Today I will tell you the story of Yuna. The sweetest Boxer girl there ever was.

She had a gentle soul, a heart of gold, she loved everything and everyone. She was like a sweet, precious, delicate flower.

She was MC’s first Boxer love.


“Yuna von Der Andreashöhe”, 8 weeks old, she was Andy and Jacky’s pup. (Boxerzwinger von Andreashöhe) 


It was love at first sight. With her white markings, her sweet look, she was irresistable.


She had a funny, crooked little tail that made her even more adorable.


The “Andreashöhe Kennel” is on the other side of this small country. It’s a day trip, and NC was part of the “Let’s go and look at the puppies” travel team.

IMG_1320 2.jpeg

As was, of course, my Lego. Andy was thrilled to see her again. (She was 7 years old at the time).


There were puppies everywhere. Jumping and playing, happy pups. Ondra von Hansjacobstadt, my mom, is climbing on MC.

That’s the day Veronica fell in love with her, she was 18 months old. Can you spot little cute Yuna?


Yuna’s sweet mother was “Umba von der Andreashöhe”. My beautiful mother, is standing behind the fence.


Yuna’s father was a Champion, “Marvin von Hofmannstal”. Rosine Hofmanns’s Boxer. (Europe’s Oldest Boxer breeder)

He’s quite stunning I think.

IMG_1099 2

At 10 weeks, it was time to pick up little Yuna. MC brought her over to be properly introduced to my Lego.

Both were a little suspicious.


Yuna found a way into Lego’s heart.

IMG_7646 2.jpeg

Very soon, Lego adopted little Yuna as her own baby. She was the most wonderful and caring surrogate Mom anyone could have dreamed of.

IMG_1167 2.jpeg

Staying close to Yuna at all times

IMG_1169 2

Looking out for her, keeping her protected and secure.


Yuna spent a lot of time at Veronica’s house. (MC had sometimes long working hours)


Sadly, Yuna was diagnosed with a heart murmur. She needed daily medication, it was a shock to MC, and the whole family.


There were frequent visits to the Veterinarian. MC put her whole heart into giving this sweet Boxer the best life possible.


Veronica took both dogs on long walks. Yuna stayed close to Lego, never venturing far away.

Somehow she knew she had take care of herself. No better friend than Lego, calm and wise, to keep her safe.


Can you see her funny tail? So cute


To this day, Veronica still goes on about:  “what an easy pair they were” and “they obeyed instantly” and “never growling at any dogs”.

As if all that praise isn’t enough, she always adds: “This would be impossible with Felicia and Indya”.

Really? Apples and Oranges here! Indya and I are a great team. We do it our way, and some dogs need a little “dressing-down”. They ask for it, what with their provoking “full of themselves” attitude!

IMG_1420 2.jpg

Ah, who am I kidding. Those two were a wonderful, perfect pair. I’m just jealous!


Everybody loved Yuna, with her cute baby face. She was such an endearing little Boxer girl.


Sometimes MC took her to agility, she loved it.


MC was careful to adapt the rhythm to her baby.


Veronica entered both dogs for Corinne’s annual Agility trial. Lego got first prize. (Of course) Yuna came second.

Speed isn’t everything, that day, precision and obedience was the winning attitude.


Despite her health issues, she was always such a happy Boxer girl.


MC and Yuna had a very special loving bond.


With time, there were even more frequent visits to the vet. The wonderful, now retired, Doctor Jean Claude Buser.

He performed a special Chinese therapy, with colour lamps that improved her general wellbeing.

Veronica always brought Lego along, to comfort Yuna.


But even the most talented of Doctors cannot perform miracles.


One day, barely 4 years old, Yuna’s little body gave up, and she quietly left for Fairyland. MC was heartbroken. Yuna was a star in her life, a warm glow of unconditional love.

From our dear Neighbour and Lego’s best friend Michael:

Hello Veronica and M,
It was very sad to hear the news about Yuna’s departure.
As you said Veronica, Yuna was a sweet little boxer…
Very gentle, very affectionate, liked to lean against one’s legs and sit on one’s shoes (when not chewing on them), and with a special kindness in her eyes and character.
Whenever I gave Yuna a cookie or bone through the fence, she was… so gracious.
Yes, I think gracious is the right word for Yuna. And for M, for your devotion to Yuna and for having taken such good care of her through her illness, and for having brought up Yuna into a fun, funny, playful, bouncy… sweet little boxer.
Merci Yuna for your time with us, and for your sparks of youthful energy that gave extra life to Lego and all of us.
Merci Yuna, et Bon Voyage.


Our thanks go to Dr Jean Claude Buser for his special care, and treatments. He greatly improved Yuna’s short life and made it the best possible.





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