I am beyond sadness, desperation and without much hope. My life is so depressing. But let’s not get ahead of this story and go back to the beginning.


Summer came along and all was fine. As a matter of fact with time, I really appreciate this slow pleasant life mode.


Wake up Yoga sessions. Veronica and I both have our little routine. Me, I specialise in “Ujjayi breathing” and “Shavasana”.


Morning walks into the woods. I’m only allowed to run short distances, my operated leg is still a little weak. But that’s ok, it’s too hot for much more anyway.

IMG_1135 2

Post walk naps on the bed. (I manage to sneak up quite often these days). I have to say, I think I look fabulous on the Society bedding.

I could be the perfect spokesmodel for the company!!


Lazy afternoons, Veronica reading while sipping her green tea, me resting nearby.


Tasty Dinners. Dennis sometimes even let me finish his pasta dish and clean off the plate. BTW, his pesto sauce is delicious.


Warm pleasant evenings chilling by the pool.


Or taking strolls down to the lake. Looking at the boats or, rather mostly in my case, the ducks.


The unavoidable heatwave came along but no worries. I can handle those now. Also, Veronica is there with the water spray at all times, day and night.


Dr F (My wonderful Physio) came by to work on my back and leg. Actually, I’m starting to get a little impatient here, it’s been 6 months and I’m still not back on track!

Will I ever be able to play like before?


The days went by, life was good. La Dolce Vita. I was happy until one day…


Baby L came for a sleepover. Incidentally she’s really adorable and gives me candy ALL THE TIME.

(Such an improvement on her earlier, “I’m a baby, I’m just lying here, I’m so cute” attitude.)

We were hanging out in the garden, I took a few joyful jumps around her when there was a sharp pain in my operated leg.


I sneaked in under the table but nothing escapes Veronica’s eagle eyes:

“OMG!!! Felicia is hurt, she’s jumping on three legs”.

Veronica was beside herself with shock and worry. She immediately texted Dr F (His reaction seeing her text was probably “oh no, not her again”…).

Sweet as he is, he called her…twice!! I got some anti-inflammatory medication but my leg did not improve much.


As expected, Veronica dragged me back to Dr B’s office, only I got a huge shock! HE’S ON VACATION!

Instead there was his partner, Dr de W. Apparently she’s also a specialist surgeon…so they say. (Veronica even asked Dr F. about her.)


So this “Supposed” specialist told Veronica “It’s the meniscus. She will need surgery”

What’s that now? Surgery? By her?? I certainly don’t think so! What do we really know about her? No, I’ll just wait for Dr B to be back.

Alas, I have no choice, my leg is really hurting big time. I’ll just have to trust this new face. To be fair she does seem very nice and sweet, and Dr F says she’s great.


That evening I was very gloomy, feeling sorry for myself (and rightfully so!!). Third surgery in 6 months.  


Veronica tried to comfort me.

“Don’t worry my Felicia, all will be fine. And I have a big surprise for you: Dr L is back from his California year”

What’s that?? Who did she say? Dr L??!! WOW!! MY FAVORITE DR. EVER!! Best news in a long long long time!


Veronica had scheduled an appointment on his very first day back in the early morning, I was his first patient. There were hugs, candies and and many many Boxer kisses.

All three of us were so happy to see each other.


Not only has he come back. But he spent a year specialising in post surgery  rehabilitation without medication.

I’m going to be his patient zero. He’s even going to open a new center next door with hydrotherapy (Ok I might skip that one) laser and much more.

I’m going to be his star patient.


I’m still a little nervous (rather, very nervous) about my upcoming surgery. I will feel pain, wear a cone and suffer in general.

This time it’ll be different, I have my entourage: two surgeons, Dr de W and Dr B, my own very special physio Dr F and what’s more, my favourite Dr L is back!



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