polka, my neighbour. (A Polski Owczarek Nizinny). She’s full of pep, and barks quite a lot. We play…sometimes.


I think she’s kind of clingy. I mostly ignore her, waiting by the fence. This irritates Veronica, “Felicia, go and say hello to sweet Polka. Be nice now.”

I am nice! I just need some space.


Erasme, the gorgeous Weimaraner. I adore him. I’m a little intimidated when he’s around. I always let him play with my toys, I really don’t mind.

What? No, don’t listen to Veronica; it’s not because he told me to “bug off” the other day. It’s proper guest etiquette.


Not a day goes by that I don’t think about my Lego. My surrogate Mom, my comfort blanket, my everything. I miss her.

I loved her so much. I hope she’s having fun in Fairyland. Perhaps one day I can go there too.


Today is the day to celebrate Love. For me there is one and only, I care more about than anyone in the whole world…

Who’s yours?

Happy Valentine’s Day!

You like Felicia’s collar?:

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