The other Sunday there was quite a bit of excitement. Well Dennis was hyped: It was sports night!

We were invited to NC and MBC’s house for dinner and watch a game called Baseball

IMG_7024 (1)

I was very happy mostly because NC  absolutely ADORES me. He is the coolest of cool guys, he’s a star.

If I got this right one team was called “The Yankees” the other team “The Giants”.


Veronica took this lovely blue leash out so I could be part of the game spirit.

Only tiny little detail: NC is a HUGE “Yankees” fan, Dennis not so much! He’s more of a  “Giants” kind of guy as they come from his home town.

He, very, reluctantly took the blue leash grumbling; “Can’t believe I am putting this on her”.


I think blue looks great with my features.

I heard Veronica tell Dennis he had to be good sports and not gloat and scream if his team won. C’mon guys, it’s just a game!


The game came on. To be honest after a while I got bored. I mean they mostly stand still, then they try to hit a ball with a long fat stick and misses… how hard can it be?

When finally one of the guys gets it right and runs, it’s not even very fast. These baseball fellows need to get in better shape. They’re kind of chubby.


Both Veronica and MBC expressed precisely this thought.

But OMG the guys got all worked up and told them “you don’t get it” and “they’re really fit”  and “there are loads of things going on all the time”.

Gee, just mentioning the obvious!

IMG_7397 2.JPG

I tended  to agree with the girls and went out to sleep on the balcony. Cooler, and I could still check on everyone.

Meanwhile inside the guys were all “Yeah” and “Look at that” and “wow, great run” and “great catch”.

The girls were on their phones. Can’t blame them.


“The Yankees” won, NC did not gloat, Dennis did not sulk. It was all very civilised…amazingly enough.

Am I a “Yankees” fan? NC’s a star AND he has this cool Yankees tattoo. AND blue really suits me.



P.S. Dennis got me a Giants leash and matching collar! (I know…these sport fans…pathetic!)






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